Music may be the food of love, but it’s tastier when you can see it.

A couples shared love of music

It’s no secret that at Allegro Optical we love music, it’s a huge part of who we are. Music and Optics are our two great passions, and we love meeting people who share our passion. That’s why we take such pleasure in helping fellow musicians. We love to help musicians from all walks of life to continue doing what they love. Making music!

Making music is a wonderful thing and something that many musical couples love to share. Michael and Susan Brown are no exception to this. The couple are retired teachers and both of them play the piano. The couple began making music together when they met at university. It’s a pastime they have thoroughly enjoyed ever since. However recently the pair have both noticed some difficulty when seeing the music on the stand.

Michael and Susan made the trip from Wales to visit Allegro Optical in Meltham. The couple heard about our specialism in musicians eyecare from a friend. Michael and Susan are both experienced varifocal wearers, but while they were fine for everyday visual tasks, they didn’t provide a good enough field of view for playing. Following comprehensive eye examinations, the couple were both dispensed with a pair of varifocals. We also dispensed an additional pair of spectacles for music making.

Finding a solution is our forte

For Susan, we created a completely individual lens design to enable her to see her music clearly while still being able to see a conductor as she often performs on stage and in recitals. The new lens design took into account the position of Susan’s music stands, her seating position and her need to see a conductor in various positions due to changing venues. The new lens design gives Susan a clear view of performance distances, without any of the distortion experienced in varifocals or occupational lenses.  

Michael also wears varifocals, although he prefers not to use them for music making. Having had some neck problems in the past Brian prefered to use single vision lenses when playing. However, that meant that he always had to sit in exactly the same position. Not great for someone with postural problems. When the couple were both playing at one piano this resulted in blurring of the music for Michael which he found upsetting. Just like Susan, we found the perfect prescription for Michaels working distances and Sheryl created a completely individual lens design to enable him to see his music wherever he sits.

The music is crystal clear

The couple collected their new glasses a couple of weeks later and were delighted with the results. They said; 

Michael and I are delighted with our new glasses and agree that they are so much better than anything either of us has had before. Nigel wasn’t wrong when he said Allegro Optical is unique, the whole experience has been most enjoyable. It has been so refreshing to finally meet an optician who really does understand what we need. Michael’s neck pain has almost gone and I can see the conductors again while still seeing the music. The new glasses are definitely better than my old glasses. Thank you for all your help.”

Why Allegro?

Focusing at many different distances can pose real problems to musicians. Many struggle with the varying focal distances required. Like Brian, many musicians suffer from postural problems which impede their music-making.  With an understanding of the playing and seating positions of musicians, these difficulties can be overcome. Musicians working and playing life can easily be extended thanks to the improvement our optical solutions provide.

Many Musicians who experience focusing problems at different distances are unaware that there is a solution to the problem.  Many optometrists and opticians either prescribe and dispense standard single vision lenses for the music stand or occupational lenses which often exacerbate the problem, due to the limited depth of field they provide.

Allegro Optical work closely with a Yorkshire based optical laboratory, creating a unique optical solution for musicians, right here in the North of England. If you are a musician who is struggling to see the music give Allegro Optical a call on Greenfield, Saddleworth 01457 353100 or Meltham, Holmfirth 01484 907090

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