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Looking after the team

At Allegro Optical we know that good employee eye care is essential for people’s health, wellbeing and their productivity. It also improves safety and reduces risk at work. This is an opinion shared by AFP Digital, a print and document management solutions company based in Morley, near Leeds. 

There are many health and safety regulations covering the working environment and eye care is no exception. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations 1992 as amended by the Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002 cover screen users. 

All the screen users at  AFP Digital have now been provided with a company-funded eye examination, and glasses if required. As employers  AFP Digital wanted to support their workforce by providing flexible, straightforward and cost-effective eye care. This is exactly why Allegro Optical developed our on-site corporate eye care scheme.

What can we tell from an eye test?

We can detect many medical conditions through our routine eye examinations. They are so much more than a simple check of your vision, detecting signs of a great number of ocular conditions, including:

  • cataracts
  • uveitis
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • eyelid skin cancers
  • ocular tumours
  • age-related macular degeneration (dry and wet)
  • corneal thinning, eg keratoconus
  • retinal detachment
  • conjunctivitis
  • keratitis
  • strabismus
  • optic neuritis
  • glaucoma
  • dry eye
  • macular hole

It’s not just the eyes

What is less well known is that the examination also enables the optometrist to monitor your whole body, and includes the possibility of detecting systemic abnormalities such as raised blood pressure and other conditions including:

  • diabetes
  • raised cholesterol
  • brain aneurysms
  • temporal arteritis
  • arthritis
  • cardiovascular disease
  • cerebrovascular accidents
  • thyroid problems
  • brain tumours
  • migraine
  • pituitary tumour
  • multiple sclerosis
  • cranial nerve palsies

Who needs an eye test?

Factoring in the number of employees requiring prescription safety eyewear, and all those who receive eye care because they drive for work, then the vast majority of employees will be entitled to company-funded eyecare.

There are a number of ways of providing eye care. Many employers allow their employees to visit an optician of their own choosing, submitting an expenses form for their reimbursement. This is a risky strategy as rates for the examination and the prices of glasses vary hugely. Any employer taking this route could leave themselves open to surprisingly high expense claims.

At AFP Digital the benefits are clear

At AFP Digital the management team have now put a clear eye care policy in place and by stating Allegro Optical as their chosen provider, the level of care and the accepted process has resulted in a fair outcome for both the employer and employee. 

Andy Bennell Managing Director AFP Digital

With the wide range of serious health conditions that can be detected and monitored by a full eye examination, adopting a policy of inclusion for all employees (whether or not they use DSE or have safety eyewear or driving needs) AFP Digital have ensured a cost-effective approach to their team’s eye care needs.

Allegro Optical provides a smart, proactive optical care solution for the workforce: ensuring your complete legislative compliance.

Our specialist on-site corporate eyecare service is a particularly efficient way to cover your legal responsibilities.  

AFP Digital’s managing director said, “Allegro Opticals clinics have had a positive impact on our team members well-being and morale: ensuring they feel valued while improving their safety, comfort and productivity.”

Why use Allegro?

Having our experts on site is especially beneficial if you have a large number of employees to screen or test: minimising people’s offsite time while providing the specific eye care they need.

Allegro Optical offer screening and on-site eye examinations across West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. Bringing specialist opticians directly to your workplace for up to a day at a time can save you time and money. We also take part in wellbeing days at your premises alongside other participants, such as bespoke well-being specialists and ergonomic workplace solution providers.

To find out more send us an email via our via our website or contact us directly on Tel; 0113 345 2272 or visit us in our Meltham practice near Huddersfield at 1-3 Station Street, Meltham, Holmfirth, W Yorkshire, HD9 5NX
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Xanthe’s summer in the city

Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty

   We Britain’s love a bit of sunshine, sprawling out in that glorious sun enjoying the rays. With the weather now up in the high 20s,

we are enjoying the glorious sun and all the things it has to offer. Things like going to the beach, enjoying an ice cream, tanning and baking from the outside in…. Or that might just be me? What many of us aren’t thinking about is how does the sun affect our peepers. So sit back and get ready to be schooled.  I also hope to have you chuckling a little, at not one, but two rather chortle-worthy stories!

One of which is my misfortune involving a huge bright spotty pair of sunglasses and me, stuck dangling upside down showing the world my matching bright red spotty knickers! (My parents must become more and more proud of me every day when they discover my misfortunes).

Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city

So, let us begin with schooling you lovely fellows on what exactly that glorious sun does to our eyes if left unprotected. Then we’ll get to the stories including the one about my matching red spotty sunglasses and knickers. (Which I would like to point out was a complete coincidence…sort of)

Many of us are aware of the dangers ultraviolet light or UV rays have on our skin. I can bet very few of us are aware of the dangers it presents to our eyes and the damage it can do. I was one of the few that knew this. But that is the joy of having a Mum who would repeatedly show us photos of damaged eyes every time we even thought of leaving the house without sunglasses on when it was sunny. Cheers Mum.

The damage caused by exposure to UV rays can come not only natural sunlight but also from artificial UV rays. These UV rays can lead to damage to the cornea and lens as well as the eye’s other surface tissues.

Fun fact (but actually it’s not fun at all!) You can experience sunburn on your eyes!!! (ouch!) so what’s the moral of this schooling my friends? You need to protect your skin with sun cream and you should always protect your eyes and vision with appropriate sunglasses.  Because quite frankly sunburnt eyes are something everyone should avoid.

Despite the heat it’ll be alright

Now it’s story time and I’d like to start off by saying I am quite an accident-prone person and to be honest that’s putting it lightly. Seven bones broken and god knows how many sprains and not even 30 yet, no wonder my poor dad has lost all his hair!  I’d also like to point out now that neither of my parents know about this story, so this should be fun. (If I still lived at home I would have been so grounded, even at 25) So, Mum, Dad enjoy!  It’s no secret that I was quite a headstrong teenager and thought I knew everything. Looking back now it makes me chuckle how I had no clue and some of the things I did get up to were very bad ideas.

For instance, the time I got shot at by a farmer because me and friend (who is going to remain anonymous) decided to take a shortcut across his land. Granted we did pass at least 3 signs saying we were trespassing but the alternative route was an extra 40 minutes so no harm, right? WRONG!!! I can hand on heart promise you after that day I was more than happy to walk the extra 40 minutes!

How does this relate to sunglasses you ask? Well if said farmer had been wearing sunglasses he’d probably have shot us… Moral of the story 1, Don’t take shortcuts and 2, Avoid gun wielding farmers. Oh, and obviously 3, wear your sunglasses.

Come-on, come-on and dance all night

It’s now the moment I’m sure some of you have been waiting for.  The story of how Sheryl Doe’s daughter end up stuck upside down with the entire world getting a good look at her red spotty knickers? Which I still own, by the way, nothing beats a good pair of old knickers…or is that just me again? Anyway, moving on. I’d decided to go to Blackpool for the day with some friends and was thoroughly looking forward to some sun, sea and sand. I had a lovely summer dress on, my favourite spotty red sunglasses. (Unfortunately, I no longer have them, which always brings me close to tears when I think about it. I LOVED THEM SO MUCH!) I also had a bottle of white wine, which may explain my behaviour that was to follow that evening.

Cool town, evening in the city

We arrived at Blackpool and for the next few hours, all was well, too well if I’m honest. So obviously that meant something was going to ruin it, or more someone. (A little hint that someone was me). We were sat near some monkey bars where some young lads were doing pull ups, being very cave man like. All just to try and get our attention. I can honestly say it wasn’t working. If they had puppies or pizza, then they would have my full attention.  But fannying about on monkey bars is not my idea of being wooed.

Anyway, after a while I got a bit sick of them. So me being, well me, I decided to do the only logical thing (it wasn’t logical at all, NOT AT ALL!) I decided to go over to these guys and have a go and obviously failed miserably. I thought I’d show them up by dangling upside down and do a few up crunches.  Easy? (WRONG!) That’s how I found myself stuck upside down with my knickers on show. My only saving grace was my sunglasses covering how utterly red I’d gone in embarrassment, so thank you bright red sunglasses for hiding my utter redness. Also, did any of my friends help me? NOPE did they heck! I ended up being lifted down by a guy who looked as if he could snap me in half. To say I felt like a prat is an understatement.

Anyway, after a while I got a bit sick of them. So me being, well me, I decided to do the only logical thing (it wasn’t logical at all, NOT AT ALL!) I decided to go over to these guys and have a go and obviously failed miserably. I thought I’d show them up by just dangling upside down and do a few up crunches. Easy! (WRONG!) That’s how I found myself stuck upside down with my knickers on show. My only saving grace was my sunglasses covering how utterly red I’d gone in embarrassment, so thank you bright red sunglasses for hiding my utter redness. Also, did any of my friends help me? NOPE did they heck! I ended up being hooked down by a guy who looked like he could snap me in half. To say I felt like a prat is an understatement.

So the moral of the story is always wear your sunglasses when you’re having a day out in the sun, they will protect your eyes and may save your blushes!

Dressing so fine and looking so pretty

As some of you may know I have a slight obsession with Marilyn Monroe, she is my idol and utterly gorgeous. Anything Marilyn Monroe related gets my curiosity, so when I came across these gorgeous Marilyn Monroe sunglasses in our optician’s practice, Allegro Optical in Meltham.

Marilyn Monroe sunglasses at Allegro Optical

I’m not ashamed to admit I almost pee’d my pants.  I am absolutely in love with them! I Just absolutely love anything with this sort of style, so obviously I also feel in love with these Oscar De La Renta sunglasses also in our Meltham practice.  They are just absolutely gorgeous, I’m after the gold ones!


In the summer, in the city

Who knew that Huddersfield could be the centre of the sunglass fashion world!

So, (stay on track Xanthe), not only do our sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun’s sometimes damaging effects. They’re also a great accessory. If you would like us to find your next summer essential and gorgeous accessory then pop into, Allegro Optical, at 1-3 Station Street, Meltham. It’s not far from Holmfirth or Huddersfield, and a member of the team will get you looking fabulous this summer.

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Seeing the dots

Whit Friday Marches

The fabulous spectacle that is the Whit Friday Brass Band competition, looms large on the 9th June and we have had quite a few new customers for our musicians’ glasses. These are to help musicians cope with the different distances required during playing and marching.

As we get older, our eyes are less flexible in the way they work and Allegro understand the issues involved and have developed solutions for each of our customers. If you are having this problem, you need to get in touch as we are running out of time.


One of our clients who, solo horn player at Emley Brass Band said,

“The marching glasses worked a treat. Seeing the ground and around me was fine. Seeing the music was also fine. Durham Miner’s gala next. Thanks so much for your help with this; it’s really made a difference to the experience.”

The ageing eye and playing

Ageing eyes can present problems for musicians which we can help solve. As musicians ourselves we understand the many vision problems musicians’ experience. We know that many mature musicians’ struggle to see both their sheet music and the conductor while playing their instrument. We also know that many opticians don’t really understand how to correct the musician’s vision clearly at the many visual distances required by the professional or keen amateur musicians. If you are a professional, it could even potentially shorten your career? So if you need help to see the music visit

Whit Friday Brass Band competition 9th June 2017

As a matter of interest, the team at Allegro will be acting as hosts to a Championship class Swiss Brass band over the whole weekend. As part of the Champion Brass team, we will be acting as guides on the night and hosting trips and events for the band.

We’ll see you there.

Remember, if you need help to see the music, call Meltham, near Huddersfield on 01484 90 70 90 now. Allegro Optical, helping you see the music.