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Emily is singing Opticians praises in Greenfield and Meltham

The Musicians’ Optician, helping Emily see the music and more

As Opticians go you wouldn’t expect to find a world leader in Greenfield or Meltham. But that is exactly how it is since Allegro Optical began to dominate the field of musicians eye care.

Conducting a choir can seem like an overwhelming responsibility. When all eyes are on you, but you can’t see your score, cues or reminders.  What should be an enjoyable experience becomes quite traumatic when you’re struggling to see the music. This was the reality for Choir Master Emily Reaves-Bradley before she visited Allegro Optical in Greenfield, Saddleworth. Emily discovered the musicians’ optician on the recommendation of a friend. Emily was having problems seeing her score while conducting the choirs she works with and she was becoming increasingly frustrated with her current spectacles.

A passion for music

Emily is an extremely well-qualified solo performer and Music Director. She has been the M.D. of Honley Ladies Choir for over sixteen years. Emily leads the rehearsal of the recently launched Honley Girls Choir and the “On Song Parkinsons Choir” which aims to make music and memories for Parkinson’s sufferers and their families. Music is a huge part of Emily’s life and she certainly wasn’t going to let a vision problem get in her way of continuing to enjoy her passion.

Following an initial consultation in Greenfield, during which we tested Emily’s vision, examined her eyes and designed some lenses to correct her vision at the music stand while still allowing her to see the members of her choirs.

On collecting her glasses in Meltham, Holmfirth Emily was impressed with the clarity and field of view offered by her new glasses. When asked about her new spectacles she said: “Now I don’t need to choose between seeing the choir or seeing the music I can do both yeah!”

Emily Reeves Bradley conducting. Allegro Optical the musicians optician in Meltham , Holmfirth and Greenfield Saddleworth near Uppermill

Why “The Musician’s Optician”?

At Allegro Optical we provide specialist consultations for all performers and musicians. Visit our practices in Greenfield, in the heart of the beautiful Saddleworth countryside and Meltham located on the edge of the Peak District in Holmfirth. As musicians ourselves, we’re able to ask the right questions and interpret the answers to create a truly unique spectacles. Using our combined optical and musical skills we are able to address and resolve the many visual problems encountered by conductors, musicians and performers.

Allegro Optical specialises in all aspects of musician’s vision correction to return and enhance musicians playing pleasure and performance experience.  The team has over 150 combined years’ experience in the optics and entertainment industry. Whether you want advice or a practical solution call Allegro Optical in Greenfield on 01457 353100  or Meltham on 01484 907090 or visit

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Who says no one ever wins prize draws

Thanks to a lucky prize win Katrina can now see the music and more

Well, that is definitely not that case at Allegro Optical Opticians. Based in Greenfield, Saddleworth and Meltham in Holmfirth we run regular FREE prize draws, both in store and when we take our Road-Show around the country. Each draw gives that lucky someone a chance to win a pair of our fantastic musicians spectacles.

Our most recent lucky winner was Katrina Woodward a horn player with Uppermill Band who has benefited from coming to see and had been fitted with not one, but two free pairs of musician’s glasses. One pair for playing from the stand and a second pair for playing from the lyer.

Katrina Woodward with her new marching glasses from Allegro Optical, the musicians optician allowing her to march and see the music on her Lyre

Katrina, like all musicians, needs to be able to see the music on the stand clearly.  So having a crisp view of the music is essential. She not only needs to focus at all the distances required of a horn player she also gets called upon to march and play at the same time. Marching and playing from one’s lyre is something many brass band players do, especially during the Whit Friday contests which are held in Tameside and Saddleworth. Also, during the National Remembrance Services and Marches which commemorate those who gave their lives in the service of their country.

Problem solved

Having visited Allegro Optical in Meltham for a musicians consultation where we able to calculate the exact prescription required for both Katrina’s music positions and design two pairs of lenses to correct her vision in both situations.

When she collected her new glasses Katrina was impressed by the clarity of her vision at all distances. When asked about how it felt to win the draw and how her new glasses had helped her when playing she said; I was really pleased and surprised to win the prize draw. My new glasses are great, it makes such a big difference when wearing them at Uppermill. No more looking over the top of my glasses at the conductor like a school teacher! I can’t wait to wear my  new marching glasses on Whit Sunday and Whit Friday.

So why do musicians experience problems when trying to see the music?

Mature players often experience focusing problems. Usually caused by changes in the structure of the crystalline lens causing the stiffening of the ocular muscles.  Many musicians struggle to focus on all the different distances required of their profession. A great deal of musicians are unaware that there is a solution to the problem. They soldier on trying all kinds of ad-hoc remedies. Many optometrists or opticians suggest either varifocals, which often exacerbate the problems due to the narrow corridor. Or they recommend bifocals or occupational lenses neither of which are very satisfactory. 

Katrina Woodward with her new music glasses from Allegro Optical, the musicians optician allowing her to play and see the music on her music stand

How can Allegro Optical help?

As performers and musicians ourselves we understand the many visual requirements our passion requires. As a result, we can prescribe a selection of lenses designed and dispensed specifically to suit the performer’s needs. By creating a solution especially for the client, we can provide a perfect visual solution. As optical professionals, we understand the variety of dispensing challenges that practitioners may face when a musician presents in practice.

Allegro Optical is currently the National Best New Business – Arts and Entertainment Business of the Year, an accolade received for our services to the Arts and Entertainment industry. Having seen our co-founder Sheryl Doe win the  ‘National Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019’ award in March at the annual Optician Awards, Allegro Optical are well placed to provide an opticians experience which is second to none. As the only Opticians registered with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM). You know you will be in safe hands.

If you are a musician who has problems seeing the music give us a call at Allegro Optical Opticians. For Greenfield, Saddleworth call 01457 353100 or Meltham, Holmfirth on 01484 907090 for advice or to book a consultation.

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We’re focused on your vision. Driving eye care forwards with cutting edge technology and award-winning dispensing

Award-Winning eyecare driving quality in optics and focusing on your vision with cutting edge technology

The UK law states that all drivers must be able to read a licence plate at 20.5m in clear weather conditions. While wearing their spectacles or contact lenses (if required) whilst driving. But did you know that in addition to this there are specific visual field requirements relating to driving standards? If you drive with an uncorrected vision problem or eye condition, you risk a fine of £1000. Or having points added to your licence or in some counties having your licence revoked.

In some cases, you are required to inform the DVLA that you have developed an eye condition. You may then be required to take more regular eye tests with reports being sent on to the DVLA. Road safety charity Brake, have been campaigning for many years for zero tolerance of impaired driving and encourage drivers to get their eyes tested regularly.

Brake raise awareness of driver and road safety

At Allegro Optical Opticians we can offer in-depth specialist eye examinations. Therefore ensuring that you will meet all of the required DVLA visual requirements. We will check both your central peripheral (side) vision. Should you need it, will prescribe and recommend corrective eyewear. Our dispensing opticians will assist you in choosing suitable frames and lenses to get you on the road again. So maybe you’re thinking it’s time to book an appointment for an eye examination?

Why should you choose Allegro Optical for your eye examination

Not only are we a national award-winning independent family owned and run eyecare practice, we always put people first. When you visit Allegro Optical for your eye examination you will receive a warm welcome before having your eyes by one of our team of the most highly qualified optometrists. All our optical professionals are fully qualified and registered UK Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians.

We use a range of advanced equipment to test your eyes. Our advanced 3D OCT eye scanner (Optical Coherence Tomography)  is one of the most advanced optical scanners in the world. We recommend the 3D OCT Scan to most of our patients. It is the gold standard OCT as used by many hospitals. An OCT scan is a simple and completely non-contact examination of the soft tissues of the eye. It is an extremely valuable test enabling early detection of any problems, enabling better treatment options and improved visual outcomes. The images we take will be saved on your record.  They can then be used for comparison during future visits allowing us to detect even the smallest changes.

Allegro Optical Opticians are the only optical practice in Meltham to own a 3D OCT eye scanner providing you with even better eye careClaire Wightman senior optometrist at Allegro Optical Opticians with OCT

Your prescription is fully guaranteed when dispensed by Allegro Optica. You will be offered a variety of solutions to best suit your needs. If you are not completely satisfied by your examination or your vision correction, no problem! Just come back to see us and we will do our utmost to resolve any issues you may be experiencing at no extra cost. As you can appreciate we are not able to offer this level of service if the prescription is dispensed elsewhere.

A family affair delivering an award-winning experience

As a family run business, we believe in building meaningful relationships with our patients. You will nearly always see the same Optometrist and Dispensing Optician year on year. Being a family team we’re not going anywhere and our staff are all long-serving and active members of the community.

No matter what your needs, our team are fully experienced at looking after all age groups, from babies to senior citizens, as well as those with communication problems, dementia & physical disabilities.

Sheryl Doe BSc FBDO Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019 with Optician Award 2019Sheryl and Steve of Allegro Optical Winners of the Yorkshire and Humber Scale up of the YearAllegro Optical are the current holders of quite a few awards including The Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019 and Entrepreneur of the Year. Both held by Managing Director and Dispensing Optician Sheryl Doe. Allegro Optical also hold the Art and Entertainment Business of the Year award for our work in the field of musicians and performers eyecare. We were also regional winners in the FSB Yorkshire and Humber Scale-Up Business of the year award, following the opening of our Greenfield practice in January.

Sheryl and Steve from Allegro Optical Opticians in Saddleworth and Holmfirth winning Best New Business Arts and Entertainment Business of the year award for work in the field of musicians eye care

We are also finalists in the family business of the year award so please feel free to vote for us here Allegro Optical employs 7 family members across two generations. Three if you count grandsons Matt and Fin who regularly appear in photoshoots modelling our latest children’s eyewear.

Is there anything else that you need to know? Why not just ask us a question via our contact us page or by e-mail at or telephone Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 0148 4 907090.

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Three awards in one month make for a Marvellous March for Greenfield and Meltham

What a Marvellous March for our Saddleworth and Meltham Opticians practices

We are just starting to recover from what can only be described as a “Marvellous March”. The month began with the Federation of Small Business (FSB), Awards Regional Finals in York (as seen above), during which we were named as the Yorkshire and Humberside “Scale-Up Business of the Year” following the opening of our second practice in Greenfield in Saddleworth. Winning the regional finals means we now move on to the National FSB Awards and a sparkling UK Final in London on 23 May at Battersea’s Evolution. The trophy sits in pride of place, along with all our other awards.  

Sheryl and Steve of Allegro Optical Winners of the Yorkshire and Humber Scale up of the Year

British Best New Business “Arts and Entertainment Business of the Year”

We have to say we were particularly delighted with our next award. On Thursday 28th March we travelled down to Kensington in London as we had been shortlisted for the 2019 National Best New Business Arts and Entertainment Business of the Year, for our pioneering work in the field of musicians eyecare. Sheryl, Director and co-founder of Allegro Optical has been a qualified Dispensing Optician for over 20 years and was the first person in the UK to develop an optical solution for musicians. This means that we are the only Opticians registered with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM). A unique achievement across the UK and the world. We were almost too afraid to hope to win anything having scooped the FSB award a few weeks earlier. We were very delighted when we won this too. Another trophy was added to the awards shelf.

Sheryl and Steve from Allegro Optical Opticians in Saddleworth and Holmfirth winning Best New Business Arts and Entertainment Business of the year award for work in the field of musicians eye care

Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019

With two trophies already on the Allegro Optical mantlepiece this month, we travelled to Birmingham on Saturday for the prestigious Optician Awards, crossing our fingers but trying to keep our feet firmly on the ground.  The Optician Awards recognises optical professionals who fill a need in the community. By delivering excellent healthcare and demonstrating a wide knowledge of the latest lens designs. From the most durable and lightweight lens materials, cutting edge lens coatings and advanced vision examination technologies.

Allegro Optical were finalists in two categories. We managed a hat trick as Managing Director and Dispensing Optician Sheryl Doe was awarded one of our industry’s greatest accolades. Sheryl was presented with the ‘National Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019’ award at the annual Optician Awards in the presence of over 500 fellow opticians from across the UK.

On receiving her award, Sheryl said: “We were really surprised, but thrilled to have won all these awards. It’s very encouraging for all the members of the Allegro Optical team.  This award acknowledges the high standard of service we strive to provide every client with.”

Allegro Optical the musicians optician Sheryl winning Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019 Award for their work with Musicians eye care

What’s different at Allegro Optical

Shunning the stereotypical mass produced “designer” eyewear, Allegro Optical offers a wide choice of frame styles with brands from the UK, Handmade frames and individual designs including those using natural materials such as wood, bamboo and hemp. With individual colour consultations and frame styling appointments with a speciality highly experienced and professional team.

Clients of the practice are invited to regular Open Days. With Colour and Style events which are very popular and great fun! To book your appointment call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090 . Experience award-winning eye care from the country’s leading dispensing optician and optical team