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Adrian was having “treble” seeing the music

Thanks to Allegro Optical the everything is really “sharp”

Except for the sound that is! 

“I really struggle to focus on the music and the conductor.” said Adrian.  It’s a common complaint and one we frequently hear at Allegro Optical. Tuba player Adrian Davis’s story was a familiar one and thankfully one we have had plenty of experience with. In fact, we’ve had a bit of a run on tuba players of late.

The problem Tuba players have is that they are unable to move their heads when playing as the mouthpiece envelopes the embouchure.  Moving their heads changes the pitch and many presbyopic players find this extremely frustrating. Adrian was no exception.


Presbyopia is a form of long-sightedness, caused by the loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens, beginning typically in middle age. This can have a devastating impact on a musicians ability to function. Namely the ability to read music at varying distances, watch the conductor, and be involved with what’s going on around them.

Adrian was experiencing all these issues and they were hampering his enjoyment when playing his E flat bass with Burbage brass band from Buxton in Derbyshire. Adrian tried to find a solution to his vision problems and discovered Allegro Optical via the brass band website 4BarsRest.  In addition to playing with Burbage brass band and Adrian is an avid modeller and was struggling with his modelling hobby too. Having tried a combination of glasses none of them were really working for him. 

Adrian Davis of Burbage Band plays Eb bass and buys his musicians glasses from Allegro Optical optician in Meltham

Adrian Visited Allegro Optical, bringing his E flat bass with him allowing us to take some very detailed measurements. As he is unable to move his head when playing any kind of varifocal or occupational lens design was completely out of the question. For this reason, we produced a monocular lens combination based on our uniques lens designs. We accurately plotted the field and depth of view Adrian needed when playing. We designed the new lens combination to correct his vision at every point.  This solution allows Adrain to see clearly at all the distances his craft requires. Giving him a crystal clear view of the music, the conductor and his fellow players.

Adrian contacted us a few weeks after he collected his new glasses and said; “I did my first band gig with the new glasses on Saturday, the glasses worked perfectly, most of the time it was like I wasn’t wearing any, fantastic!  Many thanks for your efforts, 10/10.”

Adrian Davis Tuba Eb bass Burbage band

Why Allegro?

This case study illustrates how frustrating presbyopia can become for the musician. Making focusing at the many different distances very problematic. As was Adrian’s case many musicians find they struggle with the varying focal distances required. Some musicians even suffer from postural problems which are often caused by their deteriorating vision as they try to compensate for this reduced visual acuity.

With an understanding of the playing and seating positions of professional musicians, this can be overcome and the musicians working and playing life can easily be improved.  Many Musicians who experience focusing problems at different distances are unaware that there is a solution to their vision problems.

Allegro Optical finalists in FSB Awards product innovation musicians lenses and award winning eyecare

Most Optometrists and Opticians either prescribe and dispense single vision lenses for the music stand. Some will dispense Computer or Occupational lenses which don’t give enough depth of field. Some even claim these occupational lenses to be specialist music lenses! To be honest a good specialist sports lens will be able to provide a better solution for some musicians than any occupational or vocational lens. Musicians use their eyes in a very similar way to sporting professionals. All our musicians’ lenses are designed and made to our own unique design. In fact, they have been shortlisted for a product innovation award by the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards. So watch this space and see how we get on at the end of the month in York.

Always check that the lenses you are prescribed are designed for the intended purpose and please be aware that leading lens manufacturers DO NOT make lenses designed for musicians. If it’s musicians’ lenses you need call Allegro Optical in Meltham, Holmfirth on 01484 907090. Or Allegro Optical in Greenfield on 01457 353100


Allegro Optical Scores A “High Note” with their new Rugby Kit Sponsorship

Saddleworth rugby team “tries” a new kit thanks to Greenfield Optician

The Saddleworth Junior Rangers under 11s Rugby League team can now kick off in style after being sponsored by local opticians Allegro Optical.

Allegro Optical in Greenfield, (located at Unit 1 The Greenfield Centre next to Tesco’s), has provided kits for the under 11s team. The kit was unveiled on Friday 8th February at the clubhouse. The unveiling event was also attended by none other than Huddersfield Giants, Jermaine McGillvary. Star of the England 2017 Rugby League World Cup team. The new kit was presented by Allegro’s Managing Director, Mr Stephen Tighe.

Saddleworth rugby team

The Saddleworth Rangers Club has 15 teams including a Masters team for players over the age of 35yrs. For those who think they are still 21. The club is based at its home ground in Shaw Hall Bank Road, Greenfield and has teams with age groups from under 7s to adult.

Managing Director Stephen Tighe said: ‘We’re proud to be able to support the team and provide these brand new kits to the team. The club is a great opportunity for young people to take part in a fun, traditional and sociable sport in our local area. We hope these new kits will really help the players stand out and feel proud to be part of their team and the wider community.”

Sara Ackroyd Optometrist Allegro Optical Greenfield, Oldham. near Uppermill Saddleworth

Allegro Optical’s Resident Optometrist and Rugby Mum Sara Ackroyd  (who has a son who is in the team) said; “Hopefully, it will help inspire the boys to put in some great performances on the pitch with such an eye-catching design. The coaches, boys and backroom staff have so much enthusiasm for rugby and will be working extremely hard to reward Allegro Optical’s faith in them.”

Why Allegro Optical and Saddleworth Junior Rangers

At Allegro Optical we know there is a definite link between vision and sporting performance. We don’t want to let poor vision stop enthusiasts from enjoying their sports, or their music come to that. Vision, just like speed and strength, is an important component in how well we all perform. There is so much more to vision than just seeing clearly. Vision is composed of many interrelated skills that can affect how well we perform when partaking of a particular activity. However, just as exercise and practice will increase our speed and strength, it can also improve our visual fitness and accuracy.  

With this link between sports and eyecare in mind, we wanted to help one of our local teams by providing new Kit for the Under 11s. The new kit will allow them to look the part on the pitch, and with our bright orange logo, there is no excuse for failing to see their fellow team members.

Saddleworth Junior Rangers new kit sponsored by Allegro Optical opticians in Saddleworth in Greenfield near Uppermill

Because all sports and many musical and dance activities have very different visual demands. Our Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians, with their expertise in sports and performance vision correction, can assess your unique visual system and recommend a solution. A thorough eye examination by one of our experienced Optometrists is a great place to start “getting the winning edge.”

To book your eye test call our Greenfield practice on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090 or via our website at

About Allegro News

The Allegro Optical team have their sights set on more awards

The team at Allegro Optical are very excited after reaching the regional  awards finals

No one could accuse us of standing still or let the grass grow under our feet. Here at “The musicians’ optician” we are getting very excited. Having opened nearly two years ago in March 2017  we have again been shortlisted for a plethora of business awards. Our family-run business, which employs seven family members across 2 generations, has been shortlisted for the regional finals of the Family Business Of The Year Awards 2019.

Allegro Optical Opticians have been shortlisted for the Family Business of the year award in Meltham and Uppermill Greenfield Holmfirth and Saddleworth

In addition to the family business award, Allegro Optical has again reached the regional finals of The Federation of Small Businesses FSBAwards. This time we have been shortlisted as finalists in three categories. The three categories are Start-up Business of the Year. Scale-Up Business of the Year and the Product and Innovation category for our unique musicians’ lenses.

Our co-founder, Dispensing Optician Sheryl Doe scooped The Entrepreneur of the Year Award in June for her work in the field of musicians eye care. She also reached the National finals of the Dispensing Optician of the Year, one of only three opticians in the UK.

Going that extra mile

Allegro Optical has gone from strength to strength and built up an enviable reputation locally. The group now employs 16 people across two practices in Meltham and Greenfield in Saddleworth. We are always investing in our team and equipment. Either upgrading or buying new equipment to provide our clients with the very best service.

The Meltham practice now offers additional 3D OCT screening with our new 3D OCT eye scanner. A non-invasive test which can detect the early signs of many conditions including Age-related Macular Degeneration. The practice also has a state of the arts colourimeter which is used to assess and treat visual stress which is often linked to dyslexia.

It’s not unusual for children and adults to suffer from visual discomfort when they are reading. It is estimated that approximately 5% of the population is affected quite severely by visual stress and 20% to a lesser degree. Our 5 stage process allows the optometrists to screen for visual stress and create a suitable treatment plan.

Value for money

Allegro Optical is known for our FREE 2nd pair offer. This applies to children as well as adults providing them with two free pairs of glasses with an NHS optical voucher. If you would like to make an appointment call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090.