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Xanthe has fun with our new piano

If you haven’t heard Allegro Optical has a new piece of kit in our test room and I’m rather excited to have a go with it. If you, in fact, haven’t heard (you must be living under a rock if you haven’t) we’ve got a piano! Yes, you read that right, we have a piano and I for one am VERY! excited. Now before you get all excited thinking I can play you’d be sadly mistaken. As I have said in previous blogs when it comes to instrument my biggest achievement is playing Frere Jacques on the recorder but will that stop me having a go? Um no! in fact, I think my goal will be to make the most noise as possible…not that said noise will have any sort of rhythm or tune but hey you can’t win them all. So I for one will be thoroughly enjoying our new bit of kit. (may have to buy my mum some ear plugs though…)

Why a Piano??

So why do we have a piano in an opticians test room, that’s rather an extravagant bit of décor. But be assured this is a rather important bit of kit, most instrument players can transport their instrument with them and will be able to use it to show our team what they need from their glasses to help them see the music. But unfortunately, pianos they aren’t so easy to transport (who knew?!) So we had the great idea to cater for our pianists by having a piano in our test room (aren’t we a resourceful bunch) I would like to point out though that quite frankly if my mum could fit a whole musical band of instruments into our test room she would and she would be the women to make it all fit.  So if you’re a pianist then please pop into, Allegro Optical, at 1-3 Station Street, Meltham. It’s not far from Holmfirth or Huddersfield, and come show the team what you’ve got.

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