Intelligent photochromic polarised prescription sunglass lenses

More than just sunglasses

Some of us have now already enjoyed our summer holiday.  Others are preparing to go and prescription sunglasses can be found in some luggage. Some people on the other hand prefer to wear photochromic lenses all year round. This is to give their eyes sun protection whenever, wherever needed. However, one of the most common complaints from photochromic  lens users is that they are either too light or too dark at the wrong times. Prescription sunglass wearers have vastly different needs from those who wear off the shelf non prescription sunglasses. For example the prescription lenses adaptability and performance is much more important. Prescription sunglass wearers simply do not have an option to remove their sunglasses when lighting conditions change. That is why it is so important for the lenses are comfortable in all situations. Traditionally prescription photochromic lenses were only available with non polarising finishes. Wearers had to choose between colour changing lenses or permanently dark polarising lenses.  But things have changed. Combining state-of-the art photochromic performance and the award-winning NuPolar polarisation technology. NuPolar Infinite Grey addresses a very important aspect of adaptability for ophthalmic lens users of corrective sun lenses.

The Dragonfly

Like the dragonfly, NuPolar® is the true ruler of its domain. As the market leader in prescription polarised lenses, NuPolar consistently outperforms other polarised prescription lenses for the very best visual experience. Setting the benchmark for stringent optical performance, polarised film technology and colour consistency NuPolar is lenses are way ahead of their competition.  NuPolar® Infinite Grey™ offers the widest possible range of light transmittance while maintaining 99% polarisation efficiency, therefore not compromising the blocking of blinding glare. NuPolar Infinite Grey is now available with a wide selection of free form progressive and single vision lenses. NuPolar Infinite Grey lenses offer a greater range of light transmission while still controlling glare.  Lightest state – 35% Transmittance  Darkest State – 9% Transmittance   NuPolar grey lenses are also available in all our designer sunglasses including the beautiful Revlon Range which is in store now. If you would like to try out Infinite Polar Grey Polarised lenses now call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 9007090 

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