Meet the Team: Abigayle Doe, B.Sc. FBDO – Dispensing Optician/Training Manager

Dispensing Optician and Training Manager Abigayle Doe

Here at Allegro Optical, we pride ourselves in having a very supportive and accomplished team. Being the UK’s leading specialist musicians optician we couldn’t have got to where we are today without our team. Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Abigayle Doe a little more, and her role within Allegro Optical as a Dispensing Optician and Training Manager. A chip off the old block ‘Abi’ is Sheryl’s oldest daughter, but far from staying in Sheryl’s shadow Abi has lost no time in building her own reputation as a Dispensing Optician, Optical Practice Manager and more recently in a training and development role. Abi has always worked hard to provide exceptional Ophthalmic Dispensing and excellent customer service. She is an award-winning Dispensing Optician in her own right and has earned many accolades while learning her craft.  With a passion for developing people to their full potential Abi is driven to provide the highest standard of customer service across all areas of the business. She’s a charismatic and energetic visionary who puts the happiness and well-being of our team above all else, believing that success will come from happy people.

Training for all

Having a particular interest in paediatric dispensing Abi also enjoys dispensing clients with physical and psychological disabilities. She stresses the importance of this field when training any new members of the team. Abi undertakes ongoing support with spectacles fitting, repairs and adjustments for clients of all ages to achieve successful spectacle wear and avoid the need for additional visits by the clients. Abi brings a wealth of technical expertise to the team and just like her mum she has an extensive knowledge of ophthalmic lens design.   Her professionalism ensures Allegro Optical always has up-to-date product knowledge as soon as new lenses or optical materials become available.

Out of hours

When not working Abi enjoys spending time with the family, especially her three nephews. She enjoys reading crime fiction and Murder mystery novels, she’s also a bit of a film buff on the quiet. Like the rest of the family Abi has a love of music and she has recently started to learn how to play baritone horn in order to gain a better understanding of the needs of brass banders. We are all incredibly proud of Abi who has recently shed over 5 stone in under a year, slimming down from a size 20 to an impressive size 8. We can honestly say she is now a shadow of her former self and she looks so much healthier for it. At Allegro Optical we always put family first and are passionate about family values. Allegro Optical recently won the Yorkshire and Humber Family Business of the Year Award. If you and your family would like to experience award winning family eye care call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090 and book your appointment today.

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