At Allegro Optical many of our clients are introduced to us through word of mouth and personal recommendation. Here are just a few of the comments we have received from our clients, many of whom have now become firm friends and some of which are musicians.

We recognise the importance of great client care and individual attention. That is why we want all our clients and friends to be delighted with their purchase.

“Went to Allegro Optical for musicians’ glasses first class service from start to finish very friendly and knowledgeable company. It’s great to have glasses that transform the way I read music again. Thankyou so much would highly recommend this company to anyone requiring new eye tests and glasses”
Michael Gray – BBb Bass – Westoe Brass Band – July 2022
“After a long period of struggling I can at last read music clearly thanks to the skill and thoroughness of Elizabeth, Sheryl and Abigayle at Allegro Optical. I am especially grateful to them for restoring my vision and providing my new music glasses in time for three concerts I have just played. I am a very happy client”
Susan Marshall – Violinist – Huddersfield – July 2022
” Picked up my new glasses from the Marsden branch today and could not be more pleased. The staff are lovely and from start to finish could not do enough when making sure I was completely happy with everything. To say they went the extra mile is an understatement. Thank you, and highly recommend this practice!”
Shelley Quinn – Marsden – June 2022
” I just want to say thank you to Charlene at @AllegroOptical for all her help today. A brilliant opticians based in Greenfield, so it’s very handy being down the road from us.”
Ligero Design Ltd – Saddleworth – June 2022
“I have just received my prescription Waterhaul sunglasses from Allegro Optical in Meltham. I have to say that they are absolutely perfect. I needed a pair of prescription sunglasses that were comfortable and were able to suit all of my activities. I have specialist prescription lenses for musicians made by Allegro Optical and they have managed to create lenses so that I only need one pair of glasses for all of my needs. As well as being a musician for which I need sunglasses as part of my stage ware, I also spend a lot of time outdoors as a Nordic walking instructor and occasionally go kayaking /sea kayaking. My new sunglasses had their first stage outing last weekend with my ska band. I’m going to be volunteering at The Commonwealth Games in the summer and will be spending some time outdoors, so I’m hoping the sun will shine on Birmingham. When I tried the Waterhaul frames on they felt so comfortable. Sheryl at Allegro then told me about your company. Although I’m only an occasional sea kayaker, it has been very noticeable in the increase of plastic pollutants that are in the sea or washed up on beaches. Spending time paddling on our local canals, It is very upsetting to see the amount of rubbish that is around and more so, how difficult it is to recycle the rubbish. I am delighted to have found sunglasses for life. Thank you for all you are doing.” It’s amazing working with such a passionate NETwork like ours, who believe in our mission and story!
Kieran Hill – Waterhaul – Newquay Cornwall – June 2022
The Sunglasses are perfect! Great for all of my activities, ska band, Nordic walking classes and sunny days. They will be very useful in the summer when I’m volunteering at The Commonwealth Games too.
Mel Taylor Saxophonist – Netherseal, Derbyshire – June 2022
“Visited the new Allegro Opticians Shop on Peel Street today. A really thorough eye examination with Sara and great service from ‘award winning’ dispensing optician Kim who helped me choose a fresh new pair of glasses 🤓. They’re a really friendly team and the experience was far better than I’ve had with other opticians. I think they’ll be an asset to the village and definitely recommend Allegro 👍 Nice to see Kevin’s artwork on the walls too! 🖼”
Jane Whitham – Marsden – April 2022
“Probably the most thorough, knowledgeable, and persistent in getting results opticians I have ever encountered! I went to Allegro Optical initially for musician’s glasses. I really wanted to be able to see more when performing on stage and to be able to communicate with my duo colleague rather than looking at a foggy outline or having to swap glasses all the time. Unfortunately, a retinal tear that developed immediately after I made my first appointment in 2020 and COVID getting in the way of everything, we had to work around many difficulties, none of which deterred the owner Sheryl Doe, who was determined to make me the best possible pair of glasses as close to the original brief as possible. And in April 2022 they did! I am the very happy owner of two fantastic pairs of specs, one varifocal and the other my “magic” pair for playing piano and working on a computer. This was all possible thanks also to their new saccadic eye scanner which showed them exactly the kind of issues I had to struggle through when I was reading a score. The result is miraculous! I can see better, my eye is more relaxed, I am not getting a single headache from reading music or working on a computer and as for my varifocals, it’s like I am not wearing glasses, that’s how comfortable they are! Allegro, Optical thank you! I would recommend it to anyone but particularly if you are struggling with any eye issues or you want to be able to read music effortlessly. Superb service in every way!”
Yanna Zissiadou – Pianist – Gloucester – April 2022
“I am delighted with all of my glasses so thank you all again for the wonderful service.”
Karen Wells – Delph – March 2022
“”FIRST CLASS EYE CARE. My first visit to Allegro in Meltham, but certainly will not be my last. Excellent, personalised care using the very latest technology. As a health professional myself, I was really impressed with the customer service and the attention to detail from the friendly team. Top marks!” ”
Richard Parish – Google Review – February 2022
“At Allegro I found experienced musicians and top class opticians, with heartwarming spirit and enthusiasm, who found my situation an interesting new challenge. I’ve learned so much from Sheryl and I am in awe of her knowledge, instinct, honesty, attention to detail and determination.”
Pamela Hossick – BBC TV Producer – January 2022
“I couldn’t be happier with my new music glasses. It is lovely to freely glance from music to conductor without any issues caused by changes in focus. Semi quavers and notations are once again clear and as a result, my sight-reading has improved. “I was very impressed with Allegro Optical’s attention to detail to ensure my glasses suited my individual requirements. By closely observing me whilst playing my baritone, Allegro Optical were able to determine the exact position in the lens for the different focal points, even taking into account my head movement while breathing. “I would recommend Allegro Optical to any musician who is struggling with their vision”
Neil Parkin – Baritone Player – Darlington – November 2021
“My new lenses are absolutely perfect. I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 years old and cannot be without them. These spectacles basically correct everything for me and made me realise how much I had been struggling before. Being able to see my music and function as a performing musician is crucial to my daily life. I now know that I need to be comfortable reading music to play, reading a score to conduct… as well as being able to see a computer, watch the tv and not least, be able to see to drive safely! The staff at Allegro understand this and offer solutions”
Glyn Williams – principal euphonium Cory Band – Treorchy, Rhondda Valley, South Wales – November 2021
“Fast pleasent service lovely and helpful very thorough finally sold right spectacles at a affordable price lovely staff and opticians we saw lovely people well done allegro”
Anne Gammell – Meltham – October 2021
“Want to say a big thank you to Allegro Optical and especially to Liz who carried out my recent ‘Full Monty annual eye check-up. Liz was confident, professional and has a relaxed but attentive style. The check-up is called the advanced optometry appointment, which Liz performed seamlessly, it included a 3D OCT scan, HD retinal photo exam, digital field analysis oh and they’ve replaced the dreaded eye blast thingy with something called a Tonometer. Sounds like I know what I’m talking about… nah it was all in the written report Liz gave me after she had explained the results in full. In summary 11/10 in my book, I’ll definitely be back next time and am more than happy to recommend Allegro Optical to anyone with eye and eyewear concerns!”
Ken Pearce – Linthwaite – October 2021
“Too often I have felt a sense of ‘making-do’ with frames that simply fit my prescription to avoid thick lenses, with little attention to whether they suit my face or indeed have any style or flair to them. In contrast, I am delighted with my spectacles from Allegro, as encouraged by Sheryl I chose some beautifully stylish, up-to-date frames that make me look younger and feel brighter when I see my reflection in a mirror. The attention to detail in lenses so thinned-down and neatly fitted is exceptional, and the customer care has felt personal and entirely tailored to my individual needs. What more can I say? I highly recommend Allegro Opticians and am delighted to have found a local optician that I can rely on”.
Janet Price – Marsden – October 2021
“Proper’ looked after by Allegro Optical. Top quality service as usual…always happy to go that extra mile to help us with a few issues to see the dots! 🎺🙏🏻🏆
Helen Williams – Flugel soloist with The Cory Band, Deputy Registrar at BBP Ltd, Contributor to BBW Magazine – Rhondda Valley, Wales – September 2021
“Charlene, I just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for taking care of my mum the week before last. I really do appreciate how responsive all the team are at Allegro. “
David Millard – Meltham – September 2021
“I think we all start to struggle with our eyesight as we mature but as a musician, we face challenges that optometrists seem unable to understand let alone solve and that’s why I took a trip down to Allegro. The comprehensive eye test was unusual as I took my tuba and spent a long time in the playing position discussing, adjusting, checking and rechecking so that I could focus fully on an entire sheet of music and observe the Musical Director without the lag of refocusing which was one of my main issues. In short, I’m extremely happy with my new glasses and I can highly recommend that any musician struggling with eyesight issues make a trip to see them. “
Bob Hallett – Tuba Player – Grimsby – August 2021
“I visited the Saddleworth branch recently and honestly couldn’t be more impressed. From booking the appointment, being thoroughly screened to choosing and having new glasses fitted-brilliant! A very high level of attention to detail and genuine care for the customer. I’d always go back here and would highly recommend!”
Rachel Freeman – Saddleworth – Google & Facebook Reviews – July 2021
“Before my Adlens glasses, I had to continually swap between different pairs of glasses depending on what I was doing. Now all I have to do is slide the lens to change the focus. It is liberating as no longer do I have the problem of never having the right pair of glasses with me at the right time, or of continually swapping between the two pairs. This is a brilliant idea and has made my life so much easier.”
Catherine Giddings – Leek, Staffordshire – June 2021
“I booked to have my eye test at Allegro optical and what a great experience, their customer service was fantastic. A friendly welcome, quick to be seen and they took the time to discuss everything through with me. They helped me to choose a colour and style that suited the shape of my face and highlighted the colour of my eyes. My glasses were ready in just a couple of days. I would highly recommend getting your eyes tested at Allegro optical”
Cerid Grimshaw – Cheshire – June 2021
“I struggled to wear traditional varifocals and had to give up as I had terrible headaches after wearing them for even a short time.  I love these Adlens ones. It’s super easy to change from distance to computer to reading that I can wear them all day and from the minute I put them on they were great and I haven’t had any problems getting used to them.  It saves having to change glasses and making sure you always have the correct ones with you.  I would recommend them to anyone.    Such a great idea”
Karen Crichton – Meltham – June 2021
“We love our glasses 🤓 🙂Very very happy customers 😁
Jennifer and Harriet – Meltham – May 2021
“Excellent test, very thorough and the optician explained everything clearly. When I asked about a particular issue I had they knew the answer and explained it in a clear and concise way for me to understand. There were lots of very modern equipment throughout the shop. The staff were very friendly and very honest about the health of my eyes. My last appointment was with Specsavers and they told me I needed glasses and sold me a pair that weren’t cheap. It turns out I never needed glasses in the first place after Allegro looked at my past prescription. I highly recommend Allegro Optical”
Simon Hill – Bedfordshire – April 2021
“My glasses have been even better than I imagined. I can really tell the difference between the “inside” and “outside” glasses and hadn’t realised what a simple solution this could be. The “indoor” glasses have made my working life so much easier. Not having to enlarge documents on the computer anymore but still being able to see what the students have written on their little white board makes me happy every day! I’m sure my students are also delighted that they no longer have to listen to me saying “I can’t really read that …. wait a minute while I try and make that bigger so I can see it properly”. One other real benefit is being able to read gin bottle labels from a distance, so I can now choose from all the different varieties when I’m in a bar. Thank you again. I am really enjoying being able to see properly 🙂 “
Alice Bell – Cornet Player and Teacher – Stockport, Cheshire – April 2021
“The near sight in my right eye began to deteriorate in January last year, and for the first time ever I couldn’t read my harp music, see the bass strings (or anything else in close range) without getting quite severe eye strain. My local optician prescribed varifocals, that really didn’t help – especially for reading music, which has to be a ‘harp length’ away. By mid-October, when I contacted Allegro Opticians, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever be able to cope with reading harp easily music again. My first specialist appointment (2 hours I think) became almost a whole afternoon; Sheryl and Amy, with endless patience, took time to test my sight and measure the distance from me to my music stand and strings, taking in further distances for looking at a conductor or other players. Most importantly they both understand the special needs musicians have when reading music, looking from instrument to conductor, back to the music, and so on. By the end of the afternoon I was looking forward to getting not just one pair of harp music-reading specs, but also a pair of half-frames for reading piano music (which I find are equally useful when using my laptop) and to my great surprise in a style of red and blue frame I would never have thought I’d like. In a word, for any harpists struggling to read the music and see their harp strings I can’t recommend Allegro highly enough.”
Joan Dearnley – Harpist – Shipley, West Yorkshire – March 2021
“Thank you so much for your help and support in getting my cataract operations done quickly and providing transport. Much appreciated Alison”
Alison Topping – Meltham – March 2021
“I had been struggling with an eye condition that the doctor was not correctly diagnosing. So I had my eyes tested to make sure nothing was wrong. Immediately the optician at Allegro diagnosed blepharitis and prescribed eye tonic wipes. Along with some hydrocortisone cream, this solved my ongoing problem within a week. Very pleased.”
John Collins – MD Oldham Band (Lees) – March 2021
“To Sheryl, Amy and the team at Allegro Optical, Thanks for looking after me over the last 5 months”
Janet Clark – Holmfirth – March 2021
“Lovely team at Allegro. Everyone was friendly, professional and helpful.”
Amy Greenfield Saddleworth – Google Review – February 2021
“I just wanted to email you to let you know how grateful I am for your hard work. The first day I had my measurements taken 14th Jan, there was heavy snow and you waited for me despite cancelling all other appointments on that day. Then last week, I arrived early and you dispensed my safety glasses anyway. You were so friendly and helpful on both occasions. – Thank you The prescription goggles are a god send. The lenses are amazing and much better than my varifocals I had made by Asda! Please may I have details on how my sister can get similar safety and non-safety glasses made from you. She doesn’t work in the trust so will be happy to pay. Please can we have details of the exact type of varifocal lenses that you used to make my goggles. Again, many thanks. Best wishes and stay safe “
Miss Sharmila Jivan Consultant Plastic Surgeon Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield – Dispensed as part of the Bolle-Allegro Optical PPE provision partnership – February 2021
“Thank you, Kim, Bolle and Allegro Optical……I collected my prescription goggles ahead of my late shift this afternoon. As a Registered Nurse of almost 40 years, I consider myself privileged to receive this safety wear. They are remarkably comfortable and make a real difference to the experience of wearing PPE. The whole service from request to delivery has been smooth and reassuring. Thank you.”
Tracey McErlain-Burns Staff Nurse RGN, DipN, MBA – Pinderfields Hospital – February 2021
“Really felt very safe when we called the other day, precautions were extremely high.”
Geoff and Catriona Kitson – Facebook – January 2021
“Fantastic opticians, very smart shop and lovely friendly staff. My eye test was brilliant, very thorough and I didn’t know there was so many testing devices but this place is full of the latest technology. When I mentioned I was a builder and my glasses get knocked about from time to time they showed me some very reasonably priced frames that I wouldn’t mine scratching or dropping, they didn’t try to sell me the most expensive frames in the shop like many other opticians do. They are also superbly organised with the restrictions at the moment and I felt safe. A 10/10 experience for me and will definitely go again.”
Shane Marsh – Meltham – December 2020
“I collected my new tortoiseshell glasses today in Meltham. Wonderful service, expert care & guidance from Cheryl & her team – Josie & Amy. Thank you “
Gillian Swift – Holmfirth – December 2020
“Well… I’d just like to say that Allegro Opticians in our little town are amazing. I didn’t realise how much I was struggling with my eyesight and shonky gemms until my visit to them this afternoon. Awesome staff – thank you 👍
Michelle Ross – Meltham – November 2020
“The team at Allegro Optical are friendly, approachable but above all professional. Amazing service!”
Karen Newman – Speed Of Sight Charity – November 2020
“Post lockdown no 1, I visited Sheryl and her team, I had shamefully not had my eyes tested in three years! Despite the fear of going anywhere in case coronavirus was lurking and ready to pounce, I braved it and was put at ease by the excellent measures put in place. What I love about Sheryl is not only her enthusiasm but her knack to seek out the right frame for my face shape and my complexion too. She’s also very good at nudging me just a little out of my comfort zone. As a result, I have a great new look and the compliments are rolling in! Thanks Sheryl and team!”
Nyree Hughes – Marsden – November 2020
“I’ve got new glasses! Thanks to the lovely Sheryl and Amy at Allegro. It’s like someone’s turned the lights on! Lovely service, help choosing frames and getting the right deal, VERY covid aware a thoroughly lovely experience well worth the long journey I make.”
Amy Gault – Todmorden – November 2020
“I don’t usually leave a review, however, there is always a time to make an exception. From the minute you enter Allegro you are made welcome. Nothing is ever an effort. Should a little problem arise, it is dealt with efficiently and always with a smile. Is it worth travelling from France to have my eyes looked after in Meltham? Absolutely. The first round is on me the next I am over.”
Anne Gray – Persac France – October 2020
“Extremely friendly and professional staff. I had a routine eye test at the branch in Meltham and was slightly apprehensive as it had been 8 years since my previous one (carried out elsewhere). The staff came across very knowledgable and empathetic to my concerns and were extremely thorough in providing me with information. The optometrist completed the examination with all elements being explained throughout and even spent the time to diagnose any potential allergies and methods to deal with this moving forward (as I’d been suffering from tired eyes for a while). Needless to say, no glasses required (despite being sold some previously by another company), and managing to maintain my allergy with the simple methods provided to me. Couldn’t recommend the company and their staff more.”
Matthew Lewis – Huddersfield – October 2020
“I have to say a huge thank you to the whole team at Allegro Greenfield. I recently attended Allegro for a routine eye test which was extremely thorough and as my prescription has changed I needed to replace my glasses. The assistance and advice was superb. I bought a pair of spectacles from them and can honestly say they are definitely the best, in all aspects, I have ever worn by far. I was first prescribed glasses when I was seven years old, back when there were no options in style (round wire frames) and two options in colour (pink or blue plastic) courtesy of the National Health. I have worn varifocals for the past twenty years and have been ok with them on the whole. However, the ones I have just purchased from Allegro are exceptional both functionally and aesthetically. I chose a David Green frame in tones of green, they are beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. More importantly my vision in them is incredible in comparison to varifocals I have had previously. The wide span of clarity makes a huge difference to ordinary tasks in my daily life. I haven’t experienced the distorted vision which can be a little unsteadying when I am not able to look square on in a direction. I understand Sheryl, the Dispensing Optician, has perfected a technic in lens designing which is particularly beneficial to musicians, thank goodness as it certainly benefits me! The vision in my left eye is much worse than that of my right and ordinarily, the prescription for the lens in my left would be thicker, making one eye look larger than the other even with the thinning of the lens. But, yet again, Sheryl was able to make both lenses equal in thickness, fantastic. She is a genius! Thank you Beverley Hilton”
Beverley Hilton – Diggle – October 2020
“Doesn’t it feel great when you get good customer service, naturally, without fuss, or feeling like you have to pay extra for it. This week I have been impressed by the teams at Ragdale Hall Spa and Allegro Optical Ltd for different reasons but amazing #customerservice both, thank you. You reminded me where the benchmark should be for me as well.”
Tim Bleasdale – Review via LinkedIn – September 2020
“I was really impressed when I visited and, when I mentioned I was a Teacher of the Deaf, was asked about tips for communication with deaf people whilst wearing a mask. Just brilliant that staff are really thinking about how to provide great service for everyone. 🙂
Emma Lane – Saddleworth Community Forum – September 2020
“Well done to Sheryl Doe and the team at Allegro Optical Ltd Not only do they win Optician Awards, but they’re also the best in town when it comes to keeping their patients Covid safe!”
Stuart Wellings – iCET – September 2020
“I have had cataract operations on both eyes in 2014 and since then, my eyes can’t change focus any more. Since then, I’ve had to work with four different pairs of glasses – one for reading closely, one for music reading, one for mid-range seeing (normal distances within the house) and one for outdoors and driving. Bit of a hassle carrying all that stuff around; and when playing music, I could only focus on the sheet music; the conductor was a dim figure somewhere in the distance. Just got mine, [special musician’s glasses] and I am amazed. I can sit at my computer and write this, seeing a clear image of the screen, and……I have a sharp image of the house at the end of the street. They are everything you promised and lots more.”
Dr Elmar Eggerer – Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone and Flugelhorn – Russische Blasorchester in Österreich – Big Band Markus Fluhr – Altenberg-Greifenstein, Austria – August 2020
“First visit to Allegro in Greenfield on Saturday and it was lovely. So well looked after and great staff.”
Cath Hepworth – Saddleworth – August 2020
“So yesterday I got my absolutely beautiful Booth & Bruce England glasses and I am in love! 😍 Thank you Allegro Optical, they are perfect 💖💖
Kayleigh Dunn – Littleborough – July 2020
“I put off sorting my eyes out and then lockdown happened. I think I may have been their first patient when they opened. So confident they know what they’re doing and really care what happens. Can’t rate them highly enough”
Liz Simmonds – Meltham – July 2020
“Absolutely brilliant opticians! Haven’t had my eyes tested in years and was very apprehensive. Had a really thorough examination followed by really attentive staff who let me try on almost every set of frames in the building!! Would highly recommend to everyone!”
Tracey Daniel – Horn – Wingates Brass Band – Manchester – July 2020
“Absolutely fantastic! They are all so friendly. We go here for my sons eyes tests and they are so thorough, they got him in the next day after his appointment for drops to ensure his prescription was correct. My son was over the moon choosing his own glasses and can’t wait to pick them up. Thank you!”
Madeleine Fursse – Holmfirth – July 2020
“I received excellent service from Allegro and can’t recommend them enough. After suffering with headaches I felt I needed an eye exam. Amy carried out a thorough exam and prescribed my first pair of glasses. I was helped to navigate an excellent selection of stylish frames and found a pair I absolutely love. Now I’m wearing them I honestly feel I’m seeing life in HD and the headaches have started to subside. Thank you to everyone at Allegro.”
Natalie Lewis – Saddleworth – July 2020
“Excellent service from start to finish. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my eye care. Thank you”
Victoria Colman – Holmfirth – July 2020
“Great service by the team dealing with new circumstances. “
Sugar Violet – Instagram – Saddleworth – June 2020
“I really couldn’t do without my glasses from Allegro. I would liken it to having had my failing eyesight, (due to my age), totally corrected. I wear my glasses all the time. Not only can I see my music on my stand as I practice, rehearse, and teach, but also when I’m performing as a soloist. This is when I’m using my left eye more than my right (dominant eye), because of the nature and positioning of my instrument. It’s very important to have this knowledge, as you stand in front of an audience that you are going to be able to see what you’re playing. Then literally, all you have to do is perform! I wear my glasses for driving, watching TV, using the computer…ALL THE TIME.”
Helen Williams – The Cory Band – Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan -June 2020
“Thank you – You made my 3 year old daughters first trip to the opticians so lovely 😊 She is very excited about getting her new glasses in the near future x”
Jennifer Louise Hayes – Holmfirth – June 2020
“Brilliant service as usual! You guys keep calm and carry on! Top class service!”
Tracy Batler – Meltham – June 2020
“”My glasses are great! They are so comfortable I hardly know I’ve got them on. And now I can see my music so clearly I’ve got no excuse for all the wrong notes I play!” “
Philip Sutcliffe – Viola De Gamba – West Yorkshire – June 2020
“I’m absolutely delighted with the glasses that Allegro Opticians prescribed for me. They fully understood my requirements and took great care and concern that my needs were met. As a conductor, having a clear view of both the music and ensemble, without any lack of clarity was impossible before, but now both key elements have been addressed. I cannot praise the service and help I received from Sheryl and her team. They are knowledgeable, approachable and understanding. A first-class company who I recommend to any musician. Thank you so much!”
Mark Peacock – Conductor – Manchester – June 2020
“Good morning, you arrange for me [to go to] hospital yesterday afternoon and I got home at 12:30 this morning. They’ve done all the tests and I’ve now got {another appointment] so I’m waiting for that. So thank you very much for all your help. Thank you”
Francis Lees – Delph – May 2020
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for fixing my glasses which I accidentally trod on. I have been isolating at home and was unable to leave the house. Josie kindly called around, picked up my glasses and took them away and repaired them, then brought them back, as good as new. I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional service.”
Margaret Butler – Saddleworth – May 2020
“I have always had great service and support from Allegro Optical. Friendly and helpful, I trust them to look after everything to do with my eye care. Delighted with my latest pair of glasses. Highly recommended.”
Geoff Saward – Meltham – April 2020
“My husband and I are delighted with our glasses which work really well for reading music and conducting. Nothing was too much trouble for Sheryl and her team – she put in so much time to make sure the teething problems we had were corrected. Many thanks Sheryl.”
Trudy Mansfield – Oboist – Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra – March 2020
“I visited Allegro Optical through a recommendation. I like that it is an independent practice and not a large chain. The minute I walked in, I was made to feel very relaxed and welcome. Kevin was very friendly, helpful and professional. The hearing test he carried out was very comprehensive using state of the art equipment. Thank you to Sheryl and Kevin for such a pleasant and positive experience. I will be back year on year and would not hesitate to recommend Allegro optical to anyone.”
Helena Coburn – George Hill Timber – Oldham – March 2020
“I recently visited Allegro optical in Greenfield as I was experiencing problems with my sight. I turned up with no appointment as I was extremely worried about what was going on but Sheryl and her staff saw me straight away. I was quickly referred to my doctor and within the letter, they instructed I receive a hospital appointment as soon as possible. I am still undergoing tests but the treatment I received from Sheryl and her staff was amazing they are definitely the number one opticians in Saddleworth”
Paula Aicken – Saddleworth – February 2020
“I can’t believe the difference with your lenses. Everything is so clear and large. I really can see every single note. Thank you so much”
Cheryl Hale – Cellist – Hertfordshire – February 2020
“To the Allegro Crew. Thank you for being so kind to a forgetful fool like me! (lost glasses, needing urgent replacement)”
Yasmin Bedlow – Ashton-under-Lyne – February 2020
“I owe you more than a “thank you” a dozen times over, which still doesn’t seem enough.”
Carole Dyson – Holmfirth – February 2020
“I took my 5 year old daughter for an eye test following her reception eye screening which picked up a concern. From the first telephone call booking her appointment, I felt like we were looked after to the highest standard. The optician explained everything that was going to happen, putting both me and my daughter at ease from the start. My little girl chose her glasses and could not wait to go and collect them once they were ready. I was really surprised at how quickly the process was and so glad as she was super happy with the ones she picked. I cannot recommend them highly enough… in fact, I will be ditching my opticians and going back when I’m due an eye test in the summer!”
Anna Woodhead – Rochdale – February 2020
“I tried my glasses on Tuesday at orchestra for the first time and they are brilliant. It was such a pleasure being able to see everything that I could actually concentrate on the music!”
Bart Naughton – Clarinetist – Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra – January 2020
“I went to Allegro Optical with a long complex list of requirements in my varifocals. The very thorough and detailed complete eye health check by Amy was explained, checked and double checked. Consultation & customised specification was done with an extreme amount of skill and expertise. Everything was covered in minute detail in a relaxed and professional manner. Sheryl is an absolute genius and gave me perfection. I just want to say an enormous THANK YOU to Amy, Sheryl & Josie. If you are thinking of visiting them, do not hesitate, you will not regret it. “
Derek Diamond Dac – Acoustic Roots Blues Performer & Golf Competitor – DiamondDac.Com – January 2020
“My musician’s glasses have been fantastic and I can’t believe its almost two years since I got them, when I looked back at the old correspondences! I’m still managing really well with the glasses and what a difference they have made!”
Michele Hickie – Bassoonist – Ilkley – January 2020
“After 5 months of trialling various pairs of contact lenses and varifocals from high street stores I was beginning to think that I was never going to get my problem sorted until I read the testimonials from the Allegro website. I instantly felt that at last there was an optician that understood my frustrations and had successfully helped a number of musicians in my position. I am delighted to say that Sheryl completely understood my difficulties and found the best solution for me to be able to play both at the stand and whilst marching. I am delighted with my new glasses and know it was worth the 3 hour round trip to get this personal service”
Lorraine – Clarinetist – South Humberside – January 2020
“Popped in to the Greenfield practice to see if they could fix my glasses as I didn’t want to have to drive into town. James fixed them very quickly for me and even gave them a clean and now they’re good as new! Will definitely be buying my next pair from here as the service is excellent.”
John Bramall – Saddleworth – December 2019
“Thank you for my new Sea2See glasses. I appreciate the effort you make with my glasses. Best service ever!”
Liz Ryan – On Song Choir – December 2019
“Thanks for the great service.”
Sonia Stott – Uppermill – December 2019
“Excellent, professional and friendly service. I now have contact lenses and glasses which are the best I’ve worn in 40+ years! I don’t usually do online reviews but I wanted to thank Sheryl and her team for their brilliant work and wish them all the best for the future.”
Sara Morrow – Almondbury – December 2019
“Absolutely amazing service! From walking through the door you’re greeted by the wonderful Josie and made to feel so at home! Amy was amazing, very professional and thorough during my eye test and further investigations. Sheryl was so lovely, helped me choose my perfect pair of glasses and gave the most thorough glasses fitting I’ve ever had! Perfect customer service, amazing professional and helpful staff. Would definitely recommend! Thank you ladies!”
Samantha Leigh Smith – Grotton – December 2019
“I was really nervous about getting glasses as I’ve never had them before but Allegro’s staff were really helpful and supported me to pick glasses which suite me and my personality. My coloured lenses are going to be a life saver at university and I was amazed to find I can read quicker with them than with the overlays I got at school. Even though I have only had them a few days the headaches I was experiencing when trying to focus have stopped. Amazing! “
Amber Powell – Royton – December 2019
“I went for my first eye test with Allegro this weekend. Had a lovely warm welcome from the team and I had my test with Amy. She is very professional and explained the procedures as we went along. After the test I chose my glasses with the assistance of Claire, Sheryl and James, we all agreed on the same pair 🙂 Thank you to the team at Allegro for making my visit a great experience. Highly recommended.”
Charlene Bradford – Uppermill – November 2019
“Thank you for the above and beyond service you provided”
Sue Rowell – Marsden – November 2019
“I attended Allegro Optical in Meltham with my husband in October, we both had eye tests. We received a very warm welcome from Josie. My test from Sara was thorough and very professional but also friendly. Director Sheryl’s help was invaluable in helping me choose the right colours and frames to suit my colouring and face shape – I’ve never had that anywhere else. I love my new glasses, they’re lightweight, comfortable and green!!! I’ll be picking my second pair soon and I know they’ll be great too. My husband is also very happy with his experience and his new glasses. “
Gail Chequer – Meltham – November 2019
“Many thanks for all your help with Zac’s sports glasses!!! They have made such a difference to his rugby “
Carol Jones – Ashton-under-Lyne – November 2019
“Simply put without Allegro Optical I would have had to stop playing. Two pairs of music glasses from a well known high street optician did not help. I was left  feeling as if the end of my playing had arrived I contacted Allegro Optical . The difference was enormous!  Nothing was too much trouble and they went that extra mile for me. Thank you Sheryl and all your staff for being so friendly, supportive and caring to both myself and my wife”
Graham Palmer – Trombonist – Marlborough Wiltshire – November 2019
“We visited Allegro opticians with our 4 year old boy Adam, who was scared to have his eyes tested. From the minute we entered the room the optician Sarah put Adam at ease and explained everything she was going to do before starting. After a thorough test Sarah asked us to come back again for further checks after having eye drops put in. At the second appointment Sarah advised that Adam needed glasses where he got to try different styles on and chose the ones he liked best & was measured for everything by Sheryl. Within a few days the glasses were ready & school life has improved for our son. We cannot thank Sheryl & her team enough for the excellent service provided and the efficiency of getting Adam’s eyes checked to glasses sorted in such a quick turnaround. Even his school were impressed. I would highly recommend Allegro to all after visiting many opticians throughout my life, I can certainly vouch for their service.”
Arif Khan – Royton – November 2019
“I visited Allegro Optical in the summer, not having had an eye test for over 2 years. After being comprehensively tested and realising that my eyes are getting worse with age, the Allegro team also tested my needs for reading glasses as well. As I was going on holiday the following week, after the wife had chosen the glasses she wanted me to have, Sheryl made sure they were sped through to allow me to take the prescription sunglasses on holiday with me. Following on from my experience, I then took my daughter and son for their eyes testing. This resulted in a new pair of glasses for my daughter. I found the whole experience very thorough and efficient. Sheryl’s knowledge of lenses and frames helped us to choose the right frames and colours quickly and painlessly. I wouldn’t dream of recommending anyone other than Allegro Optical to all my family and friends. I will certainly continue to use them going forward.”
Christian Slocombe BA(Hons) APFS – Meltham – October 2019
“I’ve visited Allegro for new glasses and also for contact lens care and I would highly recommend them, the staff are friendly and helpful and in particular, Gemma is a wonderful optician!”
Siobhan Adamson – Greenfield -October 2019
“Got my new glasses today, extremely pleased with both pairs. To all at the Greenfield practice thank you so much for the experience. Friendly and professional will recommend you to my friends.”
Helen Beckwith – Brockholes – October 2019
“I’m loving my musicians glasses! I was a bit skeptical at first having always had a single vision lens but the Allegro team took the time to carefully tailor my new prescription and lenses really well. The eye strain and headaches I was experiencing have completely gone and I can now see fine print and music much more clearly, highly recommended.”
Louise Crane – Soprano Cornet – Middleton Band – October 2019
“Outstanding service from start to finish. After struggling for years to see music clearly I can now see everything! This company will go to the end of the world and back to make sure you are happy.”
Richard Bottom – Violinist – Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra – October 2019
“Excellent, local, friendly service with an attention to detail. “
Kevin Costello – Greenfield – October 2019
“The staff, in particular Josie can’t do enough for you. They are all so lovely, go above and beyond. Life is so much easier, happier and kinder when people are so helpful both over the phone and face to face. No wonder you have won awards. Well deserved for a lovely local business. Thank you.”
Hayley Taylor – Meltham – October 2019
“Thank you to Sheryl and all the team”
Rita Palmer – Tenor Horn – Diggle BBand – October 2019
“Sheryl and her company are very thorough and the best around !”
Laura Betts – Meltham – October 2019
“I can’t recommend Sheryl and Allegro highly enough, made such a difference to my music reading and also my everyday vision”
Helen Williams – Flugelhorn Cory Band – October 2019
“I visited Allegro Optical through recommendation. I like that it is an independent practice and not a large chain. The minute my daughter and I walked in we were made to feel very relaxed and welcome. All the staff were very friendly, helpful and professional. The eye examination was very comprehensive using state of the art equipment. Thanks you to Sheryl and the team for such a pleasant and positive experience. We will be back year on year and would not hesitate to recommend Allegro Optical to anyone. “
Helena Coburn – Oldham – October 2019
“I just want to say thank-you so much for all the kindness that have shown to me. You have always explained things to me in a way that I can understand. Nothing has been too much trouble for you and I am really grateful to you all.”
Mrs C Woods – Meltham – October 2019
“The best optician I have visited in the 60 years I have worn specs…Thank you”
Liz Ryan – Meltham – September 2019
“I would like to thank all of you for your kindness, making a lovely welcoming atmosphere and topping it off with a lift home. What can I say! Thank You All.”
Carole and John Dyson – Meltham – September 2019
“Sheryl I will write again in due course but I just want you to know how THRILLED I am with all of my new glasses. My eyes feel very comfortable in the varifocals and later today I hope to have a long session at the piano to really test my (stunning) music glasses! Thank you again, Miss Genius! Muriel x”
Muriel Johnstone – Pianist and Composer – Perthshire – September 2019
“I would like to thank Sheryl and her team at Allegro Optical for their first-class service and prompt response. I booked an appointment for an eye test as I needed some prescription sunglasses for a forthcoming holiday. From the moment I contacted them I found them to be completely professional. After all the thorough eye tests were carried out, I was given all the information I needed to be able to order my new glasses from a good choice of frames and lenses. As I was going away in less than 2 weeks they expressed the order for me, and the glasses were ready in plenty of time. Once again many thanks to Sheryl and her team, I will have no hesitation in recommending them in the future. Many Thanks”
Paul Beadle – Middleton – September 2019
“Good Morning Allegro Optical From the first moment I met Sheryl and her team I was totally confident in their ability to improve my eyesight. The whole process from start to finish I received a first class and professional service and would recommend Sheryl and her team at Allegro Optical. Finally my sight is now fantastic. Thanks again and please feel free to tweet my quote. Mick”
Mick Kaye – Honley – August 2019
“My husband picked up my new glasses in the mail on Wednesday when we were not there when they tried to deliver them. The glasses are so much better than anything I’ve ever used before, thank you very much. I think I still have to move a little, but not as much as in previous pairs. I see the music of my students and my own desk much better, and they are definitely better than my old glasses. I was a little afraid to buy glasses online, but I am very satisfied with the quality of frames and glasses. Your customer service is second to none and I will definitely be using your business again. I already recommended you to several friends. Thank you for your help.”
Agnes Lefebvere – Cornemuse teacher – Paris – August 2019
“In recent years I had been having increasing difficulty focusing both on the music and the performers, whether wearing contact lenses or any of the different types of glasses I had tried and particularly in the poor light that you find in many concert halls. The problem was becoming increasingly distressing and starting to distract me from the music that should always be one’s only focus of attention in a concert. Thankfully, as soon as I found Allegro Optical on the Internet, a solution was close at hand. Sheryl and her colleagues instinctively understand what a musician requires from eye-care, which is so different to most other sorts of work. The glasses they have prescribed me not only provide clear vision in every field I need, but are comfortable and light and allow me to communicate directly with the musicians without obstacle. And every single person I met at Allegro Optical was extremely friendly and helpful which made the trip to Yorkshire a very pleasant experience as well as an invaluable one for my work. I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone experiencing similar problems.”
Michael Downes MA MPhil DPhil – Director of Music – University of St Andrews – August 2019
“New glasses from a top provider!! I’d recommend Allegro Optical Ltd to all glasses wearers musicians or not, their care and understanding goes above and beyond.”
Marcus Jones – Conductor and Tuba Player – Buxton – August 2019
“Excellent service. The only opticians that have been able to provide me with glasses that suit my needs. My Music glasses are perfect and having found that I’m not able to use varifocals Allegro Optical have made me one pair of music glasses for everyday glasses that I can wear all the time. Thank You!”
Mel Taylor – Nelson, Caerphilly – July 2019
“Caring,helpful and go the extra mile…my marching glasses are 100% great! Thank you again. :)”
Jean Henson – Derbyshire – July 2019
“We are all often quick to complain and slow to praise, but I feel delighted to acknowledge Allegro Optical and the incredible work you do. It’s felt like a revelation to discover your incredible service. Why are you such a secret? As a teacher and musician, I have been frustrated by the limitations of my previous varifocal spectacles when reading music and teaching. I have visited quite a few opticians who have all made big promises which they then failed to keep and I was always left disappointed and frustrated. I was so excited when I visited you on the recommendation of a friend, I was also surprised to find a beautiful piano in the opticians’ room. (Although it could do with tuning!) The “measuring up” for my new glasses was very thorough and like nothing I have experienced before. The care and attention to detail is astounding, Sheryl is so understanding and her experience and insight are much appreciated. Her knowledge of musicians vision is a breath of fresh air. It was so nice to talk to an optician who really understands my professions plight and doesn’t just think we only need to see the music stand. She also understood a great deal about organs, what a joy! I collected my new spectacles a couple of weeks later and tried them out playing at home, teaching and for a recital yesterday evening. I can honestly say you certainly live up to your claims. The clarity is incredible and my field of vision is just like it was when I was 21. I can’t thank you enough for giving me my eyes back. My new spectacles really do work, not only when I’m playing but teaching as well. Can I just add that the friendliness and warmth of all your staff also made a huge difference. I have already recommended Allegro Opticians, Sheryl and all your team and I will continue to do so to any friends and colleagues who are experiencing vision problems. Huge Thanks “
Andrew Smith – Music Teacher – Staffordshire – July 2019
“I have found that the graduation from one part of the lens to another really good, and in fact, I think that the upper area for my long distance is even clearer than my usual single lens glasses. This means that unfortunately, I can see conductors’ quite well! When sharing a desk, I’m finding them good for looking at both sides of a score, and I really like the fact that I can glance from one page to another without feeling too much like a robot! As for being able to see what the desk in front are writing in their parts, it rather depends on how heavily they write with a pencil, but I am coping and I’m pretty sure it’s better than before. It always feels slightly strange when I put them on, but I think my brain seems to adapt quite well. Also, I seem to be able to walk onto the stage wearing them without a problem. So, all in all Sheryl I’m very happy with the result. Thank you.”
Trevor Burley – Cellist – Oxford – July 2019
“Until I visited Allegro Optical and met Sheryl Doe, I had no idea that it was possible to cover all the different optical variants required as a musician who wore glasses. Now that I have glasses for all situations and distances it is a real treat to be able to see everything I need to, even the face of the conductor when he glares at me! “
Jeanne Henson – Baritone Player Burbage Band – July 2019
“Sometimes sh1t happens and Sheryl and her team have gone above and beyond to sort out issues created by Royal Mail. Highly recommended.”
Dean Pelling – Trumpeter, Cornet Player and Instrument Restorer – Kent – June 2019
“Michael and I are delighted with our new glasses and agree that they are so much better than anything either of us has had before. Nigel wasn’t wrong when he said Allegro Optical is unique, the whole experience has been most enjoyable. It has been so refreshing to finally meet an optician who really does understand what we need. Michael’s neck pain has almost gone and I can see the conductors again while still seeing the music. The new glasses are definitely better than my old glasses. Thank you for all your help.”
Susan Brown – Pianist – North Wales – June 2019
“I can’t fault this optician. Excellent service and a very thorough eye test. I opted to pay extra for the OCT scan and I am so glad I did. It resulted in me being referred to the hospital, as it picked up some thinning of my retina. I am now under the hospitals care. I returned to the shop a few days later and purchased some new varifocals. The choice of frames is excellent and there really is something for everyone. I chose a mid range frame and the new glasses are the best I’ve ever had. I can see why this optician has won so many awards, they really do provide comprehensive service. With a smile! If it’s bargain basement prices you want go to Costco, Specsavers or shop online and be prepared to get what you’ve paid for! If you want excellent service in a caring environment then I can’t recommend these guys enough.”
David Shaw – Denshaw – June 2019
“Fantastic service from start to finish, Sheryl and her team are excellent, would highly recommend.”
Gary Vere – Vere North Design and Print – Ashton Under Lyne – June 2019
“Thank you for your help in correcting my prescription. I can now read the music. I couldn’t have done the concert if it wasn’t for you.”
Linda Crisp – Violinist – Southampton – June 2019
“Very professional coupled with excellent service❗️
Ken Pearce – Greenfield – June 2019
“Just had a wonderful experience, I broke my glasses and they bent over backwards to help me out. Lovely ladies in the shop with great knowledge and lots of lovely frames in there too. Would highly recommend”
Jessica Garnham – Meltham – June 2019
“Top class service. Huge selection. Friendly and professional. I can highly recommend Allegro.”
Tom Wellings – Trombonist Oldham Band (Lees) – Holmfirth – May 2019
“I am delighted with my new glasses. For the first time I can stand on stage reading my music from different distances, walk around, dance, see my fellow band members and the audience with perfect clear vision. No more looking over the top of my glasses frames or wearing them halfway down my nose! I can’t thank Sheryl and Claire at Allegro enough. They totally understood my needs and provide an outstanding service. The choice of frames was vast and the advice given was first class. Thank You! “
Melanie Taylor – Saxophonist – Derbyshire – May 2019
“A belated BIG THANK YOU to the team at Allegro Optical in Greenfield for repairing my “no wrong note” glasses. After carelessly sitting on them on stage at Uppermill Civic Hall a week ago and popping out the lenses, the eagle-eyed James Brooks called me the following day to offer to repair them. I am now comfortably played “all the right notes” once more…..and “in the right order”. Thanks guys!”
John Whittle – Flugelhorn – Uppermill Brass Band – May 2019
“Came to the Greenfield shop for a sight test, and had a full contact lens check too. The level of service, advice and quality of customer care was excellent! Can’t wait to pick my glasses up next week and moving my contact lens supply over to them. Highly recommend, all the staff are lovely! Great addition to the village and highly recommend.”
Helen Dixon – Greenfield – May 2019
“I would like to express my sincere thanks following a recent with my Grandson. After struggling with his reading for some time I brought Jake for an eye test and colorimetry assessment. Following a very detailed eye examination, the Optometrist found Jake had a small prescription. Then using a sophisticated machine called an Intuitive Colorimeter she measured how Jake responded to reading under different colour conditions. She then went on to produce a full report and a prescription for the exact colour his lenses needed to be. Jake was measured to find exactly what size glasses frames he needed and the Dispensing Optician helped him chose some frames which he likes, fit him well and look great. The new glasses have made such a difference and Jake has benefited so much from the advice and the new tinted glasses. The difference is amazing; he now seems to find reading so much easier and more enjoyable. The whole team were caring and professional. Everyone went above and beyond to get him the help he needed and spectacles he wanted to wear. We all really appreciate all your efforts. Thank you so much”
Mike Oller – Brighouse – May 2019
“Quality of service outstanding! I had absolute confidence in the testing and prescription, using the latest technology combined with the experience of the optician. Would never go back to a ‘chain’ of opticians again! “
Helen Thornton – Huddersfield- April 2019
“First class service “
Vanda Charlesworth – Meltham – April 2019
“Fabulous selection of frames too…..I ❤️ my specs! “
Jean Caunce-Meltham – April 2019
“My daughter has had two visits now and both times the service compassion and understanding was outstanding. “
Sharon Price – Meltham – April 2019
“The best eye opticians I have ever taken my daughter to they are great with her also got my son and mum there now. “
Michele Brook – Meltham – April 2019
“Now I don’t need to choose between seeing the choir or seeing the music I can do both yeah!”
Emily Reaves-Bradley – Conductor and Singer – Honley – April 2019
“Faultless service from the first phone call.”
Google review – Meltham – April 2019
“My new glasses are great, it makes such a big difference when wearing them at Uppermill. No more looking over the top of my glasses at the conductor like a school teacher! I can’t wait to wear my new marching glasses on Whit Sunday and Whit Friday.“”
Katrina Woodward – Tenor Horn – Uppermill Band – April 2019
“On the way home over Saddleworth moor, I was amazed at the clarity of my vision, particularly the distance as you can see for miles and it was like the difference between a normal TV and HD. Back at work, the ease with which I can switch between different distances is fantastic, I can see everything clearly with no need to squint or adjust my eyes when changing. Sheryl and the team were very friendly, helpful and keen to solve my problem which they did, first time. “
Madeleine Hicks, – Paramedic – April 2019
“My daughter and I took my granddaughter to this optician for her first eye test. The staff were lovely and put her at easy very quickly. Excellent service, nice people and very professional and knowledgeable staff. We will certainly use again.”
Jessica Gregory – Saddleworth – March 2019
“To have a pair of glasses tailor-made for specifically reading music, as well as a separate pair for everyday use, is definitely a unique service to offer. Not only that though, the attention to detail, service and quality was also above and beyond anything I’ve previously received elsewhere. I now own two pairs of lovely glasses, and can keep my music readers in my instrument case at all times to make sure I don’t forget them!”
Laura Hirst – Cornet player – Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band – March 2019
“We took our two girls for sight tests last Saturday. Excellent service, very thorough and lovely people. We really feel like they are in very safe hands.”
Kylie Wandsworth – Saddleworth – February 2019
“I did my first band gig with the new glasses on Saturday, the glasses worked perfectly, most of the time it was like I wasn’t wearing any, fantastic! “
Adrian Davis – Tuba Player – The Burbage Band – February 2019
“I’d like to provide testimony for the excellent service I received in obtaining my new glasses. I was immediately put at ease at your premises in Meltham. The staff made me feel special and assisted me through the tests I had. You carefully explained the reason for my headaches. The service was swift and my glasses were delivered within a week, and they fit perfectly. I would recommend, without doubt the services provided by Allegro Optical.”
Kathryn Moore – New Mill – February 2019
“I collected my new spectacles today and I am very impressed. I was given a warm welcome by James who is a little intimidating but turns out to be a very likeable young man. The test was extremely thorough and Sara quickly put me at ease. Cheryl helped me choose my glasses and explained the different types of lenses I could have. I never knew there was so much choice! All the staff are very professional and certainly know their stuff. The result? Probably the best spectacles I’ve ever had and an extremely enjoyable experience. All for a very reasonable price. I wholeheartedly recommend Allegro Opticians to anyone wanting a local optician”
Mike Buckley – Saddleworth – February 2019
“Lovely ladies, great service, extremely helpful! Thankyou”
Samantha Chorlton – Meltham – February 2019
“I was really struggling to read captions on TV and especially the questions on my favourite show ‘The Chase’. I was not quite due for an eye test but Sheryl booked me in and sure enough, I needed new specs. I was able to collect them in less than 2 weeks so now stand a better chance of beating the chaser! My daughter and granddaughter were both struggling with new specs from a well-known chain of opticians and after tests at Allegro are now able to see without damaging their eyes or feeling dizzy. Thank you Sheryl and her team at Allegro from all of us.”
Pamela Murgatroyd – Meltham – February 2019
“Thank you to Allegro Optical for my new glasses. Due to time restrictions, I wasn’t able to spend time looking, but I sent them an image of what I liked and they found me identical ones. They went above and beyond for me and I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you to James Brooks and the rest of the team.”
Catherine Cordwell – Cornet player – Manchester – February 2019
“I booked in for an eye test after a recommendation from my daughter and was delighted with the service. The staff were warm and welcoming, Gemma made me feel relaxed and comfortable while doing my eye test. I was very pleased with the variety of glasses to choose from. Sheryl and James were a great help when it came to choosing what suited me and I absolutely love the ones I’ve got, thanks everyone!”
Carol Dunn – Littleborough – February 2019
“Being unable to concentrate at work, unable to focus on my monitor screens properly, tiredness and headaches. One trip to Allegro Optical cured all these problems for me. From the initial booking, right through to the delivery of my chosen glasses the team at Allegro Optical provided excellent customer service. The eye examination was in depth and I opted for the 3D eye scan. The scanner is an amazing piece of equipment and the results were explained to me in detail. When choosing my frames, I didn’t at any point feel rushed, trying on several pairs and designs. I finally decided on two pairs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Allegro Optical for anyone needing an eye test or glasses.”
James Bulley – Calder IT – January 2019
“What a little gem! I came to the open day and then my Mum and I got our new glasses here. The care and attention to detail have been exceptional. Sara carried out very thorough eye tests on us both and Sheryl was so patient and knowledgeable. She helped Mum and I chose some lovely glasses and explained all about the lenses. The glasses arrived very quickly and we are both delighted with them. Both Mum and I would happily recommend Allegro Opticians.”
Vicky Reed – Cellist – Saddleworth – January 2019
“I popped in for my eye test this morning, everyone was lovely and welcoming upon my arrival. Sara was great, made me feel very comfortable throughout my test. They have a wonderful array of choices when it came to picking my glasses. I can not recommend Allegro Optical enough, great attention to detail, a fantastic choice of frames and wonderful staff!”
Kayleigh Dunn – Littleborough – January 2019
“The testing procedure was to the highest standard with a number of different instruments to determine the strength of Angela’s eyes. Angela decided on two pairs of glasses which arrived in a week. I have no hesitation in recommending Sheryl to you all.”
Max Lambert – Rastrick – January 2019
““After recently changing instrument from Baritone to Bass, I found that it was almost impossible to see the full page of music with the varifocal glasses that I had. Mainly due to the restrictions imposed by the instrument. My new glasses give me a perfect view of the full page of music without having to move the instrument or music stand, whilst still being able to look up and see the Musical Director. All in all, I am extremely happy with my new glasses. My thanks go to Allegro optical for their patience and professionalism”.”
Brian Law – Tuba Player – Longridge Band – January 2019
“Many Thanks for all your help and kind attention in November – Contact Lens left eye. ” Sandra Hosker – Meltham – December 2018
“Just a short note to thank you for my recent eye test. Your service is excellent and attention to detail second to none. As a diabetic these tests are important and with Allegro I feel in the very best of hands. Whatever your circumstances you could not find a better optician and service, with peace of mind. I will continue to recommend you to whomever I come into contact with.”
Ian Wilkinson – East Morton – December 2018
“These specs are amazing, I feel like I’ve got my old eyes back! No problems so far and good comments on the frames too!! Thank you so much – you’re great at what you do”
Joanne Neville – CPS Estate Agents – Meltham – December 2018
“I just wanted to write a few lines about a colleague’s recent visit and purchase of new glasses from Allegro Optical Opticians in Meltham. I recommended your services to him as he was experiencing some problems with his eyesight. We often talk about lack of customer service these days, due to shopping online. But he said, when he visited Allegro Optical, from the minute he walked through the door the atmosphere was happy and relaxed. From the eye test, through to selection, measuring and ordering were very professional indeed and the team were very knowledgeable. His prescription is, to say the least, very tricky, but was executed perfectly. Thank you, Sheryl and your wonderful team for looking after him. I always recommend Allegro Optical as you always go that extra mile and the journey is always first class. “
Stuart Moore – Dixon & Franks – Honley – December 2018
“To be able to see my music in both seated and standing solo positions, not to mention seeing the conductor and to be able to interact with the audience is priceless. I had begun to think that all of the above would never be an option but Allegro have worked so hard to help overcome my particular problems I cannot thank you enough. We’re in the recording studio this evening so that will be the real test as I’ll be in band seats and on a solo mic for some of the time. I don’t envisage any problems to be honest.”
Helen Williams – Flugelhorn Cory Band – November 2018
“It’s easy to get lost when you can’t see the map, now I can read the map and see the world at the same time, it’s a joy. Service was wonderful too, Thank you Allegro”
Amy Gault – Splat Training – Todmorden – November 2018
“I would like to personally thank Sheryl and her team for a fantastic customer experience, from going into the store to collection of glasses, first class professional service. Thankyou very very much !!!!!”
Mark Beaurain – Meltham – November 2018
“I just felt that I had to write to you to thank you for introducing me to Vocational Lenses. As you know I do a lot of paper crafting, cards and the like. Having a separate pair of glasses with Vocational Lenses has helped enormously with this hobby and, indeed with any close and short distance work, so much so that I have expanded my interests into painting and have my first exhibition exposure in Hebden Bridge in November. Thank you for helping me cope with this new interest which gives me so much pleasure. I will have no hesitation in recommending Vocational Lenses and your practice to friends and relations. “
Diane Whitehouse – Sowerby Bridge – October 2018
“Anyone wanting a reliable, friendly service need look no further. I’ve been using opticians over 40 years and Allegro and Sheryl are light years ahead of the rest. I am in France and Sheryl received my broken glasses by post after giving me instant email advice. She then posted them back once repaired. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Sue Ribbons. Excellent service. I recommend you to everyone and Hubby will be sent ( or brought) when necessary. “
Susan Ribbons – France – October 2018
“Having heard about your excellent customer service, I was not disappointed when I attended for an eye test and then purchased new glasses, which meant that I was no longer a danger to other motorists (or at least not due to my deteriorating eyesight). After a very thorough eye test had been performed, you and your staff spent a fair amount of time with me trying a number of pairs of glasses before I made my choice. I was not rushed in any way. When I took delivery of my new glasses, I was very happy with them and most importantly the fact that I could now see properly, having spent a number of weeks squinting at my computer screen. The level of service provided by Allegro Optical is exceptional and I would not hesitate to recommend your business to friends, colleagues and clients.”
John Burnett – Ison Harrison Solicitors – Huddersfield – September 2018
“I just felt I had to email you all to let you know that the new contact lenses and both pairs of glasses supplied by you are amazing and they have changed my life. My back and neck pain has reduced significantly and my quality of life has improved immensely. Now I can drive, teach and read music. I can see around the classroom with ease and my confidence and self-esteem have improved greatly. I now can’t imagine living my life without my contact lenses and glasses. Thank You so much.”
Gary Collins – Music Teacher – September 2018
“The challenge as I get older is having the ability to be able to read the music and see the conductor clearly. The spectacles from Allegro Opticians allow me to do that so I can concentrate on music-making.”
Adrian Bird – Bass Trombonist – Leyland Band – September 2018
“I wanted to write and say thank you for sorting out my new glasses, especially because I know they weren’t straightforward. My new tinted lenses match the colour that I need to help with my dyslexia and reduce the glare which causes me lots of headaches if it’s not done just right. It can be daunting going to a new optician when your eyesight isn’t fantastic, so thank you for the warm and friendly welcome. I will happily recommend Allegro Optical to all my friends and contacts. “
Alex Crellin – New Mill, Holmfirth – September 2018
“I took my daughter in to get her eyes tested a few days ago and we have just collected her two new pairs of glasses. Normal ones and sunglasses, both free and she is so pleased with them. The service was excellent, Sarah who tested her eyes was brilliant and very thorough. Julia helped her choose her new glasses and was really good with her. Cheryl has just fitted them and spent time checking that they were ok for her. The glasses took just 4 days to arrive and the whole experience has been exceptional. I highly recommend Allegro Opticians.”
Tracy Hirst – Honley – August 2018
“Great attention to detail and customer service. Fabulous choice of frames to suit all budgets.”
Claire Curran – Meltham – August 2018
“At last he [Mr Steve Moss] can look at text and not screw his face up to achieve this! The team and Sheryl Doe are so good- and patient! Thank you so much! “
Mrs Helen Moss – Skelmanthorpe -August 2018
“I would like to say a huge “thank you” to you and your team and Steve who made my dreaded visit to the opticians a very pleasant experience indeed. You all made me very welcome and put me at ease straight away. Claire the Optician was extremely patient and kind and did not rush at all. In fact, we spent 15 minutes talking about turtles! Normally an eye test I just want to escape but I certainly didn’t on this occasion. I was offered a nice cup of tea and we had a discussion about the type of spectacles I would like. You were all very patient when it came to the choosing of spectacles. It took me nearly an hour to decide which pair! The service was first class and I would not hesitate in recommending you in the future. In fact, all my family now have their eyes tested at Allegro! Thank you so much for such a pleasant Saturday morning. “
Jane Iveson – Barkisland – August 2018
“Lovely people and without a doubt, the best I’ve seen in 10 years.”
Douglas Swanson – Holmfirth – July 2018
“I have had my new glasses and sunglasses for a couple of months now and I am writing to say how delighted I am not only with the glasses but with the excellent service and advice I received at your practice. You recommended a style and colour of glasses for my face shape and colouring which as you know were very different to what I have had before. You were of course right and I have had numerous compliments on them. I have already recommended Allegro to my friends and will continue to do so. I am pleased to support such an excellent local business.”
Bev Bennell – Holmfirth – July 2018
“I have just taken my daughter to collect her new glasses from Allegro. What exceptional service, the staff are so friendly and nothing is too much trouble. She also got a free pair of prescription sunglasses. The last opticians I went to charged me £25 for glasses that should have been free and then tried to charge me again when they broke. Her spectacles were free and she got a free pair of sunglasses too. I will be moving my whole family to Allegro Optical. They really are the best opticians I have ever been too. Thank you so much Allegro Opticians.”
Jessica Jared – Meltham – July 2018
“The boys and I have received a fantastic service. The optician was brilliant with the boys (under 8s) when doing their eye tests. She took time to explain things to them, listen to them and work with what they were comfortable with whilst ensuring they had a ‘good’ test. We had lots of support choosing all our frames and lenses, there was plenty of choice and different to what I’ve seen elsewhere. There were some great offers on, the new glasses all came in quickly and we’ve been offered ongoing support with their fit. The staff were friendly and helpful and let us take the time we needed to ensure things were right for us.”
Jo Hilton-Jones – Meltham – July 2018
“Allegro Optical have been fantastic. They explained my vision problems in laymen’s terms so that I could understand and my migraines have vastly reduced in frequency. I can’t thank you all enough.”
Sally Mitchell – Soprano Opera Singer – July 2018
“It’s very nice to be able to see what I’m doing when setting the smallest of screws in our flutes and our customers appreciate it too!”
Alistair Hanson – Hansons Instruments – Marsden – July 2018
“My husband and I would like to express our sincere thanks for the professional, friendly and first class service that we received from Sheryl and her team. Our spectacles are perfect and I will be ordering prescription sunglasses very soon!”
Stephanie and Alan Maxwell – Aspatria – June 2018
“Having collected my glasses a few weeks ago now, I just felt that I had to put pen to paper, well type an email to be exact! Having worn glasses all my life, I have had a great many eye tests and I have to say that Sheryl and Sara are the best opticians I have ever been to. For the first time ever my lenses were correct, my vision crystal clear and my new glasses didn’t cause me to have any headaches. I have been so impressed by the very thorough eye examination, the attention to detail and Sheryl’s patience whilst I was choosing my frames and sunglasses. The whole customer service is second to none and the experience has been a real pleasure. I recommend Allegro Optical to everyone, who wants to have right lenses and really comfortable, good looking glasses. Without it costing a fortune too! My advice to others is not to waste their time and money going elsewhere. Chose Allegro Optical because your eyes are worth the professional touch. Thank you so much, I will certainly be back again next year, “
John Turner – Meltham – June 2018
“Uncertainty with your vision is just as serious as a mechanical failure with your instrument. That moment of indecision increases performance pressure, leads to mistakes and stops you giving your best. All sorted now thanks to Allegro. Crystal clear vision even in a gloomy opera pit!”
Shaun Hooke – Principal Trumpet of the RTE Concert Orchestra – Dublin – June 2018
“Nothing is too much trouble for Allegro Optical, called in today for my glasses adjusting, sorted straight away with a smile. Thank you. “
Tracey Toothill – Honley – June 2018
“Within our industry its easy for our eyes to become strained. We teamed up with Allegro Optical and provided all of our employees with a free eye health check and glasses if needed. If you’re in search some new specs then pay them a visit! “
AFP Digital – Morley – June 2018
“A great result and such an improvement as I can see all my music immediately now. I would not hesitate to recommend Allegro Optical to anyone. Their service was so thorough, even playing their piano in the consultation room and my violin to check complicated distances, positions and heights. An interesting, friendly and genuine experience. Thank you all.”
Jane Collins – Violinist Huddersfield Philharmonic – Meltham – June 2018
“I recently visited Allegro Opticians in Meltham, Holmfirth, where I was greeted with a very friendly and genuine welcome. I received a very thorough and professional eye test. All the staff were all very attentive and helpful, not at all pushy. I chose a lovely pair of British made spectacles from a wide range of frames. I collected my new glasses just a few days later and my vision is now crystal clear. The best it’s ever been! I have been so impressed by all the team at Allegro Optical Opticians and I would recommend them to everyone. Excellent service, Excellent Products, amazing prices and lovely people. I will certainly be using them again. Allegro are by far the best opticians in Meltham.”
Jane Palmer – Reviewed on Google – June 2018
“Just picked up 2 new pairs of glasses from Allegro Optical and I love them! I am delighted that my new hemp glasses fit with my own personal brand and looks – sustainable, UK made, durable, ethical and even pretty fashionable! The Allegro team are helpful and friendly – from my eye test to choosing the right frames for me, to fitting my new frames. Thank you, Sheryl and the team! “
Sophie Bebb – Fair and Funky – May 2018
“At last, I can see the conductor, music and the indices on the timps-all with the same glasses”
Cheryl Bratkowski – Timpanist – Harrogate – May 2018
“It’s brilliant to be able, finally, to concentrate on playing the music rather than worrying about seeing it –or not seeing it!.”
Nicky Woods – Cellist and Pianist – Harrogate – May 2018
“Thank you so much for looking after my two boys and myself so well. Contact lenses and glasses for me and two pairs of glasses each for the boys. You are all so friendly, coming to Allegro Isn’t like going to the Opticians it’s like visiting friends.”
Lianne Williams – Meltham – May 2018
“Thank you Allegro Optical for looking after Thor this afternoon. One four year old and an eye test can never be an easy thing. I will recommend you to everyone very impressed. “
Steve Burgon – Meltham – May 2018
“I Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional service that you provided to my partner when she came for an eye test. She had used an online optician to order her glasses previously and after your service will never use them again. You were very informative about her vision. She was worried as driving at night had become a really big issue, but after speaking to your staff, she has fewer problems with this and a lot less migraines. Her new glasses fit properly and she loves them. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to friends and family as the service Sally received was second to none.”
Darren Thompson – Eco Safe Electrical – Lockwood – May 2018
“First trip to the optician for the wee man today. The Allegro Optical team were amazing and very patient. Thankfully he was very well behaved too”
Nyree Hughes – Marsden – April 2018
“Thank you so much for looking after my Mum so well. I brought her to your opticians on the recommendation of a friend. You were all so kind and gentle with her, we were so impressed. Now all the family will be coming to you. “
Michelle Haigh – Huddersfield – April 2018
“My new glasses arrived safely and so far so good – I’m really pleased with them – everything is really clear and crisp. I was slightly nervous about having specialist glasses prescribed remotely but the whole process was very thorough from your end and easy from mine and the results are superb. Excellent – thank you!”
Charlotte Reynolds-Cellist Oakhampton – April 2018
“I am writing to thank you once again for having me for work experience. I had such an amazing time and I am missing you all. Thanks to you I now have a keen interest in the optical industry and would like to pursue a career in it.”
Niamh Curran – Holmfirth High School – March 2018
“They say that failing eyesight is a sign of old age, which can’t be correct in my case! But when needs must, I went to see Sheryl for an eye test. She offered a very professional, friendly service and was extremely helpful when choosing my glasses. She even went the extra mile by opening up the shop when I had lost my sunglasses so that I could purchase a pair for a wedding I was going to that day. I would not hesitate to recommend Allegro Optical to friends and family members. “
Keith Davidson – BMR Kirkburton – March 2018
“A big thank you to everyone at Allegro Optical. It suddenly dawned on me a few weeks ago that I was getting old when I had to ask my daughter to read the small print on some cooking instructions. I realised I needed to make an appointment for my eyes testing. The experience at Allegro Optical was great, from the moment I walked through the door, to the friendly and informative service with regards to my eye test and then when choosing glasses. Thank you to all the staff, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Allegro Optical to anyone and everyone in the future. The personal touch is much appreciated.”
Lisa Hewitt – Huddersfield Community Trust – March 2018
“Thank you so very much, my glasses are fab. Thank you to your company for all your help these last 2 visits. I will certainly use Allegro Optical in the future.”
S Edwards – Lepton – March 2018
“Dear Eye Lady I was a little bit scared when my Daddy said he was taking me to get my eyes tested, but it turned out to be good fun! A very nice lady got me to look at some pictures, but I was a bit sad when she said I did not need to wear glasses like my Daddy. I have to go back to look at some more pictures in six months time. So maybe then. I will tell everyone at Pre-School that they should get their eyes tested at your Eye Shop and my Daddy will tell all the grown-ups he knows too. “
Lots of Love Jack aged 3¾ – Huddersfield – March 2018
“I’ve just collected and tried my new sports glasses and I’m over the moon. I’ve never seen as clear “
Les Mee – Rochdale – March 2018
“Highly recommended. We have been so pleased with the service and care we have received. We’re really glad to have such good opticians open up in Meltham. We needed one. Now we don’t have to travel to Huddersfield. Good prices, free second pair, huge choice and lovely people. Even a free cup of tea, served in a bone China cup with a delicious biscuit.”
A Lockwood – Meltham – March 2018
“Just a quick note to say thank you for the service you and your delightful staff provided when I recently came for an eye test. Subsequently, you provided new prescription lenses to my existing frames which were ordered on line using the then current lenses (how do you do that?) and they were fitted the week after my test at your shop in ten minutes. Having in previous years attended a major high street retailer where I spent longer waiting than it took you to do the job at price more competitive than I had expected, I was really impressed. It was great to receive professional service from a company that delivers a great product, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family.”
Brian Whitehouse – Triangle, Sowerby Bridge – February 2018
“Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into getting my music glasses just right. I have been using them most days this week in different music environments. The outcome is that I can read both my music and  the conductor is crystal clear all the time…..a miracle!”
Michele Hickie – Bassoonist- Ilkley – February 2018
“The new lenses have really helped make the music clearer on the page and are of immense benefit when the lighting is poor. I am very pleased with them. “
Markus Van Horn – Professional Double Bassist – February 2018
“Dear Sheryl, I had the pleasure of booking my husband, Tony, in for an eye test yesterday – his first eye test since he was 21! It’s taken me ages to persuade him to go. He found a very warm welcome, a professional approach and he was reassured by the thoroughness of the eye test. He was very impressed with your expert knowledge of his vintage glasses. I will continue to recommend Allegro Optical to all my friend, family and business contacts.”
Debbie Crellin – Crellin Consulting – February 2018
“Although I need to, I do not like wearing spectacles as I have never found a pair that I can wear comfortably. That is, until I paid a visit to Allegro Optical who recommended a pair of rimless glasses – so I bought a pair. I have put pen to paper because I want everyone to know that I feel liberated! They are so light that I do not know that I am wearing them at all. BRILLIANT. I will not hesitate to recommend Allegro Optical Opticians to others. Many Thanks to you and your professional staff. Keep up the good work “
Mike Oller – Carpet Clearance Centre – Lockwood – January 2018
“Thanks to all the guys at Allegro for looking after my son Ben today, it made such difference to him being looked after by such dedicated staff. “
Claire Bolland – Meltham – January 2018
“I hate having to wear glasses, however, my new glasses are vastly better than anything my usual optician had been able to make for me. “
Ruth Ker – Professional Musician – Double Bass / Keyboards – Harrogate – January 2018
“Just a short note to acknowledge my complete satisfaction with the service I received. From booking my appointment with Josie, who I have known for a number of years from her previous employment; along with the rest of the reception team. You sent a text confirming my appointment, along with a pre-test questionnaire. Sheryl you have shown excellent professional care and expertise as a dispensing optician, along with first class aftercare. Which I can confirm is genuine and not just empty words. Last, but certainly not least, the person who completes your team, Claire, your optometrist, with whom I was highly delightes. Claire’s approach was very professional and through, her communication is concise and to the point, but friendly and amicable; In my opinion she is an asset which completes the team. “
Keith Beever – Meltham – January 2018
“Excellent service, walked in to make an appointment & luckily was able to be seen straight away with very friendly, thorough and efficient staff. Great pricing and a lovely selection of frames. I have two pairs on order and will definitely be back for all my optical needs!”
Jennifer Louise Hayes – Meltham – January 2018
“Just a quick note to say thank you for the great service and hospitality you showed me recently at your practice in Meltham. From the start of the eye test through to the completed prescription of glasses you showed patience, knowledge and expertise. You treated a minor eye infection and recommended a new pair of glasses which I am delighted with. I look forward to visiting your practice again and will recommend your service to others. Best Regards”
John Polley – John Polley Brand Communications – December 2017
“Dear Sheryl, I said I’d let you know how things were going with the new glasses, now that I’ve done a couple more concerts in different situations. I’ve carried on using the new glasses for all my practising and most of my teaching. On 7th November I did a series of concerts and workshops on period instruments in Birkenhead School, playing a Vivaldi flute concerto and the last movement of Bach Brandenburg 5 to various different age groups, plus conducting a baroque woodwind session. It was a very long day but it all went fine, I felt comfortable looking up from my music when playing in the ensemble, conducting was easier when I could see both the music and the players equally comfortably, and when I did a baroque flute demonstration as part of a study session for the A level and GCSE students (in a large chapel), I was able to see the students in the audience easily without having to take my glasses off! Last Saturday I played for a choral concert in Newcastle (JS and CPE Bach Magnificats), again on baroque flute. I think my eyes were tired by the performance, after driving there and rehearsing, because I felt I was swimming a bit, but I’ve got so used to wearing the new glasses now that I didn’t worry too much about it and just tried to remain focused (in every way!) and didn’t misread anything. My vision of the conductor was better than for many years – it’s only now that I realise how fuzzy conductors have been for a long time! I thought that I might have trouble refocusing when looking down at the music again after looking at the conductor, but actually I think that aspect is easier than it was when I was using single vision middle distance lenses. In the past, I think when I looked at the conductor my eyes would try and focus even though it was fuzzy, so when I looked down at the music again they would have to readjust. Now the situation is a lot better than I ever thought it would be. Best wishes, Edwina. “
Edwina Smith – Flautist – York – November 2017
“Just threaded a tiny needle unaided, first time in years! Great glasses!”
M Mellor – Meltham – November 2017
“I recently used the services of Allegro Optical for my 2 yearly eye test after they had been recommended to me by a work colleague. Immediately on arrival I was made to feel very welcome by all the staff they were very friendly and made you feel at ease straight away. The eye test conducted was very thorough and afterwards, I was very confident that they had done their utmost to check my eyesight health and answer any questions that I had, nothing was too much trouble. Afterwards, I spent quite a long time selecting my new glasses there was a huge range to choose from and I felt Sheryl was really helpful and assisted in my choice. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience and I did not feel hurried or rushed at all, everyone spent time making sure I was happy. I will definitely be recommending Allegro to my friends and family and anyone who is anxious about having their eyes checked as there is nothing to worry about you are in good hands. Keep up the excellent service. “
Ruth Senior – Flockton, Wakefield. November 2017
“I am so pleased with my new glasses. They allow me to see music over three sheets on the stand perfectly well and I can look up and see the conductor. I am able to drive in them and I can see to read. They are so much better than my old varifocals and my old degressive lenses. I can now concentrate on my playing rather than trying to concentrate on seeing.”
Angelo Bearpark – Geneva Instruments Performing Artist, Development & Promotional Consultant – October 2017
“I would like to express my thanks to the whole team. Allegro Optical have supplied spectacles for both my wife and I and their service is customer centred and professional. Stephen Haigh was the ophthalmic optician who took good care of us testing our eyes, while Sheryl dispensed our spectacles. Since Allegro Opticians opened in Meltham they have become a valued new presence within our village. I am only too happy to give my full endorsement to Allegro and recommend them for all optical requirements. “
Anthony Bolland – Meltham – October 2017
“I am comfortable wearing my new pair of glasses that allow me to see 100% vision around the house, reading piano music and seeing fellow musicians. I don’t wear them for driving like you said, but I am sure I could. Thank you so much for all your help. I am now confident to play new music at first sight. Thank you. “
Neoko Kochiya – Pianist – Nagoya – September 2017
“From the moment I walked into Allegro Optical, I knew I would be dealt with efficiently and professionally. The shop itself is well equipped whilst retaining a reassuring intimacy, and all the staff are welcoming and friendly. Sheryl was very thorough and asked all the right questions regarding my specific vision issues. When I received my new glasses, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the frames – they’re as light as a feather! I was less concerned with the cosmetic appearance of my glasses but I acknowledge that they are very discreet. After experiencing some difficulty focusing on my printed sheet music, both at home and in my performance work, I returned to Sheryl. After some discussion, she decided on a solution to my problems. I have now tested my new glasses in both rehearsal and concert situations and I am delighted with the results. No more stooping down to focus on the dots and then lifting my head to see the conductor. After 2 years of wearing badly fitting frames in order to compensate for my specific issues, I can feel my confidence returning. I would highly recommend a visit to Allegro Optical to any musician seeking a solution to their vision problems. Sheryl and her team will do everything they can to help.”
Rhian Evans – Harpist – September 2017
“I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service I received at Allegro Optical recently. I am getting to that age when I need to regularly review my contact lens prescription because small print is becoming increasingly difficult to read. Following a contact lens malfunction, I found myself unable to read something in a public forum. This prompted me to contact Shery; who booked me in the next day.. My eyes were tested and I was given some new contact lenses to trial. I was also given various payment options to suit what I needed. Although my previous optician couldn’t be faulted for keeping a check on my prescription and eye health, it was a large organisation and I saw a different practitioner each time. In addition to this my cheapest option was to pay by direct debit and receive a monthly supply. However, this meant I received too many solutions, which was a huge waste. With Allegro Optical, I believe customers get a truly personal service. You and your staff listened to what the customer wants and look for the best possible solution. I would highly recommend you to family and friends.”
Karen Goode – Yorkshire Education Service – September 2017
“Having switched to Allegro from my previous optician, I have to say the service was even better. I’ve just picked up my glasses with new lenses and they really make a difference. Service is excellent from the eye examination to choosing the frames and all the excellent surroundings. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Allegro for all your optical needs. Thanks again”
Ian Wilkinson (Director of Clearview Group Ltd) August 2017
“Just a brief note to thank you for your all round great customer service. I had to admit that I had left it too long since my last eye test and both long and short vision were starting to suffer… it creeps up on you! In particular, I was having to raise my glasses to see small print. After my eye test, we discussed the lenses I would need for both lifestyle and work, for which you recommended having a larger varifocal lens, but I protested that would mean heavier lenses and frames. Which when you wear glasses virtually all day can get very irritating. However, you were able to source an ultra light frame and the latest thin lens technology, which seemed to completely fit my requirements… Result! Your special half price offer also made it possible and affordable to have a second spare pair made to the latest specification. On placing the order you promised it would be two weeks to receiving my order. Ten days later I was a fully fitted and satisfied customer. In addition, the super light frame/lens combination means I can now look down with confidence, only a fellow varifocal lens wearer will appreciate this fully! Thank you again, I shall be recommending you and Allegro Optical to anyone that will listen!”
Ken Pearce – Linthwaite- August 2017
“It was such a joy to come to an optician that understood my needs as a viola player. As a musician, I have enough things to bring along to rehearsals – without remembering additional glasses! I can now use the same glasses for playing as for driving, work, gardening, yoga and canvassing!”
Gillian Charters – Viola player – Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra – July 2017
“The sunglasses are brill! Had them on for driving. “
Ruth Haas Eckersley – Cornet Player – Diggle Brass Band – Championship section – July 2017
“Friendly team who helped me and my mum who were confused to which frames to get, talked us through each style and frames, making the process easy “
Adelay Codner – July 2017
“Huge thank you to Allegro Optical for your help sorting my contact lenses and finding me some lovely new glasses! Will be recommending you!”
Samantha McCormick – Co-Founder of Curel Wellbeing, Freelance Dance Artist, ENB & NSCD – July 2017
“I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service I received when visiting Allegro Optical in Meltham recently. It was time to get my eyes tested and new glasses sorted. The whole experience was excellent from the eye test to choosing frames and beyond. I chose two pairs of glasses. One to carry around with me and one to leave at home. Once I’d started to use my new glasses Sheryl checked to make sure I was managing with my new glasses. Having explained that the ones I took out with me were fine, but I wasn’t getting on so well the the ones I had at home. Sheryl asked me to call back into Allegro Optical so she could check the glasses position ect. Sheryl re-adjusted where they rested and I’ve not had any issues with the glasses since. Excellent customer service and after care. Thank you Sheryl & team. I’m delighted, thrilled with my new glasses and will continue to recommend you to our friends, family and business contacts.”
Janet Bebb – Managing Director – Social Progress, Honley – July 2017
“Before I left a review I wanted to try my new glasses at rehearsals. I am so happy to say they performed brilliantly. I was wearing Zeiss varifocals which didn’t work for playing at all as the part of the lens where my music stand is was much too narrow. My previous optician had said this was the only solution. It was very expensive and far from satisfactory. I came to Allegro Opticians on recommendation and I have been so pleased. The test was very thorough and my glasses are excellent. You pointed out that varifocals were not the answer to my problems and took a lot of time designing my new musical lenses. I didn’t buy my glasses on the day but took my prescription and shopped around. Nearly all the opticians I visited said I should have varifocals except one who said I needed two pairs, one a varifocal and a second pair with office lenses. That was extortionate. Thanks to you I have a lovely pair of glasses which I can see to drive and play in. I also have a lovely pair of sunglasses which were free. I doubted your claims as all other opticians told me it wasn’t possible. Well, it seems you have done the impossible. I can now carry on playing, which to me is a very important thing. Thank you so much.”
Maria Jones – Baritone player – Brockholes – July 2017
“I would like to say a big thankyou to the team at Meltham. My eldest broke both her pairs of glasses and my original opticians was closed so we came to you and you were very friendly helpful and sorted out a new pair within a few days. Also did swimming goggles within a day fantastic service thankyou my girls love coming to see you”
Annette Flooks – Meltham – July 2017
“Dear Sheryl Having reached the point at which my arms could not stretch any further, it was time to get my eyes tested. Allegro offered a very smooth service and even reminded me to attend by text! The eye test was hassle free, quick and efficient. The premises itself are very comfortable and beautifully decorated. Sheryl was extremely patient in my fussiness to find the perfect “look” and allowed me to try on a tonne of frames. One week later, glasses ready, collected and fitted! Great service and highly recommended. Yours gratefully Annabelle Hill”
Annabelle Hill – Smart PA – June 2017
“Just had my first app with Allegro and couldn’t be more pleased, great service, lovely people and fitted to suit my needs perfectly, thank you all :-)”
Lynne Moxon – Marsden – June 2017
“Having collected and used both pairs of new spectacles I was surprised how little time it took me to get used to them. I collected the specs and played a concert the next day. As I was sight-reading it was even more important that I could read the music quickly and without it taking too much time for me to focus. The only problem I had that day was the sunlight as the concert was outside and I have since ordered some prescription sunglasses too. I feel more relaxed playing now in general as the complication of struggling to see the music clearly has been resolved. The only issue is that I cannot blame my sight anymore for the wrong notes I play……..”
Ruth Haas Eckersley – Cornet Player – Diggle Brass Band – Championship section – June 2017
“Eye Exam for my little boy who has an existing eye condition. Top Notch service. Very knowledgeable, very thorough, friendly and helpful. Will be returning for an eye exam myself. “
Helen Byram – Buzz Safety -Holmfirth – June 2017
“Thank you. A visit to the opticians often makes me feel anxious, but I think I may have found the perfect solution. It is Allegro Optical, in Meltham. When I first entered your shop I felt very welcome. I love the modern comfortable surroundings. There are fabulous displays featuring a variety of frames, there must be something to suit everyone. The staff are all friendly, welcoming and very professional. The sight testing room is not at all clinical and has comfy chairs, modern equipment and a very calming decor. I always find choosing frames both difficult and time-consuming, but your dispensing optician put me at ease and we chatted over a cup of coffee. She asked me about my daily activities, the colours I liked to wear and my style choices. Then, hey presto, she produced some frames that instantly suited me. She even found a glitzy, stylish frame as a second free pair, to wear in the evenings. We discussed what lenses would suit my needs and lifestyle, settling on photochromic varifocals in one pair and clear varifocals in the second pair. The dispensing optician explained all about the lens coatings she could offer and how they would benefit me. When my spectacles arrived I was both excited and delighted. I put them on and didn’t take them off. They fit perfectly and the lenses provide quality, clear vision at any distance in any light. The frames are light, well made and were very reasonably priced. The whole experience from beginning to end was smooth and efficient demonstrating what professional, skilled professionals you are. A visit to Allegro Optical will provide individual attention ensuring that your spectacles meet your specific needs. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone, and indeed I have done. Why would I want to go anywhere else now that I have found you? Many thanks to you all at Allegro Optical. Yours Sincerely”
Mrs Lupton-King – June 2017
“I would just like to say a big thank you for the help and advice that you gave me recently when I visited Allegro Optical to choose my new spectacles. As well as my normal glasses I also chose a pair of prescription sunglasses, in the short time that I have had them they have proved invaluable, especially when driving. As a result of the service and advice I received from you, I will in the future have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and business contacts. “
John Goode – John Goode Electrical – June 2017
“I had the pleasure of visiting Allegro Optical for the first time yesterday and found a very warm welcome and a professional approach. My eye test went smoothly, I was quickly put at my ease and care was taken to ensure the eye test was thorough. The service was excellent and very good value for money. I won’t hesitate to recommend Allegro Optical to all my friends, family and business contacts. Best wishes”
Debbie Crellin – Crellin Consulting – June 2017
“I am utterly delighted, I’ve just collected my new specs. Everything is crystal clear, prices really reasonable, and I got a free second pair. Allegro Optical are the best Opticians in Meltham by far.”
Aoibhe Johansen – Holmfirth – May 2017
“Hi Sheryl I hope you’re well. I’ve been meaning to drop you an email to tell you how I got on last weekend with the marching glasses. They worked a treat. They took a bit to get used to. Seeing the ground and around me was fine. Seeing the music was also fine. Seeing straight ahead was an issue…obviously…. Mainly cause they work the opposite way round to my everyday varifocals. The walking also was fine but the tooting at the same time was an experience I’d forgotten. It was a 5 mile march so quite challenging for my first time in nearly 30 years. By the end I’d got most of the short notes sorted but the long notes were a challenge. Who knew you could bend a note 2 tones up and down without even trying just by walking at the same time…..lol. There’s a knack to this that needs practice…..I got many tips on the day. I appreciated the good ground view as we had to dodge round horse poo as well…..which often looked like they’d been fed curry beforehand too. Always a treat……. 🙂 Durham Miners gala next. Thanks so much for your help with this; it’s really made a difference to the experience. Marie “
Marie Bedford, Solo Horn, Emley Brass Band – May 2017
“New glasses are fab-u-lous and more right notes too.”
Simeon Yates – Clarinetist – The Band of The Yorkshire Regiment-May 2017
“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent professional advice and service which I received from you. In terms of expertise and experience, You simply knew exactly what was required for me, explained your reasoning clearly and logically, and made me aware of so many eyesight-related issues I had not even considered before. It was a pleasure to be attended to by you, and my sister, who I was delighted to refer to her, shares my views. All good wishes Tim Mellors”
Tim Mellors, LCF Law, Harrogate – May 2017
““I have been wearing my new spectacles since I got them. I have worn them for: • Cutting tiny wedges to fit mortices in the rehairing of cello bows • Teaching, from a single music stand, as well as sideways on from a stand placed in front of the pupil. • Reading piano music to accompany pupils. • Attending a String Quartet concert at Leeds College of Music and being able to see clearly. The biggest surprise is that I no longer have to take the specs off for close work. It’s all looking fantastic. Thanks again, for helping me and the service has been exceptional.” Fiona. “
Fiona Mayo BA(Hons) Dip Mus, LRSM, LTCL, Cellist and Cello teacher – April 2017
“Friendly, professional and with such a varied choice of frames that were so reasonably priced, why would you need to go anywhere else. We were so impressed with the choice and service! Thank you”
Helen Ashcroft – Purple Dog – April 2017
“I have got my glasses from Sheryl for years and I have always received superb service. The range of frames is extremely varied and Sheryl is just great at finding glasses that fit and suit me, even though I have a fairly high prescription. Sheryl always provides a very helpful, friendly, efficient and professional service. I have recommended Sheryl to numerous friends and will continue to do so. “
Sam Alcock, ‎Managing Director of Custard Online Marketing, – January 2017
“I have been delighted with the expert advice and specialist dispensing provided by Sheryl. I am now able to see the conductor and the music properly, and this has made such a difference to my ‘life’ as a professional organist and musician. “I was only thinking about the difference the spectacles have made last weekend when I was playing at Winchester Cathedral”. The glasses work a treat! I heartily recommend Sheryl to fellow musicians and performers.”
Prof David Baker PhD. – Mytholmroyd – January 2017
“Sheryl, I collected my new glasses on Tuesday and I am amazed at the difference they have made. I can see the music on my stand and exactly as you promised I can see our conductor. I have, to be honest, a little part of me doubted your claims as so many opticians in the past have promised to fix my vision and failed, but you have been true to your word. I want to compliment you on your skill, knowledge and professionalism. I will most certainly be singing your praises, pardon the pun. Many Thanks Tony M”
Antony Martin, Holmfirth – October 2016
“The service and our glasses have been first class, you even delivered them to our home. It is so nice to find someone who is as professional as you, and who puts in so much effort. My husband and I always went to a certain 241 chain before but you have converted us. From now on we will always ring up to see Sheryl and buy our glasses from you.”
Marion Marsden – Linthwaite – September 2016
“Sheryl is a highly motivated professional, widely respected by all those who work with her and know her. Sheryl’s focus on customer satisfaction, developing and maintaining professional relationships is excellent. She is extremely professional and passionate in all her undertakings, conscientious, hardworking, thoroughly reliable and timely. She is also painstaking in her attention to detail for all her client’s requirements. Sheryl’s communication skills and presentations are excellent. She interacts well with people both professionally and socially. Her confident and friendly manner together with her sense of humour, encourage huge respect and loyalty from all who engage with her. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Sheryl”
Steve Heywood, Lead Trumpet with Sounds Tijuana, – March 2016
“I would like to thank Sheryl Doe for the amazing service she has provided, from the professional consultation to the glasses themselves. When I lost my glasses I telephoned Sheryl and even though she was on holiday she arranged for me to get a replacement pair ASAP. I have no hesitation in recommending Sheryl to all my family, friends and work contacts. Thanks again Sheryl”
Mark Peacock – August 2015
“I would like to thank you for the enjoyable experience I have just been through when having my eyes tested. In the past, I have used Opticians, but I now realise the difference between a high street national brand and a specialist independent opticians…. its all about service. I was greeted with a smile and cheery hello, offered a coffee then I was personally talked through a couple of forms that needed completing as a new client. The test began ”on time” and there were no delays or long waits. The optometrist was very professional, he even put me through a few tests that I’d not done before – I was very impressed. When choosing my glasses frames and lenses I was given excellent advice, even when telling me that the reason I needed multiple focus lenses was due to “being of a certain age” The whole visit was much more pleasant than I have experienced before and well worth the trip. I certainly won’t hesitate to tell my friends, family and fellow players all about you. “
Andrew Toothill, Euphonium and Bass player – August 2015
“I just wanted to pass on my utmost thanks for the beautiful spectacles which I collected this morning. They are quite simply marvellous in every way; light, elegant, and make such a difference. Thank you for all the effort you have put in on this, it is greatly appreciated and I think we have ended up with something quite exceptional. best wishes”
Dr Gregory – October 2014