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New glasses hit the right note

We can see a bright future for this young cornet player

On this very wet September day, summer is now nothing but a memory. The kids are now all back at school and Autumn is with us, with the leaves turning to those beautiful reds and oranges.

The beginning of the Autumn term is always a busy time for opticians. It is now that we see a steady stream of our younger clients in need of new specs for the new school year. 


Children’s eye tests

Many parents have their children’s vision tested in the couple of weeks prior to the return to school. Just to be sure that they have clear vision for the academic year ahead and that nothing untoward with their eyes has developed. Children’s eye tests are free on the NHS and if the need glasses those can be obtained free of charge too with the NHS optical voucher scheme.

We had a visit last week from one very musical family who had 2 young boys in need of spectacles. One of the young gentlemen is very fond of playing his cornet and loves making music. He’s not at all shy of giving us an impromptu performance.

Infants glasses

While the family have come to us for some time, the youngest member came to collect his first pair of glasses.

As there was a strong family history of ametropia the youngest member of the family, who is just 11 months old, was tested at the hospital eye clinic and unsurprisingly he was prescribed corrective lenses.
Free childrens glasses and eye tests at Allegro Optical Meltham

The new glasses he collected will allow his vision to develop normally and as a result, he is unlikely to have any long-term effects.

Children’s eyesight develops from birth to around the age of five years. Good vision and eye health play a critical role in an infant’s development and children like everything else need to learn to see.

Poor eye health and vision problems can cause developmental delays in children so it is important to detect any problems early.  

At Allegro Optical in Meltham, our team of qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians are on hand to help with all your child’s visual needs. Children’s eye tests are free on the NHS as are their spectacles if needed. To book your child’s eye test give us a call on 01484 907090