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Glasses have long been at the forefront of fashion and it seems as if nothing will change, with transparent funky designs and retro spectacles being among the most popular. Frequently worn out of necessity, our number one accessory has seen a surge in popularity and many people now wear them out of choice.

It’s Personal

Everyone is an individual, and we like to get to know our clients. We never inflict our tastes on you, as a consultation at Allegro Optical is all about you. Our dispensing opticians get to know what you like, we ask about your hobbies and interests. We also ask about your lifestyle to find the very best glasses for you. 

You will be asked about what colours you like to wear and feel good in. We also ask where you like to shop, if you like tailoring or vintage fashion? If you do, you’ll probably be drawn to elegant understated or vintage fashion. Something like a round eye or classic cats eye design. If boho is more your thing we think you’ll adore our more daring styles in soft pastels or translucent colours. Whatever your style we will try to help you to see and look your best .

Colour is King

Glasses are the only item of clothing we wear every single day of our lives, so make a statement about yourself with them. Too often people try to choose glasses which will go with everything, making a compromise from the very start. 

We advise all our clients to choose frames which go with their colouring. We look at skin tones, hair and eye colour.  Choosing a frame colour that compliments your natural colours is a good way to make the best of your facial features. 

Colour and style analysis at Allegro Optical Saddleworth's and Holmfirth's only multi-award winning optician

Shaping Up

Many of us have a feature we aren’t so keen on. Maybe it’s a long nose or a round face, some of us feel we have fat cheeks or those of us hate our double chins or thin lips. We all have a feature we would rather hide. Believe it or not, this can often be done with the aid of a well chosen pair spectacle frame. 

If you have a long nose, choose a plastic frame with a thicker bridge, this will break up the line of the longer nose making it appear shorter. A thicker, denser frame style will call attention to itself and draw other peoples eyes away horizontally towards the ears. 

Go for a lower Bridge, a high-set bridge lowers the lenses in the frame, placing them beside the nose, therefore increasing the effect of size and mass in that area. So, a lower-set bridge will raise the lenses a bit, drawing them away from the nose area.

There are tricks in every trade and when it comes to making the most of your features we know which ones to use.


Ladies, how many pairs of shoes do you own? We are fairly certain it’s more than one. Would you wear  jeans and a t-shirt to a board meeting, or a meal at a fancy restaurant? Would you wear gym gear to a Wedding? Hopefully not. All of us  have different outfits for different occasions. Yet people so often have only one pair of glasses hoping that one pair will do for all things? 

Last year a study of 300 spectacle wearers looked at where glasses sat in peoples list of priorities against other items. The survey revealed that 38% owned only 1 pair of glasses and just 8% had 3 to 5 pairs  – this includes spares, prescription sunglasses, occupational lenses and so on. Just 1 in 12 of those surveyed had multiple pairs. However by comparison 5% of respondents had just 1 pair of shoes and 33% had 3 to 5 pairs. When asked about bags it  was very similar, just 6% had one bag whilst 20% had 3 to 5 bags.  

The survey also showed that those with the most resistant to having a spare pair of glasses are usually those who need them the most. People with very high prescriptions, who drive for a living and those who can’t legally drive without any glasses often don’t have a spare. Or if they do it’s with an old prescription.   

It’s not decadent, it makes sense

Often purchasing more than one pair of glasses is seen as outrageous or decadent, but is it really? We advise our clients to at least consider having more than one pair of spectacles for an alternative look, or for a different need altogether (sunglasses, hobbies etc…) Even as a back-up in case something goes wrong with their others. Or a pair to help with the hours spent in front of a computer screen? 

We’re not naïve; it’s true, good glasses are an investment, and we want our clients to have good glasses. However a second, third or even fourth pair of glasses does not have to be outrageously expensive. 

Cost per Wear

When you think about the cost per wear glasses are one of the most cost effective items in your wardrobe. The average pair of glasses costs less than 41 pence a day if worn everyday for a year. A £30 dress would have to be worn 85 time to achieve the same cost per wear. You’re worth more than that surely?

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