It’s time to show your true colours

Show your true colours

Things have been rather busy at Allegro Optical over the last few months. Hence our low profile on the blog front. The team have all been working hard helping many clients, old and new. Despite COVID19, we’ve been having a very productive time. We have also been dispensing lots of gorgeous glasses. So many in fact we’ve had to bring in a lot of new brands.

The UK spectacle frames market has, for a long time, been very boring, dominated by “designer” brands, 80% of which are manufactured by one large conglomerate and mass-produced in China. In comparison, the European market has celebrated colour for many a year. The Europeans have featured fantastic shapes and a ‘look at me attitude to wearing wonderful specs’ which many Brits have only been able to look on in admiration from afar.

Well, things are changing on both sides of Saddleworth moor as we are determined to bring something more into Saddleworth life and allow you to show your true colours!

It’s time for something new

It’s no secret that the Allegro Optical team love quality and something a little quirky. Some of our new brands tick just those boxes. LA MATTA frames are no exception. Featuring animal prints and bold colours inspired by the wild La Matta Eyewear express the personality and allure of the modern woman. With intriguing hues and lots of personality, LA MATTA frames are an explosion of colour and detail. 

La Matta is more than a frame: it is an accessory with which the modern stylish woman can express herself. The frames exude feminine power and female charm. New shapes with decorative elements and semi-precious stones showcase LA MATTA’S vibrant colours. 

La Matta’s latest advertising campaign image is dedicated to a very powerful, feminine and resourceful queen, Nefertiti! We are loving the new collection which is just perfect for a self-confident woman who loves details that are unique in their kind! 


Don’t be a wallflower, it’s time to bloom

As opticians, we often wonder why sometimes clients want to spend so much money on something they don’t want others to notice, and often scrimp on that first impression?  Many ladies spend a fortune on footwear but they often forget the first thing people see is our face.  Memorable glasses are a great way to express yourself, show off your own unique features.  Some clients have traditionally spent a large amount on accessories such as shoes, jewellery and handbags, some even collect them,  yet eyewear seems to be considered, by many, as merely a functional device. Well, things have changed.

While nobody particularly wants to be reminded that their eyesight is failing. However, eyewear can frequently be the very thing which helps them celebrate their individual style. The perfect glasses can transform a person, create a memorable first impression and build confidence. Now we can all flaunt our personal style

We care about your eyecare and your eyewear

So when you visit Allegro Optical Opticians you can not only be sure that you will receive first-class eye care. If you would like to try our unique range of eyewear call, Greenfield, on 01457 353100 or Meltham on  01484 907090

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