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Glitz, Glam and Huge Knickers by Xanthe Doe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The festive party season is in full swing and many of us are desperately searching for that perfect dress, shimmering shoes, and beguiling bags. All so we can look absolutely fabulous at the works Christmas party. Plus making sure we don’t eat too many mince pies so we can still fit into our perfect dress…thank god for shapewear underpants!

But no party look would be complete without the perfect eye make-up. This is easier said than done for spectacle wearers, who often find this tricky to get right. Cue me spending an hour going for the smoky eye look and the end result looking more like Tai Shan the panda…but that’s a whole other story.

Whilst many of us will opt for contact lenses on a big night out, others may not be able to wear them or some just prefer to keep their frames on. But there’s absolutely no reason why we should have to sacrifice those glammed up eyes because of your specs!

Here’s some quick and easy party season make-up tricks for gorgeous spectacle wearers:

Here’s some quick and easy party season make-up tricks for gorgeous spectacle wearers:

Going Bronze

Bronze, metallic eyeshadow (my favourite!) is big in the beauty world, and for spec wearers it’s an excellent colour of choice to make your eyes really stand out. Warm metallic and shimmery shades are soft and help to lighten your eye area. The Revlon Nudes palette is a great product for mixing bronze hues, allowing you to create a more intense look that contrasts with your frames.  

Load up on Liner

Eyeliner is a spec wearers’ best friend, creating that wow, stand-out party season eye make-up look. Choose a soft black kohl such as Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner to line your eyes along the top and bottom lashes. Keep the line thin on the inner corners. Then  thicken it up as you sweep it across and gently smudge to create that smokey-eyed look. For more intensity, use a thin black liquid liner to outline your lashes on your top lid. Always apply a couple of coats of mascara to your top lashes.

Xanthe winter fashion

 Glamorous Glitter

If you really want real impact, glitter eyeshadow is always guaranteed to make your eyes stand out in your frames. It’s also the perfect festive party season make-up look, and is really easy to create. Whatever shade of shimmer you choose to enhance your eyes, make sure you apply a cream eyeshadow base first before adding the glitter. This helps to keep it in place.

Use a slightly damp brush to apply the glitter, dabbing on bit by bit and using gentle pressure to help it set. Use a touch of Vaseline on a piece of tissue to wipe away any excess glitter.

Xanthe goes glitter

Boost your Brows

Spectacles naturally draw attention to your brows, so make sure yours are well groomed and enhanced to make the right impact. Pluck or trim any stray hairs and use a brow defining product such as Benefit’s Browzings Eyebrow Shaping Kit to fill in any sparse spots. Sweep a light dusting of shimmer powder underneath to define your brow bone and lift your eye area.

Xanthe's brows

 And don’t forget…

  • Since you can’t apply make-up wearing your glasses, use a magnifying mirror to help you see better.
  • Curl your top lashes so they flick upwards and don’t hit your lenses.
  • The thicker your frames, the thicker your eyeliner needs to be to make your eyes stand out.
  • The colour of your eyeshadow shouldn’t compete with the colour of your frames.
  • A good rule of thumb I use when picking eyeshadow colours is to avoid picking colours, you’d find opposite on a colour wheel and swabbing them together on the back of your hand to see if they blend nicely together.

When did you last have an eye examination? If you’re overdue an eye examination why not book one today! Call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham call 01484 907090

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Christmas fashion and style in Greenfield, Saddleworth and Meltham, Holmfirth

Christmas fashion and style in Meltham and Saddleworth

The big day is nearly here and you’re invited to an evening of Christmas fashion and style in Meltham and Saddleworth. Are you a last minute Christmas shopper, trying to get something for everyone a week before the big day? Or, have you not only bought, but actually wrapped most of your presents already? Either way you can’t deny that the festive season is nearly upon us. 

Does the office party or Christmas Jumper Day fill you with dread? Do you worry about what to wear to the charity gala dinner? If so help is at hand as Allegro Optical calls in the experts at two evenings of festive fun and sparkle. 

Find your fashion

Following on from our successful colour and style event in July we are hosting two evenings of seasonal fashion and style tips. Coco Chanel famously said “Fashion changes, but style endures” and that is what the evenings are all about.

The purpose of our event is to engage in an evening of discussion about the importance of self-confidence through good styling. Fashion wouldn’t exist without style. Many of us don’t feel empowered enough to wear the styles of clothing that appeal to us the most. At Allegro Optical we want to encourage everyone to be bold enough to celebrate their own style and unapologetically express themselves.

A word from the experts

Guest speakers will use style, embellishment, and festivities as a topic to lead discussions about how to stay confident, motivated, inspired and most of all to love ourselves. The fashion industry doesn’t discuss this enough, so we aim to encourage and empower our audience and have them leave inspired or having inspired others. We talk about how colour and shape can flatter or flounder and how it can help your personality sparkle this festive season.

The evenings begin with a drinks and nibbles reception and you will have the opportunity to talk to all the speakers. 

Sparkle event ALlegro Optical at Scona 14th November 2019The first event is taking place on Thursday 14th November at Scona in Greenfield at 7:30 

Sparkle event Allegro Optical at 20th November 2019The second on Wednesday 20th November at Allegro Optical in Meltham.

If you would like to join us for an evening of sparkle and style in Greenfield register here or call 01457 353100 or for Meltham click here or call 01484 907090


Christmas – It’s the most wonderful time of year

But don’t overlook your eye health

It’s the most wonderful time of year, or so the song goes. There’ll be parties for hosting marshmallows for toasting, and carolling out in the snow. We celebrate the holiday season with parties, music and an abundance of food and drink. But this time of year comes with some risks, not just to our waistline but also to our eyes. This festive season the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) is highlighting the risks of a range of ‘makeup mistakes’ with posts across social media.* Recent research undertaken by ABDO has found that a surprising 44% of women have left their eye makeup on overnight at least once, whilst 28% of those surveyed use eye make-up that is out of date. It also revealed that 27% don’t clean their make-up application brushes regularly enough.

A good routine

Did you know that not removing your eye makeup daily with a specific eye makeup remover, and or failing to regularly clean any application brushes you use will increase the risk of a bacterial eye infection? This is also true for if you don’t replace your makeup as often as is recommended on the packaging. The research found that as many as 11% of women in the UK are at risk of damaging their eyes by applying eyeliner to the inside of their lashes.  The eyelid margins are the location of many important glands with the job of contributing oils to the tear layer. For this reason, ABDO recommends that make-up should not be applied inside the lash line. By leaving this area clear you will optimise your tear film and avoid recurrent dryness. With brow and Lash treatments growing in popularity they were surprised to find that only 15% of women know how to check if a treatment provider is correctly licensed and certified to provide their services and an amazing 86% would still go for treatment even if they were not fully licenced.

When things go wrong

The research found that less than half of the women surveyed (43%) would see an optician if they were experiencing any discomfort in their eyes. In a UK wide press-release, ABDO urged anyone with any eye care concerns to seek assistance from their optician. In many areas across the UK, you can now access eye care and treatment from your optician on the NHS under the Primary Care Eye Assessment and Referral Service PEARS. So this festive season make your optician your first port of call for any eye problems. Allegro Optical is an accredited Opticians participating in the PEARS Scheme. We provide a free eye care service for people with minor eye conditions. If you need advice or treatment for a recent eye condition contact us on 01484 907090 or visit   Allegro Optical Opticians-Christmas-Makeup-Infographic Christmas 2018