EyePlan – Eye Care Membership Scheme

Whether you are an existing client or one we have yet to meet, we would like to thank you for choosing our practice. At Allegro Optical, we are proud to provide award-winning, high-quality services in a relaxed and friendly environment. We are committed to continuing education and all our team members keeping abreast of the changes and advances in modern eye care.

EYE PLAN is the hassle-free way to manage your eye care needs with generous benefits

Eye Plan brings our clients a whole new world of unlimited eye care and a unique range of frames and sunglasses at exceptional prices. Our Dispensing Opticians will help you find the perfect style to suit you with our frame styling service.

We have several different plans to choose from for clients who require regular eye care, EYE PLAN ESSENTIALS. For those who like to express who they are and want to feel their best every single day, we have EYE PLAN REWARDS.  For clients who belong to the group who receive a little help with their eye care due to age, we have EYE PLAN 60 PLUS. We also have a separate scheme, especially for those who also wear contact lens or intend to start wearing them, EYE PLAN CONTACTS. Eye Plan offers excellent value and helps spread the cost of our client’s eye care and eyewear needs.

The best way to look after your eyes

Our scheme offers excellent value for money. Our prices for contact lenses when on EyePlan are very competitive. Our patients do not need to shop around for the best deals. Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise!

  • Members pay a small monthly eye care fee.
  • There is no initial joining or examination fee.
  • Benefits are immediate upon joining.
  • Eyecare is then available whenever is required, and there is no additional cost,
  • If you are on the contact lens scheme the costs of your contact lenses, and solutions, if required can be included in your monthly payments,
  • As soon as you join you will receive a discount on any new spectacles purchase,
  • There are no limits on the number of purchases of spectacles or sunglasses which you can purchase with the special discounted
  • The minimum joining period is 18 months, during which you can attend examinations as needed. After this time, you can cancel with appropriate notice.

The Eye Plan allows members to spread the cost of their eye care and contact lenses over the year through monthly payments. Regular consultations with our optometrists are an essential part of maintaining eye health.By providing a full eye examination once a year and regular contact lenses aftercare, we closely monitor overall eye health, keeping our clients happy and healthy.

Monthly payment will cover the cost of these routine appointments. A small monthly fee will also cover any emergency appointments. With the added convenience of Direct Debits, there is no better way to pay for continuous eye care and a regular contact lense supply.

Full eye examination every year, plus (usually £44.95)

  • Eye care needs covered at any time with no large bills.
  • Ad-hoc appointments if needed; if you have a concern, just call to make an appointment (usually £44.95 per appointment).
  • Regular contact lens check-ups (usually £44.95 per appointment)
  • Low-cost contact lenses.
  • The convenience and ease of monthly Direct Debit payments
  • Free replacement of damaged disposable contact lenses.
  • Significant saving on all glasses frames and sunglasses you buy at the exclusive EyePlan price.
  • Accidental damage cover for glasses and sunglasses purchased under the eye care scheme.

The cost of Eye Plan membership will depend on a client’s eye care needs. Our eye care professionals will advise you of the costs during your visit to the practice,with payments by monthly Direct Debit

The NHS sight test only provides a basic eye health check. The majority of our NHS eligible clients prefer to have the private Eye Examination and the superior care that this provides. We will reduce your monthly membership fee by £1.

You can complete the agreement in the practice when you visit to have your eyes examined. Use your bank details to complete the Direct Debit form to register.

You are registered from your first payment, and your benefits start immediately.

The minimum membership period is 18 months, during which you can attend examinations as needed. There are no limits on the number of purchases of spectacles or sunglasses. After this time, you can cancel with   notice.

To join Eye Plan please visit us in-store or call us to book an appointment with our optometrist in Greenfield 01457 353100 or Meltham 01484 907090

I’m a little reluctant to do this as it changes according to circumstances and NHS eligability. Someone young will pay less than someone who is 55, but a 60+ will pay less than both as they are NHS eligible, but a 75+ will be more as they are more at risk of certain eye conditions. The web page works payment costs out. It’s a sort of health care insurance.