Screen Test

Screen Test

From smartphones, satnavs and tablets, we now use electronic devices as part of our everyday life.  However, our eyes eye weren’t designed to read small letters on an illuminated screen and as a result, we are sometimes left feeling fatigued. So what can we do to make these tasks easier? 

A bit of a boost

At Allegro Optical if you’re aged under 45 we tend to use a power boost Freeform Digital Single Vision lenses which combine ergonomics and aesthetics providing the very best optical performance available and provide a little extra magnification to the lower third of the lens, making focusing on a digital device that little bit easier. These lenses are not varifocals and each one is unique. Taking into account the wearers prescription, pupil position and the 3D shape of the selected frame. Providing clear vision when using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This adaptable clear vision gives a perfect visual solution adapted to the individuals needs.

Say goodbye to tired workplace eyes

If you don’t wear glasses all the time but find your eyes getting tired at work, then Occupational / Degressive lenses could be for you. These are lenses specifically designed for use in limited workspaces. They generally provide a much wider view than varifocals, providing clear vision for the computer and near work, but for distances no further than 6 meters at the extreme.

Varifocals – All distances covered

Our individual varifocals offer excellent near vision, distance vision and clear vision in the intermediate zone in just a single lens – and all without any perceptible transition. Many new spectacle wearers are amazed at how precisely modern digital varifocal glasses can be customised to meet their particular needs. As the population ages and lives longer, we ask more of our eyes. We now ‘read’ TV screens, we own smartphones, digital devices, laptops and PCs and we often read electronic books. These are all near vision tasks and they are all slightly different. Different posture, different reading position and a variety of fonts and typefaces on screens all add to the challenge. The new freeform lens technology accommodates the use of digital devices into daily lives. They allow for a multi-tasking, digital lifestyle. Taking into account the different reading distances for digital devices and print media. Also considering the location and size of the near zone facilitate natural reading in both. All this while still providing clear vision of a desktop or laptop computer screen, SatNAv and distance vision.

Musicians Lenses

These lenses are completely unique to Allegro Optical, no other optician can dispense these lenses. They are designed by Allegro Optical and manufactured for us to our specifications. Our musician’s lenses take into account your instrument, playing position and ensemble. As musicians ourselves we don’t believe in an off the shelf solution. We tailor our own design lenses to meet a musicians needs. 

We know from our customers’ previous experiences that using occupational lenses or lenses designed to do a different job just doesn’t work for musicians. For example, playing a piano, wind or string instrument all require different head and seating positions, so how could one lens satisfy the all those musicians needs. Just read Michele Hickies blog to find out why.

Some musicians, including the very talented Brian Law and Angelo Bearpark use a lyre and march while playing, while a harpist has a very different requirement altogether. Many optical practitioners fall into the trap of thinking that occupational lenses will solve the musicians’ vision problems. 

Angelo Bearpark travelled to Allegro Optical from Switzerland. He was disappointed by his own optician’s failure to correct his vision for music making by using occupational lenses. Allegro Optical is the only optician in Saddleworth to employ qualified Dispensing Opticians. These are professionals who have studied ophthalmic lens design at university. Our D.O’s are experts in ophthalmic lenses and lens design. This allows our optometrists to focus on their job of testing your eyes and ensures that you will receive the correct lenses for you. Offering you a choice of lenses to suit your lifestyle and your budget.    

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