Are You a Musician?

We have developed a solution to the unique problems that musicians face as they get older and their vision becomes worse.

At a certain age, your eyes lose their ability to quickly adjust to reading at different distances. When you present your problem to an optician, they can often fix the problem of seeing at a fixed distance, for example to your music stand. However, the problem then is that you can’t see the conductor or your fellow musicians at different distances. They don’t really understand the real problem because they aren’t musicians themselves, and many don’t suffer from presbyopia!

Each solution is individual and takes into account the musicians instrument, their seating position, posture, and the width of the visual field required at the many different distances required. We do not use an occupational or varifocal lens design to help our musicians. Our lenses are as unique and individual as the musician.

We have a range of lightweight stylish frames, perfectly suited to musicians needs, and coupled with a range of state of the art lenses using cutting edge technology to sharpen up even the most problematic situations.

Sheryl Doe is a dispensing optician with over 18 years’ experience in the optical profession. Having worked in Europe and the UK Sheryl is experienced in many different optical disciplines she is also a keen musician. Sheryl plays the Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Piano and she is also currently playing Cornet in a local brass band.

With a lifelong love of music, Sheryl has developed a unique understanding of the problems that musicians face with deteriorating eyesight. Being a musician is a “way of life”, and losing the ability to see properly can be devastating to a life long musician. In March 2019 Sheryl was awarded the prestigious Dispensing Optician of the Year award for her pioneering work in the field of musicians eyecare.

In addition, our MD Stephen has been a conductor and trombonist for over 40 years. He has had various vision issues in the past which has led to Sheryl developing an interest and unique insight into the kind of problems musicians face on a daily basis.

Sheryl has developed an algorithm to help in this area and has had papers published on the subject of Optical Dispensing for Musicians, she is seen as an industry leader in her specialist field and is regularly quoted by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) and ABDO College. She has also found that her approach to vision correction works well for teachers, lecturers and those that present regularly and have to be able to work at variable visual distances every day.

Things to consider when dispensing musicians, conductors and presenters.

  • Conductors losing their ability to read scores at stand distance, due to a deterioration in the flexibility of their eyes. This is embarrassing, especially having to bend over to see the normally small print size.
  • Conductors can also lose the ability of longer distance focus when making indications to players.
  • Musicians not being able to read the music and see the conductor clearly at the same time. Many opticians provide a fixed focal length solution, which means you have to sit stock still at the right length away from the stand. If you are an expressive musician and you like the flexibility of moving about as you play, (playing an instrument is a physical activity after all), this solution is no good to you!
  •  Musicians need to able to read music at varying lengths of distance away. No two stage setups are the same. Also poor lighting can completely stop the traditional lens solution from being any good at all.

Allegro Optical musicians lenses are available in many different designs:

The Sessione 2M lens, provides an unrestricted field of vision when working in a recording studio with a depth of up to 2 metres.

The Performers OV lens is ideal for musicians or presenters, both on stage or in the rehearsal room. The wide visual field provided by this lens gives relaxed vision up to 20 metres they are ideal, for musicians, presenters and teachers.

The Perficientur IF lens is perfect for slightly younger players or those with a high prescription who require minimal distortion.

The Fagotto CR lens is perfect for any musician who plays an instrument which partially obscures their view such as a Bassoon or oboe. These lenses compensate for the field loss caused by the instrument itself.

The Turba IFP lens is a good entry level lens for the budget conscious performer with a lower addition. This lens gives a wide field of view of the conductor while providing a reasonable field at music stand distance.

The Conduttore BB lens provides the conductor with clear vision across the whole of the score and clear vision of the musicians in the ensemble. The lens can be adapted for smaller groups or a full orchestra.

The Arpista lens or Harpist’s lens is a lens with an outward set near vision area to enable harpists to see their top strings easily while still being able to see the music stand and the conductor.

The Incessu IB lens or as most of our clients call them Marching lenses. These lenses come in two basic designs and allow the wearer to play music mounted on a lyre while still being able to see in the distance and the road surface they are marching on.

We can usually design a lens to suit anyone requirements so don’t be afraid to give us a call.