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Janet’s Spectacular eyewear styling journey

From Boring Binns to Glorious Glasses 

We recognise that selecting new glasses is a pain for most individuals. In most other circumstances, you’re left to “self-select” your eyewear from a dizzying assortment of potentially thousands of options. This merely increases your chances of selecting the incorrect frame! Now combine the new spectacle frame dilemma with a very strong prescription and you have a recipe for disaster.

It was in early May that Janet approached us having heard about the Allegro Optical Eyewear Styling approach to choosing new glasses. Having purchased new glasses a few months earlier from a local competitor Janet was disappointed with her appearance in the glasses. Her lens thickness and her quality of vision correction. 

At Allegro Optical, we provide a more refined method of purchasing eyewear. Our Eyewear Styling Consultation enables our registered dispensing opticians to help our clients select new glasses. It is intended to alleviate the frustrations and inconveniences that come with selecting new glasses. Our individual approach saves clients considerable time and effort. It also eliminates the random and often disorderly approach to selecting new glasses. It will make the entire purchasing experience more pleasurable and gratifying. Eyewear styling clients receive expert guidance and recommendations to suit their personality, colouring, face shape and visual needs.

Time to show Janet’s true colours

After a few minutes of discussion with Janet, we were able to get to know her style preferences and attitude to colour. We then analysed Janet’s colouring and facial features, took some facial measurements and discussed her lens preferences. Our aim is to provide clients with a calm and pleasurable experience. We help them to enjoy the process of trying on frames from our hand-curated range of eyewear. Clients can also enjoy either a great pot of tea or a cafetière of fresh coffee. Alternatively, a glass of wine or Prosecco may be more your style.

Having spent some time with Janet, we discovered that she has a creative and natural styling personality and favours a cool colour palette. Janet has quite angular features, fabulous cheekbones and beautifully arched brows which we wanted to accentuate. 

We selected six frames of the correct size for Janet to choose from, she settled on the very first one we showed her, a stunning frame by Oliver Goldsmith. A beautiful medium grey tortoise acetate with a very subtle cat-eye shape, the frame has a polished Italian acetate front, with brushed steel sides and matching temple tips.

Outside Prescriptions Welcome

Janet brought her prescription from her previous optician with her. Our Optometrist, Sara Ackroyd, checked the notated powers then we set about choosing Janet’s lenses. Janet is amblyopic, in other words, she has what is often referred to as a lazy eye and she has a very strong prescription. We settled on the thinnest possible resin lenses, choosing a 1.74 index with lenticularisation to thin the edges. 1.74 index resins are ultra-high index lens materials that are used to make lenses that are extremely thin. Perfect for Janet prescription. As Janet has quite an active lifestyle she wanted Transition lenses and favoured the grey colour change as it complimented her frames.  

On closer inspection

As Janet’s prescription is so strong she prefers to have separate glasses for reading and distance. For her reading glasses, she chose a beautiful frame by the bold Dutch manufacturer Outspoken, opting for the Outspoken OA2021. We glazed this frame with a 1.67 resin, again using lenticularisation to thin the edges. The 1.67 index lens material provides a perfect base for thinner lenses and has strong impact resistance. Again, Janet opted for a grey Transitions 8 coating so that she can enjoy reading in the sun. 

Having joined “Eyeplan” (our eye care scheme), Janet is safe in the knowledge that she has fully insured her glasses against accidental damage. The scheme also gives her unlimited eye care, whenever she needs it and preferential rates on all purchases. So it was no surprise that after collecting her first pair of glasses Janet decided to purchase some sunglasses.

Time for some fun in the sun

Janet was delighted with her reading glasses, her lens thickness and her quality of vision in them. She was so pleased, she decided to order some prescription sunglasses and settled on two pairs of Aspinal of London. Janet chose the Palmero Sunglass in two colours, the Opal and the Mink. 

While the design of these frames was inspired by the 1960s Italian glitterati culture, they still feature some contemporary elements. For a delicate designer touch, each piece is lightly decorated with Aspinal of London’s identifiable logo and branding, making these frames instantly recognisable. 

Janet opted for a very dark tinted, high index lens, with a dual surface anti-reflection coating. This helps to reduce glare and give a better cosmetic appearance. Sometimes high prescription lenses can appear to be quite thick and heavy.

Not wanting a spectacle

Now that Janet has a fantastic spectacle wardrobe, she is all set for any occasion. That said, she still wanted contact lenses for occasional use, for those moments when wearing glasses isn’t practical. Janet preferred Acuvue Oasys 1 Day Lenses as they give her the flexibility to wear them just occasionally. These lenses have a good expiry date, allowing her to keep a box for when she wants them without committing to a regular supply. Although she does have the option to have regular deliveries of just 30 pairs to her home address every three months if she wishes.

A word from the lady herself

Now Janet has a fabulous spectacle wardrobe and is enjoying her eyewear once again. We asked Janet how she felt about her eyewear styling journey with Allegro Optical. Her response was as follows;

“Too often I have felt a sense of ‘making-do’ with frames that simply fit my prescription to avoid thick lenses, with little attention to whether they suit my face or indeed have any style or flair to them. In contrast, I am delighted with my spectacles from Allegro, as encouraged by Sheryl I chose some beautifully stylish, up-to-date frames that make me look younger and feel brighter when I see my reflection in a mirror. The attention to detail in lenses so thinned-down and neatly fitted is exceptional, and the customer care has felt personal and entirely tailored to my individual needs. What more can I say? I highly recommend Allegro Opticians and am delighted to have found a local optician that I can rely on.”

Love your eyewear

Because we wear our glasses all day and rely on them to see correctly, comfort, style and function are equally important parts of the overall glass-wearing experience. It can also make choosing the right pair of glasses seem intimidating and challenging. A qualified, GOC registered dispensing optician can guide you through the maze of choosing the right glasses for you. Our dispensing opticians are trained, eyewear stylists. They are able to suggest alternatives and even make the experience enjoyable. They will find frames that fit perfectly. Frames that are suitable for your prescription and most importantly help you to feel confident in your eyewear. 

Enjoy some eye time

The process we use is geared to making you feel comfortable with your choice of eyewear, give you confidence when wearing your glasses and help you fall in love with your eyewear. We’d also like to add that eyewear styling isn’t just for the ladies! Gentlemen can also benefit from an eyewear consultation to assist them in selecting frames that match their individuality, business persona or reflect their personality. 

Glasses can help people understand you for who you are, or they can help you portray the image you want. The idea is to get the best glasses frames to project the image you want while still suiting your personality and lifestyle. That goes for ladies and gentlemen.

Book your consultation and enjoy some eye time

With our Eyewear Styling Consultation, you’ll get more personalised service and better advice. You’ll enjoy a relaxed and courteous consultation with a member of our dispensing team, instead of looking through hundreds of frames that don’t suit you or fit you well. It could also be a lot of fun.

To book your personal eyewear styling consultation, simply call us in Greenfield, Saddleworth on 01457 35310 or Meltham, Holmfirth on 01484 907090 and have a chat with one of our friendly teams.

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A passion for purple in 2021


2021, our year of colour?

2020 was a memorable year for all the wrong reasons. For many of us, it was an emotional, and challenging year. We’ve all had to deal with COVID19, social distancing and many of us have lost loved ones and colleagues. Our Greenfield practice also had to cope with a burglary just before Christmas, when thieves broke in and stole all our sunglasses, computers and glasses frames.  This left us with very little stock. We have pulled out all the stops and restocked the practice over the seasonal break with some fabulous new frames. We will be focusing on the new ranges over the next few weeks, but today we are looking at colour and how to wear it. If you haven’t visited Allegro Optical yet you won’t have had one of our colour and eyewear styling consultations. 2020 can only be described as a really trying year for everyone, with all the challenges you may want to start adding a little more colour to your wardrobe. Let’s face it, we all want to cheer things up a bit.  Everyone who comes for a colour and eyewear styling consultation with Allegro Optical receives a palette of 44 colours that work specifically for them. However, there are some shades which will work for most people, when combined carefully with other colours. Opting for a universal shade is a great place to start. Here we take you through one of those magical universal shades so you can add a splash of colour, knowing it’ll work for you.


The colour of Kings and Emperors, regal and refined, purple is a classic shade that works for everyone, without exception. The universal shade of purple is medium in shade and surprisingly a very similar to the shade to a particular chocolate wrapper that is very popular at this time of year. Most colour pallets can wear this shade on its own without needing to add anything else. Passionate purple 2021 If you’re curious to discover ALL the colours and frame styles that will work for you, as well as how to wear them then get in touch by calling #Greenfield 01457 353100 or #Meltham 01484 907090
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A stocking full of festive eye facts

Festive eye facts
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, like us you’re probably enjoying all the festive sights our eyes allow us to see. From beautifully twinkling and bedecked Christmas trees to sparkling fairy lights and those brightly wrapped presents under the tree. Have you ever thought about how different Christmas would be without our vision?  Take a minute or two to learn a few interesting facts about our eyes (we’re fairly certain a few will be a surprise!
  1. Did you know that our eyes are one of the first organs to develop after conception?. In fact, a fetus’s eyes begin to develop just two weeks after conception. 
  2. Incredibly our eyes weigh just 7 grams each (or a quarter of an ounce for those of us who still use imperial). 
  3. They measure just 24.2 millimetres in diameter, just over 1 inch.
  4. When we are born, our eyes are about 70% of the size they will reach in adulthood. That said, our ears and our noses never stop growing.
  5. Our eyes are complex organs. They are composed of more than 2 million parts – every one has a specific function!
  6. Amazingly the muscles responsible for moving our eyes are the strongest in the body relative to their size.
  7. The eyes our friends and family see aren’t exactly the whole picture. In fact, just one-sixth of our eyes are visible.


  1. If we took all the eyelashes we shed throughout our lives and line them up end to end, it would measure over 30 meters, that’s almost 100 feet in length!
  2. Our eyelashes are more than just a pretty facial feature. They actually do a job! They catch dust and debris before any nasty substances can get into our eyes.


  1. On average, we all blink about 12 times each minute. Less if looking at a computer screen. This is why it’s important to remember to look away occasionally and give those eyes a rest.
  2. On average a blink takes about 0.3 seconds. If we were to add up all our blinks throughout the day, it would amount to about 30 minutes. A bit of a cat nap really!
  1. As we grow older we all produce fewer tears. This is the reason why dry eyes become problematic as we age.
  2. Our tears are essential to help us see clearly and to maintain the health of our eyes.
  3. Did you know that our bodies make three types of tears; 
  1. a) Basal tears are in our eyes all the time, they lubricate, nourish and protect our corneas
  2. b) Reflex tears are formed when our eyes need to wash away harmful irritants, such as foreign bodies. Our eyes release them in greater amounts than basal tears. They also contain more antibodies to help us fight bacteria and infections.
  3. c) Emotional tears are produced in response to many feelings such as joy, sadness, and fear. 
Our eyes and our brain 
  1. Each of our eyes has a small blind spot. This is the point where the optic nerve passes through our retinas. We rarely notice this lack of visual information because our brains fill in the blind spot based on information from the other eye.
  2. Our visual cortex is the part of our brain that processes our vision. Physically, the visual cortex is at the back of the brain in the occipital lobe.
  3. As human beings vision is so important to us that it takes up more than 50% of our brain’s functionality.
At Allegro Optical we love eyes! Millions of years of evolution have made our eyes one of the most interesting and complex components of our bodies. Our eyes are truly a miracle of nature, this is why it is important to keep them healthy with regular eye exams. If it has been a while since you have had your eyes examined, contact us to arrange an appointment or call Greenfield 01457 353100 or Meltham 01484 907090
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Show your true colours – Tantalising teal

Tantalising Teal Collage Facebook Post

Tantalising teal, A universal colour. Or is it?

When we were choosing the new frames for this season’s collection, it quickly became known as ‘Tantalising Teal’. We realised that we’d had a bit of a teal-fest when choosing the frame colours. Teal is well known as a universal colour, a colour everyone can wear. But is this true? 
  • There are a plethora of shades of teal, ranging from soft sky to turquoise, dark teal to deep Cyan. In fact, in a recent internet search, we found 41 shades of teal. Some are soft, some are more intense, some are bright, but there is a teal out there for everyone!
  • As a colour and wardrobe staple, Teal is much more versatile than you may think. It can be teamed with so many different colours along with lighter or darker shades of itself. It’s so easy to dress Teal up or down depending on what it’s coupled with.
  • We love to wear Teal with both gold or silver jewellery. We even like to mix it up a bit!
  • Teal works well as an accent colour, but equally well as a base colour. 
Tantalising Teal Colour styling at Allegro Optical

Teal, Just your colour?

Everyone who comes to Allegro Optical for a colour and eyewear style analysis is presented with a palette of 22 colours that work specifically for them, there are also a few shades which, when combined carefully with other colours, will work for nearly everyone.  Teal works for those who have a fair skin tone and blue eyes, It also works for us brunettes with brown eyes. If you have a Soft Muted or Light palette you can mix your teals with lighter neutral colours. Those of us who have a Deep or Clear can be bolder with more striking combinations often teaming teal with another bold colour such as charcoal or chocolate. If you have a Cool complexion, try mixing your teals with cassis or aqua. Finally, if you have a warm colour palette, like our Dispensing Optician Claire, you could combine it with cream, pewter or even coral shades. Allegro Optical Greenfield Claire James and Sheryl

The psychology of colour

We often ask clients what first impressions they want to create. We also ask them how they want their new glasses to make them feel. That’s not as strange as it seems. It is well documented that the colours we wear often affect our moods and other people’s first impressions.  The definition of teal is “a dark greenish-blue” and came into common use during the first world war. Colours are frequently associated with feelings and teal is often considered as a colour of peace and tranquillity. Teal combines the calm, peace, clarity of blue with the restful, soothing and cheerfulness of green. Wearing teal makes many of us enjoy a feeling of reliability, dignity, and balance. As for first impressions, wearing teal can also imply trustworthiness and reliability. Wearing teal creates a positive response from both men and women.

16 shades of teal

Show your true colours

Memorable glasses are a great way to express yourself and help show off your own unique features.  Many of our clients like to accessorise with shoes, jewellery and handbags, some even collect them. While many people view eyewear as merely a functional device we see it as an opportunity to express ourselves.   Eyewear can frequently be the very thing which helps us celebrate our individual style. The perfect glasses can transform us, creating a memorable first impression and building confidence. 

We care about your eyecare and your eyewear

So when you visit Allegro Optical Opticians you can not only be sure that you will receive first-class eye care you can also take a journey in colour. If you would like to try our unique range of eyewear call, Greenfield, on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090
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Eyewear Styling – Helping you discover your wow.

A unique Eyewear Styling Service

Did you know that Allegro Optical offers a unique Eyewear Styling Service? Exclusively for existing and new customers at their practices in Greenfield and Meltham. This individually dedicated consultation service offers our clients a unique and bespoke one-hour eyewear styling consultation. We help them to discover their perfect eyewear to suit both their optical and style needs.  Throughout the Christmas period, the consultations are free of charge following a private examination including 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (3D OCT). Let’s face it, everyone deserves a little bit of pampering at this time of year, especially after the dreadful year 2020 has been.


Eyewear Styling

The Allegro Optical dispensing team have been trained by the Eyewear Styling Academy. The team have learnt how to analyse an individual’s colour psychology, facial features, style personality and recommend the eyewear selection that will suit them best. This will enable all clients’ to feel assured they are being given an unparalleled consultation service to find them their perfect eyewear.  

Practice Owner and 2019 Dispensing Optician of the Year Sheryl Doe said: ‘From experience, we have often found that clients find choosing eyewear a daunting experience. We want choosing glasses to be an enjoyable experience and we felt it was necessary to invest in a process to better help clients.” 

“Our Dispensing Opticians love helping clients discover and select eyewear which they not only feel happy in but enjoy wearing! Our whole team receives regular refresher training to keep them up-to-date and new team members undertake the training as soon as possible. This ensures that they are all experts in eyewear styling and we are delighted to be able to offer this bespoke, eyewear styling consultation service to existing and new customers. Clients of all ages, gender and style preference will now be able to find their perfect and most suitable eyewear in our practice.”.

Booking a Consultation

Eyewear Styling Consultations are available daily in both practices but must be booked in advance by calling Greenfield, Saddleworth on 01457 353100 or Meltham, Holmfirth on 01484 907090

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Caron eyewear – Making a virtual statement on Zoom

Caron eyewear ethos

‘Zoom’ calls for a fresh look – A guest blog by Nyree Hughes

With so many of us now working from home, swapping the office for virtual meetings delivered from the dining table. While we may all secretly be wearing yoga pants and slippers, (not just me, right?) From the desk up, we still need to look the part, and with that in mind, we should also be taking care of our peepers, especially with all this extra screen time. 


So, post lockdown no 1. I visited Sheryl and her team, I had shamefully not had my eyes tested in three years, and while I didn’t care to admit it, my eyesight had deteriorated, and my frames needed an upgrade too. Despite the fear of going anywhere in case coronavirus was lurking and ready to pounce, I braved it and was put at ease by the measures put in place at Allegro Optical.

All the staff are wearing PPE and surgical scrubs, which they boil wash every evening. The entire team wear masks, visors, gloves and aprons, while the optometrists “Gown Up” to perform the actual eye test. The Ozone generators are very discreet, but it is very comforting to hear them switching on and off, cleaning and sanitising the air at regular intervals. The team has implemented additional safety and cleaning measures. Every touchpoint is sanitised, including frames after every customer. Staff note this down in a cleaning log as they go along. There is also a strict social distancing procedure in place, along with protective screens and segregated areas marked with tape. 

My eye test

All the eye test appointments are now a little longer to allow for thorough cleaning of consulting rooms after each visit. But the other difference I noticed was the 3D OCT machine which helps Amy and her fellow optometrists to view the health of my eyes in greater detail. The device allows her to see what’s going on beneath the surface of my retina, which she can’t with a photo or her scope. Amy explained this view in easy to understand terms; basically,  the retina is a bit like a sandwich, with lots of layers. 

Amy Ogden Optometrist full PPE

With traditional retinal photography Amy can see the top of the “sandwich”, “the bread”, but the 3D image produced from an OCT scan slices the “sandwich” in half and turns it on its side so she can see all the layers inside. Using this machine, Amy and her colleagues can then map out and measure the thickness of each of my retinas layers to get an even more precise idea of my eye health. 3D OCT scans can help to detect sight-threatening eye conditions earlier. Glaucoma can be detected up to four years earlier.  Thankfully I have a very healthy retinal, and all the layers are perfect. 

Finding my perfect look

After my eye test, I got on with the inspiring task of choosing a frame, and it was a difficult job because there was so much choice! What I love about Sheryl is not only her enthusiasm but her knack to seek out the right frame for my face shape and my complexion too. She’s also very good at nudging me just a little out of my comfort zone, to take the plunge and go for something a little bit special!

Before choosing any frames, Sheryl measured me in great detail, my head width, bridge and nose splay! I didn’t even know that was a thing? She then analysed my skin tones, colours and face shape and then we were off, and the fun began.

We looked at what my “colours” were, apparently my colour palette is a combination of clear and deep. This means I can wear light and dark colours together or even two dark shades. Sheryl said dark colours work well for me, especially if they have a sheen. I’d never thought about any of this when choosing glasses in the past. It was fabulous to be able to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and have frames brought to me, which were perfect for my colouring, face shape and personality. It was like a real pamper session.

Making a virtual statement 

I’m a fan of statement eyewear.  I wouldn’t describe myself as being at Pru Leith levels just yet, but something a little different from the norm is right up my street. Thanks to Sheryl and her team at Allegro Optical I’ve found my new favourite frames in Caron Eyewear. They scream style and elegance and make a statement without being ‘in your face.’ 

Caron Eyewear’s debut collection strikes a balance between femininity and strength. Not only are the frames comfortable to wear, but they are also chic, timeless, with a clear emphasis on detail. And they fit perfectly. 

Nyree Hughes loves Caron Eyewear

I’m now a very proud wearer of Caron’s Look Fabulous in black and gold.  These frames bring the cat-eye style bang up to date in a dreamy combination of acetate and metal. I have had so many compliments about my glasses since I collected them and I am enjoying wearing them. They fit like a glove and allow me to express the real me with confidence and a smile. 

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Eyewear trends for autumn/winter

Allegro Optical blog

Allegro Optical take a seasonal look at eyewear trends

It only feels like yesterday that we were enjoying the long sunny days, waiting for the end of lockdown. Now here we are once again at the beginning of yet another lockdown, this time a slightly more dismal one.  Despite the doom and gloom, just landed in-store are some gorgeous new collections that have got the team all excited. If you’re ready to experiment with ‘one of a kind, check me out, I’m working from home and look amazing’ frames, the latest styles from La Matta, Coco Sung, CCS and Okki Factory are nothing short of fresh, experimental, statement and timeless classics. 

New frames, just for you

If you’re someone who loves to make a statement with your frames or the kind of person who goes minimal, then now is the right time to choose fashionable frames to complement your personality.  Or if you love a retro look but want to stay contemporary and fresh, then you definitely need to have a look at some of these fabulous new designs.  Remember to keep in mind your face shape, your skin tone, your personality and lifestyle when choosing your frames,  but if in doubt, we’re here to guide you through.  

Here are some of our favourite frames and trends that are going to look great now and over the next year

La Matta 

If you’re looking for bold frames with intriguing hues which ooze personality, look no further than La Matta. Featuring animal prints and colours inspired by the wild, these frames explode with detail and original decorative elements. The upswept front and magnificent colours are made for those looking for something unique and special. 

La Matta LMV3245

Coco Song 

Coco Song frames are the ultimate fusion of East and West. Inspired by nature, they are not just accessories but feature elegant jewels to wear according to your mood.

At the heart of this brand are the deep colours of French silks, perfectly in line with current eyewear trends.

Dried flower and semi-precious stones that make each frame an individual masterpiece. Each frame is carefully made by hand, taking a minimum of six months to perfect. We have many different styles in stock, from subtle metal rims with glorious arms, to the subtle silk inlays. 

CocoSong HardSpeaker C3


CCS, is the fresh new take from the now-famous Coco Song eyewear.  CSS frames have the same individuality of Coco Song as they highlight the natural elements such as silks, dried flowers and feathers; all laminated into transparent acetates of pearly colours. We hope you’ll love these as much as we do!Coco Song CCS CCS122 c4

Okki Factory

If bright colourful acetate frames are your bag, look no further than Okki Factory.  These bold frames are just a little bit different from the norm; from a bold white cat-eye style to pearly green, we also have a fabulous range with exquisite fabric inserts in a range of colours again spot on considering current eyewear trends.

Okki Factory Chanty

We care about your eyecare and your eyewear

We know that almost everyone wants to look their best and that first impressions count. That’s why when you visit Allegro Optical Opticians you can not only be sure that you will receive first-class eye care. If you would like to try our unique range of eyewear call, Greenfield, on 01457 353100 or Meltham on  01484 907090

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It’s time to show your true colours

Show your true colours

Things have been rather busy at Allegro Optical over the last few months. Hence our low profile on the blog front. The team have all been working hard helping many clients, old and new. Despite COVID19, we’ve been having a very productive time. We have also been dispensing lots of gorgeous glasses. So many in fact we’ve had to bring in a lot of new brands.

Show your true colours at Allegro Optical

The UK spectacle frames market has, for a long time, been very boring, dominated by “designer” brands, 80% of which are manufactured by one large conglomerate and mass-produced in China. In comparison, the European market has celebrated colour for many a year. The Europeans have featured fantastic shapes and a ‘look at me attitude to wearing wonderful specs’ which many Brits have only been able to look on in admiration from afar.

Well, things are changing on both sides of Saddleworth moor as we are determined to bring something more into Saddleworth life and allow you to show your true colours!

It’s time for something new

It’s no secret that the Allegro Optical team love quality and something a little quirky. Some of our new brands tick just those boxes. LA MATTA frames are no exception. Featuring animal prints and bold colours inspired by the wild La Matta Eyewear express the personality and allure of the modern woman. With intriguing hues and lots of personality, LA MATTA frames are an explosion of colour and detail. 

LA MATTA EGYPTIAN QUEEN from Allegro Optical

La Matta is more than a frame: it is an accessory with which the modern stylish woman can express herself. The frames exude feminine power and female charm. New shapes with decorative elements and semi-precious stones showcase LA MATTA’S vibrant colours. 

La Matta’s latest advertising campaign image is dedicated to a very powerful, feminine and resourceful queen, Nefertiti! We are loving the new collection which is just perfect for a self-confident woman who loves details that are unique in their kind! 

La Matta LMV3245


Don’t be a wallflower, it’s time to bloom

As opticians, we often wonder why sometimes clients want to spend so much money on something they don’t want others to notice, and often scrimp on that first impression?  Many ladies spend a fortune on footwear but they often forget the first thing people see is our face.  Memorable glasses are a great way to express yourself, show off your own unique features.  Some clients have traditionally spent a large amount on accessories such as shoes, jewellery and handbags, some even collect them,  yet eyewear seems to be considered, by many, as merely a functional device. Well, things have changed.

LA MATTA LMV3282. col 04-09

While nobody particularly wants to be reminded that their eyesight is failing. However, eyewear can frequently be the very thing which helps them celebrate their individual style. The perfect glasses can transform a person, create a memorable first impression and build confidence. Now we can all flaunt our personal style

We care about your eyecare and your eyewear

So when you visit Allegro Optical Opticians you can not only be sure that you will receive first-class eye care. If you would like to try our unique range of eyewear call, Greenfield, on 01457 353100 or Meltham on  01484 907090