Make up artist Amber visited Allegro Optical opticians in Greenfield, Saddleworth

Dad recommended Amber visit Allegro Optical opticians in Greenfield, Saddleworth

We first saw Amber in October 2019 after her Dad recommended that she visit Allegro Optical opticians in Greenfield, Saddleworth. Amber currently works as a makeup artist providing Beauty & Makeup For Every Occasion. Either working on location or from Limited Edition Hair and Beauty Salon in Oldham, Amber had been using a green overlay supplied by her school to alleviate the symptoms of visual stress for some time.

In 2020 Amber will be going to university to study DNA and genetic diseases. For convenience she had been looking to have all her books printed on green paper, but doing this looked costly and wasn’t an ideal situation. Amber’s overlays can only be placed over written text and she would only feel the benefit of her coloured pages.  Coloured spectacles will provide a tint for all tasks, such as reading the white board, using a computer and writing.  

A logical process

First we tested Amber’s vision. Optometrist Sara Ackroyd conducted a full eye examination and found Amber to be mildly long-sighted. Amber also has a small astigmatism which benefited from correction.  Sara then carried out a Wilkins Rate of Reading Test, using Amber’s overlay and without her overlay to assess the extent of her visual stress. Amber’s initial unaided Rate of Reading was 52 words per minute and 64 words per minute with her overlay. 

Visual Stress is a form of perceptual processing disorders that causes reading difficulties. It can cause visual problems and headaches from exposure to patterns in text, such as lines of text. Visual Stress can be linked to dyslexia and similar visual learning difficulties. Sufferers often experience print distortion and fatigue when reading.

Why coloured lenses

There is a much wider choice of colours available through colorimetry. A specific tint may be selected, improving performance further. The colorimetry assessment is done using an instrument called the Intuitive Colorimeter. This allows the optometrist to specify the correct hue, transmission and saturation of the lens colour. Several studies have shown that sometimes the colour has to be very specific to work. Therefore precision tinted spectacles often work far better than overlays.

After the Colorimetry assessment, using the chosen lens colour Amber’s Rate of Reading increased to 72. Not only is she now able to read more fluently, she is also able to express her ideas on paper more easily too.

The spectacles

Following all the tests Amber met with Dispensing Optician Claire Atkinson.  Claire helped her to choose a frame that would suit her facial features and fit well. Amber chose a frame from the Spanish clothing design house Mango as it fitted her well and complemented her features and colouring. It also worked really well with the lens colour.

Makeup artist Amber Powel buy her glasses from the musicians optician Allegro OpticalAmber collected her new glasses a couple of weeks later. We caught up with her a short while after and asked her how she was getting along with them. Amber was very enthusiastic and  said; “I was really nervous about getting glasses as I’ve never had them before but Allegro’s staff were really helpful and supported me to pick glasses which suite me and my personality. My coloured lenses are going to be a life saver at university and I was amazed to find I can read quicker with them than with the overlays I got at school. Even though I have only had them a few days the headaches I was experiencing when trying to focus have stopped. Amazing!”

Visual Stress & Colorimetry Clinics

Visual Stress and Colorimetry Clinics are now available at both our Greenfield and Meltham practices.

Please note: This is a private service and therefore is not covered under the NHS Optical Scheme. If you would like an information pack, or to book a visual stress assessment, call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090 or complete our contact form and we will be happy to help.