Big & Tall, that sounds like me! Sean Tighe talks about his new glasses.


Big & Tall glasses, that’s exactly what it says on the case!

My Dad (Stephen Tighe) likes to joke with his audiences about me being a big Wigan fan, especially where my team is less popular. It always leads to a collective boo, particularly in Yorkshire.  He goes on to say that Wigan’s famous for two things: rugby league and pies; and, if you saw me, you know I like both.  Funny, but also very true.

Wigan RFC

Now being a big lad has its advantages on the rugby pitch, or sitting behind a tuba, but when it comes to glasses, it can be a bit of a nightmare.

Whether it is a hat or glasses, I’ve always struggled to find something that will fit my big head.  I would often have to settle for frames that were just ugly.  But worse than that, I have had opticians sell me frames that do not fit: frames that pinched and left marks; frames I was relieved to take off at the end of the day. In fact, I would find excuses not to wear my glasses if I could.   

The Data speaks for itself                       

Data from the NHS indicates that 1 in 6 men who visit an optician require a larger spectacle frame than what they’re currently wearing.  That’s the equivalent of 163 in every 1000 male patients wearing frames that are too small.  I reckon if you did a survey of tuba players it would probably be 1 in 2.

This is where Big & Tall Eyewear helps guys like me.  Big & Tall provide a range of larger frames to suit men who have a wider face, larger pupillary distance, and who require a larger temple length.  There is no longer any need to sacrifice style or comfort.  And most importantly, there’s a wide selection of styles and colours.  Now I no longer have to settle for whatever will fit.  I get to choose!  It feels so good to have the option to go for a frame that’s actually on-trend.

Fitting like a glove

Big & Tall craft their glasses frames with wider eye and bridge sizes, in perfect proportions and with longer temples.  Regular-sized frames often feel tight, confining, and uncomfortable on people like me.  Big & Tall glasses fit comfortably and securely without pressure.  Lightweight materials, spring hinges, and silicone nose pads all make wearing glasses are a far more pleasant experience.

Sean Tighe - Corporate Sales

This is my first pair of frames from Big & Tall Eyewear and I am so happy with them.  They fit perfectly.  And I no longer have to worry or be self-conscious about how I look.  This big and tall fella is happy with both the fit and the look of his new glasses.  I look smart and I am comfortable for the first time in years.

Thanks Big & Tall Eyewear!

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