Single Vision Lenses

Single Vision lenses are either used continuously everyday to help with distance tasks such as driving and TV or using a near prescription for reading or other closer tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shortsighted, longsighted or have an astigmatism, with the correct single vision lenses you will be able to see clearly again.

When you have a visual defect single vision lenses can help you to see clearly again at all distances up until your mid-forties.

When driving we are all reliant on truly clear vision, for example when passing another vehicle.

Have you at any time thought to yourself: “I think I need glasses”, then don’t shy away from a trip to the optician. Single vision glasses will give you a new perspective, safety and quality of life.

In contrast, maybe you need help when reading. Reading glasses have a magnifying effect to help you read or use the computer more easily.

Our lenses provide a very short acclimatisation time and the best spontaneous compatibility.