Allegro Optical Opticians, Helping Charlotte See The Music Remotely

Allegro Optical Opticians in Meltham are now helping musicians see the music remotely

Charlotte Reynolds is a Cellist who lives in Oakhampton in Devon. She contacted us through our website after she purchased a pair of “glasses for music” from her optician. She told us that she had an increasing problem being able to focus on and read music. Particularly in the case of fast and densely written parts. Charlotte plays both chamber music and symphonic. She wondered if there was any way we could help her. Either by recommending an optician nearer to her home who also specialises in optical solutions for musicians. Or if not, maybe we could help, via long distance.

She explained that she had been dispensed with a pair of bifocal spectacles from her opticians. These were intended to provide a focus for her music stand distance and the conductor but she found it was still blurry and not clearly focused.

We explained that we didn’t know of any other musician’s specialist opticians in the UK. From that point, a dialogue began between us to find a solution that could be dispensed over the internet.

The perfect solution for seeing the music

After a few e-mails were exchanged, including some selfies and after measuring Charlotte’s working distances, we found a solution. We also went through facial and frame measurements by way of selfies, to ensure that the new glasses would be perfect.


Our solution was to dispense our performer’s lenses, with a compensated prescription to allow Charlotte to see the music on the stand clearly. But still maintaining a crisp view of the conductor. We left a small area of near vision to allow her to notate her manuscript if needed.

When the glasses had been made up and we were satisfied with the prescription and the quality of the job we posted them to Charlotte. We contacted her with the tracking number for the parcel and she received them the next day. Charlotte said “My new glasses arrived safely and so far so good – I’m really pleased with them – everything is really clear and crisp. I was slightly nervous about having specialist glasses prescribed remotely but the whole process was very thorough from your end and easy from mine and the results are superb. Excellent – thank you”

Why do musicians struggle to see the music

Due to changes in the structure of the crystalline lens and stiffening of the ocular muscles many musicians experience focusing problems later on in their careers.  Many struggle to focus on all the different distances required of their profession and are unaware that there is a solution to the problem. Many optometrists or opticians suggest either varifocals, which often exacerbate the problems due to the narrow corridor. Or they recommend bifocals or occupational lenses neither of which are very satisfactory.

How can Allegro Optical help?

At Allegro Optical Opticians we understand the many visual requirements placed on musicians. As a result we prescribe a selection of lenses designed and dispensed specifically to suit their needs. Creating a solution especially for the client, providing a perfect optical solution. We understand the variety of dispensing challenges that practitioners may face when a musician presents in practice, but as musicians ourselves we are able to meet their individual needs perfectly.

If you are a musician who has problems seeing the music give us a call at Allegro Optical Opticians on 01484 907090 for advice or to book a consultation.

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