Musicians Eyecare

The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers. Roy Ayers: “Our ears allow us to hear and enjoy music, but if you are a musician your eyes are just as important. Just like anyone else you rely on your eyes to read clearly, but you also rely on them to read the music you need or want to play.”

Allegro refers to a fast movement of music. When the conductor instructs the musicians to play an allegro piece, the musicians may not be able to see the music clearly or concentrate on his instructions. Consider if your job required you to concentrate on multiple things at the same time and you were finding it increasingly tough to do so. Imagine if you’d had such a strong passion for something, but now you’re finding it difficult! Music is a way of life, not a fad or a hobby!

Allegro Optical understands that many mature musicians struggle with looking at both their sheet music and the conductor simultaneously while performing. Additionally, many opticians do not know how to correct a musician’s vision at the numerous visual distances required by a professional or enthusiastic amateur musician. It could even shorten your career if you are a professional?

They seek help from their opticians, ‘who are normally in general practice,’ to solve these alarming problems. It is common for opticians to solve non-specialist problems, but most do not know how to apply their knowledge to fix problems that musicians have. Simply put, they don’t understand the problem. We at Allegro Optical are musicians who are optical specialists. We play many instruments in a variety of ensembles, so we understand the challenges musicians face and we specialize in finding solutions.

It is not uncommon for musicians to have vision problems, and the internet is filled with forums where musicians seek solutions. It’s a quiet truth that many musicians suffer more than most from presbyopia, a condition that affects their ability to focus at different distances. A decrease in flexibility of the eye’s crystalline lens and ciliary muscles results in presbyopia, making it more difficult for you to focus.

Our passion is to help musicians find an optical solution that suits their individual needs. A musician’s loss of good vision is heartbreaking! Music is our passion, and we ‘get it’! Older musicians and artists face this problem every day. When the musician asks for advice, we understand that their solutions must be unique, according to their specific needs. Placement, technique, instrument type, distances, etc., are all important factors to take into account.

At Allegro Optical, we use state-of-the-art lenses with a unique algorithmic formula that is scientifically proven to solve these optical problems. We have developed a relationship with a manufacturer whose product we know is the only one on the market to help fix these problems properly.  To improve the lot of the mature musician, we have the Product, the knowledge, the skill, and the ability. Using an off the shelf solution may not solve the problem and it can be expensive. Our lenses are unique and are not available from other high street opticians.  Sheryl has developed a unique understanding of the problems musicians face when their eyesight deteriorates.

Allegro Optical: What makes us different?

Sheryl Doe is a dispensing optician with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in some of the most challenging areas of eye care in Europe and the UK.

Having worked in multiple optical disciplines, Sheryl has a broad knowledge of optical systems. A keen musician, Sheryl plays cello and double bass. Additionally, she plays cornet in a local brass band. With a lifelong love of music, Sheryl has developed a unique understanding that some musicians face with deteriorating eyesight.

Besides developing a unique algorithm, Sheryl has published papers about dispensing and is considered an industry leader on this subject. She has also found that her unique approach to vision correction works well for teachers, lecturers and those that present on TV regularly.

With our range of lightweight frames and lenses using cutting-edge technology, we can sharpen up even the most difficult situations to make music more enjoyable.

Instrumentalists’ Vision Correction from Allegro Optical

Those who perform in everyday life can turn to Allegro Optical for help with all vision their correction needs.  With over 100 years combined experience, our team is standing by to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to give us a call at 01484 907090 and we will be happy to assist you.

The effects of visual problems for a musician can be severe. Certain age-related conditions can affect the eyes and have put professional musicians into early retirement.

You do not have to worry if you are a musician with vision problems; our clinical team has experience with the specific needs of musicians. Feel free to give us a call or e-mail our office at if you have concerns regarding your vision.

Allegro Optical Ltd specialises in all aspects of musician’s vision correction to increase your playing pleasure and performance.  Call us on 01484 907090 we have over 100 years’ experience in the optical and entertainment industries.

Are you a musician?

Can you read music easily or does it appear blurred?

Can you see the conductor clearly?

Do you find the music stand area of your varifocals too small?

Do you use reading glasses and look over the top?

Are you a musician who has problems with sight reading?

Has your Optician failed to correct your vision for music correctly?

Are you disheartened because your eyesight is impeding your performance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions call Allegro Optical, the musician’s optician on 01484 907090. We can help you see the music and more.