Seeing the dots

Whit Friday Marches

The fabulous spectacle that is the Whit Friday Brass Band competition, looms large on the 9th June and we have had quite a few new customers for our musicians’ glasses. These are to help musicians cope with the different distances required during playing and marching.

As we get older, our eyes are less flexible in the way they work and Allegro understand the issues involved and have developed solutions for each of our customers. If you are having this problem, you need to get in touch as we are running out of time.


One of our clients who, solo horn player at Emley Brass Band said,

“The marching glasses worked a treat. Seeing the ground and around me was fine. Seeing the music was also fine. Durham Miner’s gala next. Thanks so much for your help with this; it’s really made a difference to the experience.”

The ageing eye and playing

Ageing eyes can present problems for musicians which we can help solve. As musicians ourselves we understand the many vision problems musicians’ experience. We know that many mature musicians’ struggle to see both their sheet music and the conductor while playing their instrument. We also know that many opticians don’t really understand how to correct the musician’s vision clearly at the many visual distances required by the professional or keen amateur musicians. If you are a professional, it could even potentially shorten your career? So if you need help to see the music visit

Whit Friday Brass Band competition 9th June 2017

As a matter of interest, the team at Allegro will be acting as hosts to a Championship class Swiss Brass band over the whole weekend. As part of the Champion Brass team, we will be acting as guides on the night and hosting trips and events for the band.

We’ll see you there.

Remember, if you need help to see the music, call Meltham, near Huddersfield on 01484 90 70 90 now. Allegro Optical, helping you see the music.


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Spectacular Band performance in Meltham by Stephen Tighe

Brass band Spectacular

The sun certainly had it’s hat on for the grand opening of our Meltham practice on Saturday. The village turned out in force to welcome Allegro Optical to Meltham, and with Diggle “B” Band playing we certainly turned a few heads.

Both Sheryl and I joined the band to play some rousing tunes, which had everyone’s  feet tapping along with the music.

All the staff were in attendance including Stephen Haigh our resident optometrist. Stephen, who had his own opticians practice in Almondbury for 20 years, brings quite a fan club to Allegro Optical in Meltham. Many of his clients attended Saturday’s opening, during which we were raising awareness and funds for the Macular Society.

The Macular Society is an organisation which provides practical and emotional support to people with macular disease. The day’s events included a balloon race raffle, raffle and selfie corner. So far we have raised over £120.00 for the charity and we hope to raise much more over the coming year.

We have been delighted by the warm welcome the village has given us and for the support we have received from the local businesses. We look forward to building a long and happy relationship with all the residents of the village and becoming an integral part of village life.