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Award Winning Eye Care in Meltham and Greenfield

Protecting clients vision is more than just an occupation for the team at Allegro Optical in Meltham and Greenfield. We’re passionate about eye health and we have won 5 major awards in 2019 for our unique and caring approach. Owned and managed by a qualified Dispensing Optician with 20 years’ experience, Sheryl Doe has dispensed thousands of pairs of glasses. She understands which frames suit which face shape and how to fit them perfectly. Sheryl is the current holder of the prestigious National Dispensing Optician of the Year. An accolade she won in March 2019, and she has been shortlisted for the award in 2020.

Allegro Optical’s Optometrists

Optometrists Amy Ogden, Gemma Augustine, Sara Ackroyd, Stephen Haigh
  “It’s vital that clients receive high quality eye examinations and easy to digest advice and information” said Sheryl. “Eyes tell us much more than how well someone can see. At Allegro Optical our Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians complete a range of tests. These often include taking a 3D OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scan, to enable them to detect any underlying health conditions. Conditions such as hypertension or diabetes, the optometrists will talk all our clients through the process and answer any questions regarding their eye health”. At Allegro Optical our team members guide clients through our in-store collection of over 800 spectacle frames with informed, knowledgeable advice. All our team members are local and they really are ‘people’ people. So it’ll be a relaxed, no pressure experience and maybe even a lot of fun!

Peace of mind

Our clients will also have the peace of mind knowing that their glasses have been prescribed and dispensed by qualified professionals. Assured that the lenses will match the optometrist accurate prescription and meet all the legal requirements of a pair of prescription spectacles. Any person, or indeed website, is legally allowed to ‘sell’ a pair of glasses to an adult. In fact Which Magazine* recently conducted a survey into online Glasses retailers and found that an incredible 33% failed to conform to British standards. Varifocals were deemed the riskiest thing to buy online. As most of the varifocal glasses ordered caused concern because no pupil height measurements were taken. Sometimes the cost saving means foregoing quality, precision or accuracy. A few years ago we helped Sally, an opera singer who had purchased spectacles online, not long after she began to suffer with migraines leading to many days spent in bed in the dark, and lots of time off work and lost income. It turned out her glasses were so poorly glazed and failed to meet the optical standards. In fact they were so poor she failed to reach the driving standard or 6/12 wearing them.  It turned out that her glasses were causing her migraines! Sally was delighted with her new pair of glasses from Allegro Optical and she said  “Allegro Optical has been fantastic. They explained my vision problems in layman’s terms so that I could understand and my migraines have vastly reduced in frequency. I can’t thank you all enough.”  It always pays to use a professional as the savings could be your eyesight. 

Allegro Optical’s Dispensing Optician

Surprisingly even some high end optical practices use unqualified dispensing assistants to “sell” you your glasses. So always be sure to check the person dispensing your glasses is qualified and registered with the General Optical Council. However things are very different here at Allegro Optical. All our Dispensing Opticians are formally trained optical professionals. They have undergone higher diploma level or degree level training. Working from the prescription written by one of our Optometrists, they are trained to give advice, fit, adjust and repair glasses. The team can all repair damaged spectacles. In fact Claire is also a trained lab technician. Claire is an expert and can usually fix most broken spectacles. No matter the clients age or prescription complexity. 

Dispensing Opticians Abigayle Doe, Claire Atkinson, Sheryl Doe

Did you know it is illegal for an unqualified person to dispense a child’s spectacles! Children’s spectacle dispenses should always be carried out or supervised by a qualified professional. Not just in the building, but actually present at the dispense. Dispensing Opticians, like Optometrists, are registered with the General Optical Council. If you want peace of mind and would like to experience award winning eyecare, or just call the Allegro Optical team on Meltham 01484 907090 or Greenfield on 01457 353100  

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