Occupational Lenses

Do you struggle at work because your lenses are just not up to the job? Do you use reading glasses and have to sit close to the computer to see it clearly?

Do your varifocals mean you only have a very small area of clear vision when you look at your computer screen? If the answer is to any of these questions is yes, we can help.

In our daily working lives, it is often necessary to focus on our computer screen, desk, tablet and our colleagues at different distances. As we age, that becomes more strenuous for our eyes. We find we make subconscious changes made to our posture, which often results in pain that is difficult to locate.  With near comfort lenses, we can offload stressed tired eyes as well as tense shoulders, necks and backs. We noticed an almost immediate effect, even when only worn for 5 – 10 hours a week.

Occupational lenses come in three variations:

The Book Design

The Book design is a near comfort lens and provides an optimally large visual zone up to  90 cm, ensuring fatigue-free work. These lenses are ideal for teachers and dental technicians when reading or doing handicrafts.

The PC Lens

The PC lens provides an unrestricted field of vision when working at a computer in an area of up to 1.20 metres. Allowing clear vision from document to the other side of the desk. Perfect for when chatting with clients.

The Room

The ROOM is designed for anyone who often has to talk to groups or hold meetings. Its wide visual zones allow for relaxed vision up to 5 metres and these lenses are ideal, for example, for lawyers or teachers, at reception desks or counters. Occupational lenses also perform well when you are pursuing many hobbies!