Image is everything

Image is everything or is it?

We know that most people want to look their best. Some people seem to be able to always look like they’ve just stepped out of the salon or off the catwalk. They project effortless style. Colour can have a huge impact on how we look and feel. It also affects how others perceive us. When we get it right, it can completely transform our look. Colour is a wonderful tool for giving you an instant boost. Wearing colours that complement your natural colouring can make you look more vibrant, younger and healthier. But what if you don’t know what colour suits you? What if you’re confused by what colours to wear?  Well, help is at hand. Join colour and style consultant, Catherine Maloney for a relaxed and sociable evening. You will learn how to dress for summer in a way that flatters your shape, proportions and importantly, your colour palette. Allegro Optical and Scona have joined forces to deliver a wonderful evening of style and fashion advice in a relaxing, friendly and supportive environment in the Greenfield Centre on Thursday 4th July, starting at 7:30 pm. Enjoy some fizz and nibbles whilst listening as Catherine and The National Dispensing Optician of the Year 2019, Sheryl Doe, talk about summers ultimate accessory. . . Sunglasses! It’s certainly true that the addition of a pair of sunglasses to your look gives you an undeniably cool edge – but how do you go about finding the perfect pair for you? With a plethora of shapes, shades and sizes to choose from, Catherine and Sheryl will share their guide to choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape to make your next sunglasses purchase your savviest yet.

Sheryl will discuss the differing sunglass styles;

Covering traditional Wayfarers, Clubmaster, retro round eyes, classic Aviators and the oh so sexy cats eyes. What is the best colour sunglass lens tint for your holiday destination? What to do if you have a high optical prescription?

Catherine will talk about;

Defining Your Face Shape. Do you have a round, square, oval, heart or rectangular face shape?. Proportions – How to create the illusion of being perfectly proportioned. How to accentuate your best bits and camouflage those you’re not quite so proud of. The benefits of Colour.  Whatever your face shape, think about the colour you choose for your sunglasses. As your glasses are worn on your face it is vital they’re in a shade that perfectly complements your colour characteristics. Places are limited so if you would like to come along please call us on 01457 353100

It’s ME Awareness week

M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is a term that is frequently used interchangeably or in conjunction with the term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It is a condition

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