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‘Zoom’ calls for a fresh look – A guest blog by Nyree Hughes

With so many of us now working from home, swapping the office for virtual meetings delivered from the dining table. While we may all secretly be wearing yoga pants and slippers, (not just me, right?) From the desk up, we still need to look the part, and with that in mind, we should also be taking care of our peepers, especially with all this extra screen time.  So, post lockdown no 1. I visited Sheryl and her team, I had shamefully not had my eyes tested in three years, and while I didn’t care to admit it, my eyesight had deteriorated, and my frames needed an upgrade too. Despite the fear of going anywhere in case coronavirus was lurking and ready to pounce, I braved it and was put at ease by the measures put in place at Allegro Optical. All the staff are wearing PPE and surgical scrubs, which they boil wash every evening. The entire team wear masks, visors, gloves and aprons, while the optometrists “Gown Up” to perform the actual eye test. The Ozone generators are very discreet, but it is very comforting to hear them switching on and off, cleaning and sanitising the air at regular intervals. The team has implemented additional safety and cleaning measures. Every touchpoint is sanitised, including frames after every customer. Staff note this down in a cleaning log as they go along. There is also a strict social distancing procedure in place, along with protective screens and segregated areas marked with tape. 

My eye test

All the eye test appointments are now a little longer to allow for thorough cleaning of consulting rooms after each visit. But the other difference I noticed was the 3D OCT machine which helps Amy and her fellow optometrists to view the health of my eyes in greater detail. The device allows her to see what’s going on beneath the surface of my retina, which she can’t with a photo or her scope. Amy explained this view in easy to understand terms; basically,  the retina is a bit like a sandwich, with lots of layers.    With traditional retinal photography Amy can see the top of the “sandwich”, “the bread”, but the 3D image produced from an OCT scan slices the “sandwich” in half and turns it on its side so she can see all the layers inside. Using this machine, Amy and her colleagues can then map out and measure the thickness of each of my retinas layers to get an even more precise idea of my eye health. 3D OCT scans can help to detect sight-threatening eye conditions earlier. Glaucoma can be detected up to four years earlier.  Thankfully I have a very healthy retinal, and all the layers are perfect. 

Finding my perfect look

After my eye test, I got on with the inspiring task of choosing a frame, and it was a difficult job because there was so much choice! What I love about Sheryl is not only her enthusiasm but her knack to seek out the right frame for my face shape and my complexion too. She’s also very good at nudging me just a little out of my comfort zone, to take the plunge and go for something a little bit special! Before choosing any frames, Sheryl measured me in great detail, my head width, bridge and nose splay! I didn’t even know that was a thing? She then analysed my skin tones, colours and face shape and then we were off, and the fun began. We looked at what my “colours” were, apparently my colour palette is a combination of clear and deep. This means I can wear light and dark colours together or even two dark shades. Sheryl said dark colours work well for me, especially if they have a sheen. I’d never thought about any of this when choosing glasses in the past. It was fabulous to be able to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and have frames brought to me, which were perfect for my colouring, face shape and personality. It was like a real pamper session.

Making a virtual statement 

I’m a fan of statement eyewear.  I wouldn’t describe myself as being at Pru Leith levels just yet, but something a little different from the norm is right up my street. Thanks to Sheryl and her team at Allegro Optical I’ve found my new favourite frames in Caron Eyewear. They scream style and elegance and make a statement without being ‘in your face.’  Caron Eyewear’s debut collection strikes a balance between femininity and strength. Not only are the frames comfortable to wear, but they are also chic, timeless, with a clear emphasis on detail. And they fit perfectly.  I’m now a very proud wearer of Caron’s Look Fabulous in black and gold.  These frames bring the cat-eye style bang up to date in a dreamy combination of acetate and metal. I have had so many compliments about my glasses since I collected them and I am enjoying wearing them. They fit like a glove and allow me to express the real me with confidence and a smile.   

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