Student Digs by James Brooks from Saddleworth – My course so far

So Far So Good

So, I am now around two thirds of the way through my Optical Assistant course with ABDO College and I am still very much enjoying it! When I started my role here at Allegro Optical, I had absolutely no knowledge of the optical industry whatsoever. I was very much learning on the job for the first 9 months. James Brooks  

A professional qualification

An opportunity then arose for me to apply to attend an Optical Assistant course run by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO). Naturally I wanted to progress and gain more in-depth knowledge. As well as have a professional qualification. Having an already busy life with working full time, my family, banding and running a sports podcast, I was initially a bit concerned. I worried how I would be able to take on more commitments as the course involved weekly assignments. However I have had plenty of support of colleagues, my course tutor and my fiancé. I have so far been extremely pleased with my results.
Claire, James, Jill and Josie

Variety is the spice of life

The course in itself involves a wide variety of subjects within the optical industry. One week I can be doing mathematical equations. The following week I could be learning about the legal and ethical side of optics. I feel that since starting the course in September, I have already vastly improved my knowledge.  This has resulted in me gaining confidence within the industry. As well as the clinical side of things, the business and managerial aspects also very much appeal to me. I am hoping that when the course is complete, I can look at furthering my knowledge in both of these areas.  I’m sure will be of benefit to myself and Allegro Optical.

Onwards and Upwards

I have to say that from day one, Sheryl and Steve have been so supportive in regards to me paving a long and successful career in optics and just over a year after starting at Allegro Optical, I can only say how glad I am that I was given the opportunity. At Allegro Optical absolute perfection is our aim. As I’m sure you can tell, from the second you walk through the door and during your eye examination. From selecting your new glasses through to the individual measurements taken and our excellent aftercare. We work as a team to give all our clients a high quality, bespoke pair of spectacles. Ones that will not only work great but look great too!

Experience award winning eyecare for yourself

To book your appointment with the quick and lively team at Allegro Optical call  Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham 01484 907090 and experience award winning eye care for yourself.

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