PPE explained – Ozone in the ‘Zone’

Allegro Covid-19-response - o zone generators

Why we are investing in client safety

Coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease has impacted all our lives. First appearing in China in December 2019, coronavirus has spread rapidly across the globe. No disease in recent times has impacted public health and the economy more rapidly and in such a dramatic way than coronavirus. 

Allegro Optical Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

In the UK, although slowly emerging from lockdown, we are still adhering to the strict guidelines laid down by the government. Our social and working lives, in the space of three short months, changed completely. We are now very aware of what we touch, of washing our hands and maintaining a safe social distance.

What we are doing

The big question for us as practitioners has been how do we keep all our clients safe when visiting us. We’ve socially distanced both practices, implemented one-way systems, installed perspex screens and operate an appointment only admission policy. All our team members are wearing full PPE including changing into surgical scrubs when they arrive at work to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards. They also wear N95 respirators at all times and change surgical gloves and aprons in between each appointment for your protection. 

We’re very sorry, but at the current time we are discouraging browsing unless a member of staff has supervised client hand sanitising and provided a pair of gloves, (in return for a charitable donation). Face masks must be worn and a member of our team will remove all the frames tried, clean them and put them through a 

UV sanitiser before they are put back on display. The whole area is then sanitised before we can admit the next client, so a strict appointment policy is followed.

What about opening a window? Is that safe?

Opening a window doesn’t really help. If someone walks past with the virus and coughs while you’re stood by the window? Oh dear! Fresh air is a good thing, but just how fresh is it? While it’s always good to maintain a fresh home and air circulation is important just what is the science behind it? 

A 2009 World Health Organization report on illness transmission and air ventilation suggested that people expel microscopic droplets of saliva not only when coughing and sneezing, but also while talking and exhaling. When expelled, these droplets can quickly evaporate, leaving behind nearly weightless airborne particles which can house illness-causing pathogens. These pathogens can ride on the airflow created when a person opens or closes a window or a door. While the likelihood of these airborne particles making someone sick is uncertain, it may vary from one pathogen to the next. 

What are Ozone Generators and why we have installed them

As a further precaution, we have installed ozone generators in both of our practices. Many decontamination specialists use ozone equipment to deal with airborne contamination. The question many people are asking today is; Can ozone kill coronavirus? Well, according to many studies and the previous use of ozone as part of infection control and virus protection – yes, it does. Like many practitioners, we have installed ozone generators to protect our clients and our team members. All across the world, ozone generators have been installed in hospitals, clinics, dentists surgeries and optical practices. The healthcare sector is applying this measure in the fight against coronavirus. 

How does Ozone work against Coronavirus?

In this blog, we look at some of the scientific evidence that demonstrates the capabilities ozone generation has in the fight against coronavirus. We showcase the benefits of using ozone and take a moment to outline the associated risks of using ozone to combat coronavirus. 

Coronaviruses are classified as enveloped viruses, which means the virus has an outer coat that wraps around the virus particles. The outer coat protects the virus, ensuring its survival and its ability to infect other cells. If this outer shell can be broken down, then coronaviruses the virus inside is destroyed. Ultimately coronaviruses can be broken down when exposed to ozone gases. When the outer shell of the virus is destroyed by ozone gas it’s core is exposed and breaks down. When appropriate levels of ozone are utilised, up to 99% of the viruses can be eliminated.  

Recently Ozone was used successfully in the fight against viruses. In 2003, ozone was used to great effect to combat coronavirus; SARS-Cov-1, which belongs to the same family of viruses as COVID-19. 

Sanitising our homes, workplaces and public spaces is a key tactic in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Ozone generators can frequently be seen in many hospitals these days. This is why at Allegro Optical we have invested in state of the set Ozone Generators for all of the public areas of our practices. Because we care about our client’s safety we don’t just open a window.

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