Varifocal Lenses

Each one of our varifocal lenses provides uncompromising optical comfort for those with age-related focusing issues.

Varifocal lenses correct shortsightedness or long-sightedness and presbyopia at the same time, giving the wearer clear vision at all distances.

The lenses are made in such a way that there are no visible lines in the lenses giving two decisive benefits: The optical comfort is substantially higher and the lenses provide an unobstructed view of the eyes creating a more attractive pair of spectacles.

Where possible we manufacture our lenses in West Yorkshire. Buying British and supporting our local economy.

Platinum wide corridor bespoke freeform lenses

The best progressive lens of all times.

Enjoy a unique visual experience with our Platinum wide corridor bespoke freeform progressive lenses. These lenses adapt perfectly to your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, do a lot of sports or hobbies or travel a great deal, then this is the lens for you. Our  Platinum freeform progressive lenses are custom-made progressive lenses which will allow you to enjoy a completely new feeling of life – You will feel more relaxed, capable and full of energy.

Platinum wide corridor bespoke freeform lenses at a glance:

  • The best vision right from the start – no acclimatisation time
  • Maximum image stability and minimum distortions
  • Comfortable vision even when taking the stairs
  • 100% natural vision without a swimming effect
  • Available in 4 variations

Gold digital individual progressive lenses

Gold digital progressive individual lenses provide the demanding spectacle wearer with an ideal visual experience: Giving 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range thanks to our revolutionary digital Eye Lens Technology. The adjustment of the lens to your individual lifestyle and your personal habits provides the wearer with sharp and strain-free vision while minimising the swim-sway effect.

Gold digital individual progressive lenses at a glance:

  • Very thin, high-tech progressive lenses
  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range
  • Brilliant vision experience with outstandingly true details, especially at dusk
  • Fast adaptation and minimal swimming effect even while climbing stairs
  • Spontaneous well-being and outstanding spatial perception
  • Available in 3 variants

Silver digital progressive lenses

A perfect lens first-time users and for price-conscious, this digital progressive lens performs to a high standard making it possible to have clear vision from near to far. With large, optimised fields of vision for smooth performance with a very short acclimatisation time. Naturally, our quality and compatibility guarantee applies to these lenses as well.

Silver digital progressive lenses at a glance

  • Optimum progressive lens for first-time users
  • Manufactured with the latest freeform technology
  • Short acclimatisation time and very good spontaneous compatibility thanks to enlarged visual zones
  • Brilliant, clear vision from near to far
  • Up to 40% better visual acuity than conventional progressive lenses
  • Good cost-effectiveness

Bronze classic progressive lenses

With a proven classic design, our bronze progressive lenses have your prescription surfaced into the back of the lens and the addition surfaced on the front. All three vision zones are very distinct and make a good entry level lenses for first-time presbyopes and the price conscious.

Bronze classic progressive lenses at a glance

  • A good progressive lens for first-time users
  • Clear vision from near to far
  • Ideal for head movers
  • Good cost-effectiveness