New Year New Look


What’s your New Year New Look? By Stephen Tighe

2019 was a tough year for many and quite depressing in the UK. What with all the political upset and what can only be called stagnation. So maybe it’s time for a change of mood and maybe a new look? 

Everyone makes the same old resolutions every year, year in, year out. We promise ourselves we’ll get fit, look after our health and be beautiful. But how often do we review eye health and how our spectacles help us to look and feel different?

Well here at Allegro Optical we completely understand that. Our director and Dispensing Optician Sheryl Doe has over twenty years’ experience dealing in the high fashion end of frame design. In fact she was awarded Dispensing Optician of the Year in 2019 and has been nominated again this year. 

Everyone is individual

We believe in stocking frames that give you a lift, without damaging your bank balance. Also, as far as we can, we support British Design and Manufacturing to give you that unique look. We rarely sell the same frame twice, so are very active in re-stocking with variety. So how about it, a New Year New Look?

Abigayle Doe FBDO Dispensing Optician Allegro Optical, The Musicians OpticianClaire Atkinson - Dispensing Optician, flugelhorn and cornet - The Musicians Optician Allegro Optical Specialist music glassesSheryl Doe Dispensing Optician of the year 2019- String Bassist - The Musicians Optician Allegro Optical Specialist music glasses

However, the most important thing is always the fit. We have fully qualified Dispensing Opticians in both our branches. All our Dispensing Opticians have studies at university for 3 Years to enable them to give a top quality service. Their lens knowledge is excellent and they are all experts in their field. Once the optometrist has given us your prescription our Dispensing Opticians swing into action. We HELP you chose and don’t just leave you to it, so you can always be confident about your New Year new look.

For a sneaky peak, come in and have a look. You may not need an eye test for a while, but a change of look can be obtained any time!