Eyecare Hits The Right Note, by Abigayle Doe

Eyecare is tuned into the customer’s needs

It’s been a big year so far for Allegro Optical, the musician’s optician. Not only did our Sheryl manage to get through to the final three for the Dispensing Optician of the Year Award at the National Opticians Awards back in April. She also won the National Best New Business, Entrepreneur of the Year Award in June, for her work in the field of musicians eye care.

July proved to be just as notable with the business celebrating its one-thousandth customer. Customer one thousand was none other than the Trombonist Jeremy Lewis from the Uppermill Band. Jeremy visited us at Allegro Optical on the recommendation of his wife Lesley Lewis, Uppermill Band’s Assistant Principal Cornet. This is quite apt as Allegro Optical are also known as “The Musicians’ Optician” because of our specialism in this field.

When asked how Allegro Optical has managed to acquire so many customers so quickly. Sheryl Doe co-founder and Joint managing director said: “It’s the personal touch, we take more time with our customers and they enjoy spending time with us.”  

Sheryl believes it’s all down to the outstanding personal service. Many clients who visit comment that Allegro Optical has a real family feel. Sheryl’s two daughters, me included, her daughter in law, her son and Steve’s son all work for the company. Sheryl said; “We aim to make every customer’s experience a positive one and treat everyone like family.”

The Musician’s Optician

Jeremy collected his new glasses last week and commented how clear his vision is. Jeremy chose two pairs of glasses, one pair having Allegro Optical’s bespoke musician’s lenses, adapted to include his distance prescription.  The second pair were fitted with Allegro’s unique Incessu lenses. developed especially for marching and playing from a lyre. He is now recommending Allegro Optical’s services to his fellow bands-people.


But it’s not just our fantastic choice of frames and brilliant service that makes Allegro Optical stand out. “We offer a lot of services other opticians don’t,” adds Sheryl. “We not only specialise in helping musicians, we also we have a wide range of contact lenses. Many dancers and performers use our specialist contact lenses.  We can even help those who have been previously told that they can’t wear lenses. We also offer hearing care with free hearing tests and visual dyslexia testing for children and adults.”

Meet the team

The Meltham team includes three Optometrists;  Claire Wightman from Barnsley, Sara Ackroyd from Uppermill and Stephen Haigh from Almondbury. Dispensing Opticians Sheryl and Abigayle Doe and Hearing Care professional Jenny Beever. They are supported by experienced receptionists Josie Dawson, Jill Barrowclough and Niamh Curran. Xanthe Doe looks after the administration and e-commerce. Although she can sometimes be found in store and is a source of fantastic fashion advice. This amazing team is well placed to give customers the best service in Meltham and beyond.

A trip to the opticians is uneventful for most, but for some, it’s life-changing. “What we all love about our job is making people happy,” says co-founder and Managing Director Stephen Tighe. Himself a former professional musician and well know Brass Band conductor. “The other day we fitted some glasses for an elderly concert organist. He’d never been really happy with glasses before, but when he put them on, his face was a picture. He then turned and said: ‘Wow I can see!’.”

What a year!

Over the last fifteen months, Allegro Optical has become well known for helping musicians. But there has been a quiet revolution happening in Meltham, as hundreds of new clients have beaten a path to our door. In fact, over 1000 new customers and counting.

Furthermore, our range of frames are not just the usual high street brands. We try to stock as many British brands as possible. Including the low impact sustainable eyewear brand, Hemp Eyewear which is handmade in Edinburgh.

If you are looking for well-known brands, there’s Silhouette, Coco Song and Jaguar, which is proving particularly popular, with our gentlemen. 

Allegro Optical is designed to be a user-friendly experience that allows anyone to have their eyes tested and buy spectacles in comfort. While still offering fantastic value for money and of course that free second pair.  So what are you waiting for? For eyecare you can trust, Allegro Optical is a must. Call 01484 907090 to book your individual consultation.

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