Emily is singing Opticians praises in Greenfield and Meltham

The Musicians’ Optician, helping Emily see the music and more

As Opticians go you wouldn’t expect to find a world leader in Greenfield or Meltham. But that is exactly how it is since Allegro Optical began to dominate the field of musicians eye care. Conducting a choir can seem like an overwhelming responsibility. When all eyes are on you, but you can’t see your score, cues or reminders.  What should be an enjoyable experience becomes quite traumatic when you’re struggling to see the music. This was the reality for Choir Master Emily Reaves-Bradley before she visited Allegro Optical in Greenfield, Saddleworth. Emily discovered the musicians’ optician on the recommendation of a friend. Emily was having problems seeing her score while conducting the choirs she works with and she was becoming increasingly frustrated with her current spectacles.

A passion for music

Emily is an extremely well-qualified solo performer and Music Director. She has been the M.D. of Honley Ladies Choir for over sixteen years. Emily leads the rehearsal of the recently launched Honley Girls Choir and the “On Song Parkinsons Choir” which aims to make music and memories for Parkinson’s sufferers and their families. Music is a huge part of Emily’s life and she certainly wasn’t going to let a vision problem get in her way of continuing to enjoy her passion. Following an initial consultation in Greenfield, during which we tested Emily’s vision, examined her eyes and designed some lenses to correct her vision at the music stand while still allowing her to see the members of her choirs. On collecting her glasses in Meltham, Holmfirth Emily was impressed with the clarity and field of view offered by her new glasses. When asked about her new spectacles she said: “Now I don’t need to choose between seeing the choir or seeing the music I can do both yeah!”

Why “The Musician’s Optician”?

At Allegro Optical we provide specialist consultations for all performers and musicians. Visit our practices in Greenfield, in the heart of the beautiful Saddleworth countryside and Meltham located on the edge of the Peak District in Holmfirth. As musicians ourselves, we’re able to ask the right questions and interpret the answers to create a truly unique spectacles. Using our combined optical and musical skills we are able to address and resolve the many visual problems encountered by conductors, musicians and performers. Allegro Optical specialises in all aspects of musician’s vision correction to return and enhance musicians playing pleasure and performance experience.  The team has over 150 combined years’ experience in the optics and entertainment industry. Whether you want advice or a practical solution call Allegro Optical in Greenfield on 01457 353100  or Meltham on 01484 907090 or visit https://www.allegrooptical.co.uk

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