Josie talks about how to deal with “Face Mask Fog”

Allegro Optical's Josie taking emergency calls

Are you fogging up?

COVID 19 has brought with it a fair number of challenges, plenty of new rules and regulations, endless cleaning and a whole new fashion in face masks. Since we were all advised to wear a mask when shopping, many of us have experienced a new phenomenon. Myself included, it’s known in our practice as “Face Mask Fog” and occurs when warm breath escapes the mask causing spectacle lenses to fog up. 

Fogged-up glasses lenses are a real issue for many spectacle wearers and many of us are very familiar with the experience of the change from cold to warm environments, drinking hot drinks, boiling water or opening the dishwasher, jogging and other sports leading to the fogging of our spectacle lenses.

Josie asks how do you stop you face mask fogging up

What to do?

I started thinking about this new inconvenience and decided to ask our Dispensing Opticians, who are lens experts, for some tips to prevent “Face Mask Fog”. Here is what Abi, Claire and Sheryl advise;

  • Abi says “Always make sure your face mask fits well. A well-fitting mask allows less air to escape and helps to reduce fogging.  Make sure that the mask sits well on your nose and that it fits your face”. Abi recommends a mask that is reinforced with a wire that helps to mould the fabric around the nose. If you sew your mask yourself, you can use a piece of copper or binding wire.
  • Claire suggests using anti-fog sprays or cloths to help prevent spectacle lenses from fogging up.  Simply spray the glasses lens, then wipe off with a soft microfibre cloth before going shopping.
  • Sheryl prefers something a little more old school. “Simple soap and water work well, She said. “Lather the face soap and apply a small amount to the front and back of the lenses and clean with a circular motion covering the lenses with the lather. Rinse under a warm tap and dry with a microfiber or flannel cloth. Doing this creates a layer that helps to prevent your lenses from fogging up. Josie asks how do you stop you face mask fogging up

Our Optometrists had something to add too;

Sara prefers to wear a vented NK95 respirator as it fits tightly and isn’t too claustrophobic, making breathing easier and reducing the escape of warm breath.

Amy on the other hand usually opts for a surgical mask and seals it around her nose with her glasses. Of course, we all use our clear lip-reading masks when necessary, so be sure to let us know if you are hard of hearing.

Josie asks how do you stop you face mask fogging up

A word from our customers;

One of our customers, who is a nurse, suggests using shaving foam. Rub your lenses with shaving foam on both sides. Carefully rinse the shaving foam with warm water. Dry with a microfibre cloth and your glasses or visor won’t fog up, even when you wear a face mask!

Apparently, this trick works on bathroom mirrors too!

Trying all these tips should help to solve the problem of foggy glasses and make wearing a face mask a more comfortable experience. Having addressed that little conundrum I will now go and wash my hands, again!  Stay safe, keep well and we’ll all get through this together.

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