Boggarts, Bonfires and Big Bangs

The leaves are falling, Autumn has arrived It’s getting close to that time of year again. Halloween and Bonfire Night approach with the rain, lower temperatures, and shorter days. It’s nearly time to get dressed up and let our hair down. While we are all for having a good time, like every year we just […]

The frightening truth about Halloween contact lenses

Why Halloween contact lenses frighten us at Allegro Optical Opticians Cat’s eyes, Zombi eyes, Cyber eyes, no eyes there’s a Halloween contact lens out there for sale on the internet. The choice is endless and very cheap, with lenses cost from as little as £2.99. Or is it? What you should know before buying We […]

Read on if you dare this halloween…..

You’re in for a scare In just a couple of weeks’ time, we will be plastering on the face paint and fake blood, putting on pointy hats and cobwebbed gowns. We’ll be carving pumpkins into something scary or possibly even cute smiley faces. I am of course talking about Halloween, where for one night, people knock on complete […]