Sharp vision for Albion Farms championship Moosician

Cornet players vision was causing her to Bb, but now it’s clear and sharp

When you’re playing for one of the top brass bands in the world, it requires your full attention and a great deal of personal commitment. Players want to deliver their best performance every time they play. To do this they need to be able to focus on their music properly. The last thing a musician should be worrying about is if their spectacles are fit for purpose.

Allegro Optical the musicians optician helps Laura Hirst of Brighouse and Rastrik Brass Band

Laura Hirst of the world famous Brighouse & Rastrick brass band had been experiencing problems with her vision and glasses for some time. Following the opening of our new Saddleworth practice in Greenfield, Laura booked an appointment to come and see us. As the country’s leading Musicians Optical Specialist, we were more than happy to help Laura and provide her with the very best optical solution.

Focusing on the farm shop

Laura is a very busy young lady and when not playing with Brighouse & Rastrick, she runs her family’s business, the fabulous  Albion Farm Shop and Cafe in Delph. The Hirst family have worked Albion Farm since the early 1900’s. The Farm Shop & Cafe opened in 2011 and she is also developing the business for the digital age. This allows customers to easily access events, foodie information and more recently the popular hog roast feast.

Laura Hirst of Albion Farm Shop gets her glasses from ALlegro Optical the musicians optician in Saddlewort

Even though Laura is still only in her early 30’s, because of her many complex working distances and visual requirements, she needed a little help due to ocular fatigue, which became particularly noticeable when she was using electronic devices and when reading music while performing.

The lenses we have provided for her take into account Laura’s playing position, the music stand distance and the distances of the many different electronic devices Laura uses in her day to day life. This optical solution gives her the perfect visual correction from the conductor, music stand and a plethora of electronic devices.

Laura Hirst of Brighouse and Rastrick and the Allegro Optical Musicians Opticians Team in Uppermill

When asked about her new glasses, Laura said; ”To have a pair of glasses tailor-made for specifically reading music, as well as a separate pair for everyday use, is definitely a unique service to offer. Not only that though, but the attention to detail, service and quality was also above and beyond anything I’ve previously received elsewhere. I now own two pairs of lovely glasses, and can keep my music readers in my instrument case at all times to make sure I don’t forget them!”.

Why Allegro?

This case study details the many visual requirements of the musician in the digital age. An understanding of playing and seating positions of musicians, their rapid eye movement and visual field is essential. Thanks to our unique perspective, Allegro Optical can restore visual clarity at all the required distances.

Many musicians and even some I.T. professionals, experience focusing problems at different distances and are unaware that there is a solution to their visual problems.

Allegro Optical is the only optician in Saddleworth to employ qualified dispensing opticians who have studied ophthalmic lens design and dispensing at university. Our D.O’s are lens experts and can advise on optical solutions for many visual requirements. This means that our Optometrists can focus purely on their job of testing your eyes. By working together our Dispensing Opticians and Optometrists will ensure that you receive the very best optical solution available.

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