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Meet The Team – Niamh Curran – Optical Support Assistant

Meet another member of our team

Niamh came to us on work experience and she’s been here ever since. In this month’s Meet The Team blog we talk to Niamh who is based in Meltham. We asked her a few questions, so that you can get to know her better.

Niamh Curran Optical Support Allegro Optical, the musicians optician Meltham

Tell us a little about yourself

During the week, I go to college where I’m studying biology, chemistry, history and photography, (an unusual combination I know). At the weekend I’m the Saturday girl at Allegro Optical. I’ve always been a bookworm, with my parents previously owning the bookshop, “Happy Cow Books” (I definitely remember it like the magical bookshop in You’ve Got Mail). In my spare time, I also love capturing photos, baking, listening to music and volunteering when I can. I have volunteered for the past two years at Meltham Beer Festival. My Dad organises this along with Meltham Memories, raising money for the local community. 

How did you come to work at Allegro Optical?

I came to Allegro Optical for work experience in March 2018 to gain insight into the optical industry. In July 2018 I joined the Allegro team. I have always found it fascinating how life changing a pair of glasses can be. Seeing the important process of testing someone’s eyesight, dispensing and then people receiving their glasses from the sidelines, is my favourite part of the job. As a customer you don’t see the science behind correcting someone’s vision. Or the different complications that need to be dealt with, but I do. 

Meet The Team - Niamh

What do you like about your job?

I like the social aspect of my job, talking to different people in the practice and on the phone. It has definitely improved my communication skills and my confidence. Being quite a shy person this was very daunting when I first started. I enjoy helping people so being a part of the Allegro team, who help people see, is very rewarding and fulfilling. Being a part of the Allegro team is like a second family; we all look out for each other. It definitely outweighs waking up early on a Saturday.

What are your plans for the future and what do you see yourself doing in ten years?

I aim to go to university after finishing my A levels, at the moment I know I want to continue with my science subjects, perhaps going into optics or even forensics. The optical industry merges healthcare and retail so working for Allegro Optical gives me two different angles to learn from and experience. 

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Meet The Team – Xanthe Doe Digital / E-Commerce Manager

Xanthe Doe – Digital / E-Commerce

Xanthe Doe Allegro Optical the musicians optician

Digital / E-Commerce Manager Xanthe has a way with words, in fact, she is a bit of a lexical goddess. Whether it’s writing a creative blog or something a little more off the wall for social media.  Xanthe is our go-to girl.

When Xanthe isn’t creating trendy social media posts or helping the team with day-to-day tasks, she takes a healthy interest in fashion. Always immaculate Xanthe treats every day as if life is the catwalk. If you want some sound fashion advice regarding frame style, she’ll tell it as it is. We chatted to Xanthe about what makes her tick and here are her resposes.

Xanthe, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Sheryl Doe’s youngest daughter and I am the Digital / E-Commerce Manager with Allegro Optical and  and I recently got engaged to my lovely man Simon (YAY!). Now a lot of my free time at the moment is taken up with wedding planning. Xanthe Doe Allegro Optical the musicians optician

What is your role within Allegro Optical?

Visual stress assessment at Allegro Optical Meltham

My Role within Allegro Optical is as a Digital / E-Commerce Manager which includes a wide range of things from doing data entry to stock takes to writing blogs. I also recorded review videos reviewing our frames which you can view here. 

How has your role changed since you joined Allegro Optical?

Xanthe and Sheryl Doe Allegro Optical the musicians optician

When I first started my job was data entry part time. Whereas now, I’m full time doing a much wider range of jobs. I love how day to day, week to week, it’s different, no month is the same and I’m learning new skills all the time.

What do you like about your job?

XAnthe Doe and James Brooks Allegro Optical

I like how it’s a family business and knowing the harder I work the more it not only benefits me, but also my family and future family members prospects. We all work as a team at Allegro Optical and even if we’re not related we all support and help each other.

What do you do in your spare time?

Xanthe winter fashion

When not working as a Digital / E-Commerce Manager I’m a very keen crocheter, although my skills only go as far as blankets, cuddly toys and hats. I thoroughly enjoy reading murder mysteries, my top 3 favourite authors would be Agatha Christie, Linwood Barclay and Martina Cole. If you don’t find me tucked away in a corner with my head in a book or crocheting a blanket, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking chocolate cupcakes, Victoria sponge or Brownies. 

What are your plans for the future?

I’m planning to run a 5k in 2020, but I am the least fit person you can imagine. I refuse to even run to catch the bus.  I’m both excited to start training and get fitter, but i’m apprehensive as to what I’ve gotten myself into.  

Where is your dream holiday destination?

I recently took a dream holiday to New York so I’m ticking that off the bucket list. I would say my new dream holiday would have to be, to take a road trip through Italy beginning at Genova going by Venice through Rome and ending in Naples. Enjoying all the rich and wonderful food and scenery. 

Xanthe Doe Allegro Optical the musicians optician

What is your favourite book?

My favourite book would have to be Murder On The Orient Express simply because it was the first proper book I ever read as I’m dyslexic and struggled to ever read more then a 100-page book when I was young and so I never enjoyed reading but when I began to read Murder On The Orient Express it gripped me and made me want to read more and so that book will always have a very special place in my heart as It opened the door to my love of reading. 

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Meet the team – Josie Dawson

It’s good talk – Josie Dawson – Optical Assistant/Administrator

Josie has been with Allegro Optical since the very beginning and she’s seen it all. So we thought it would be a good idea to ask her a few questions.

Josie Dawson Recptionist

How has your role changed since Allegro Optical opened in Meltham?

As we have grown, we have been able to offer more services eg. O.C.T. Colorimetry, hearing care and podiatry. We have extended our range of frames to include recycled and hemp frames.  Now we stock as many British made products as we can. Sheryl has worked very hard to extend our range of lenses. We now offer anything from single vision through to our unique tailor made musician lenses. We are now seeing musicians and performers travelling from far and wide to use our services. Unfortunately for me this has produced more administration (paperwork) than I thought possible, but I am enjoying the challenge of keeping everything in order.

When did you start working in optics?

I started working in Optics when I was 18 years old, working  for Dollond and Aitchison in Huddersfield, leaving 12 years later to have my first baby. During this time I met lots of pre reg students (Optom’s have to do 1 year under supervision before they can test solo).  One of whom was Stephen Haigh. I ended up working for Stephen in his Almondbury practice for many years. In fact until I left to work for Sheryl at Allegro Optical. 

What do you like about your job?

Everything really, there’s so much variety in what I do. I enjoy meeting people and being part of their optical journey, from the initial contact of booking their appointment, making sure the Optom has all the information and forms they need, to helping choose frames or giving a second opinion on what suits, to the collection and fitting and seeing a client leave really happy with their new spectacles and the service they have received. That makes all the unseen administration ( paperwork!) I do worthwhile.

Josie Dawson, Allegro Optical Opticians in Meltham

When not at work what do you like to do?

I enjoy doing lots of things, I’m very social and love to catch up with my family and friends, I do the ‘ ladies who lunch ‘ with my best pal Carol, you can’t beat eating, drinking and chatting an afternoon away. At home when I’m not painting and decorating or pottering around the garden, I enjoy reading, sewing and knitting, a good crossword puzzle or suduko keeps my brain active!

Where is your dream holiday destination?

I don’t really do holidays as I’m not a good traveller.  I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis, perhaps one of these days I will. Until then, I enjoy visiting the Lake District, I’d like to explore it more.

To meet more of our team visit our Meet the team page of get to know them better by reading their blogs.

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May to November, by Saddleworth Dispensing Optician Claire Atkinson

My 1 st 6 months as Saddleworth’s resident dispensing optician

I had been working for my previous employer for 7 years when Sheryl approached me with an exciting new proposition of resident dispensing optician in Saddleworth. In fact that very same week I’d had a conversation with my family about how much easier life would be if I worked closer to home. The 20 mile commute over the moors was taking it’s toll and it certainly wasn’t pleasant in the winter months.

Claire Atkinson - Dispensing Optician Musicians Optician Greenfield Uppermill SaddleworthWe had worked together previously (Optics is a very small world) which made our initial chat about the role far less nerve wracking than a formal interview. I soon came to realise that that’s how things are done at Allegro. There is a
familiar, friendly feel in both premises which makes for a relaxed environment for staff and patients alike.
Let’s face it, when considering a new job we have to weigh up the pros and cons and I’m pleased to say that there were far more pros! I already knew 3 members of staff from previous employment, I only had a 5 minute commute, I
liked the ethos of the business and I was excited to be a part of something new.

Working in a new business

In the back of my mind there were thoughts of ‘It’s a new business, will it be successful in this economic climate’ ‘will my job be secure for years to come.’ I needn’t have worried – The Meltham practice was going from strength-to-strength and it’s now clear that the lovely people of Saddleworth and the surrounding areas were keen to see what we’re all about.

Allegro Optical Greenfield Claire James and Sheryl

I have really enjoyed getting to know my new colleagues and patients and it’s been interesting to see the new ranges of spectacle frames ( getting excited about new frame ranges is an occupational hazard!) I am proud to say that I
work for Allegro and I look forward to seeing where Sheryl and Steve will take the business – and of course how many more awards will be won! It makes such a difference to your well-being to go to work with a spring in your step so here’s to another 6 months and beyond!
Claire Atkinson

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Meet the Team: Amy Ogden – Resident Optometrist, Meltham

Amy Ogden Optometrist

We’d like to introduce Amy, she’s just joined the team

Thanks to continued growth our team is growing and we would like to introduce Amy Ogden, Meltham’s new resident Optometrist. Our team members are what make us special and we like to help you, our readers, get to know them better.  We sat down with Amy to find out what makes her tick. Over a cuppa we talked about her love of music making, marathon running and the importance of eye-care and optometry.  

What first attracted you to a career in optometry?

For me, where the love for optometry began was; I had a period in my late teens where I was quite poorly, and was in the hospital a lot (I’m fit as a fiddle now). Once recovered, I too wanted to help people. The problem was, the idea of spending more time in the hospital or GP surgery, well, it wasn’t very appealing to my 18 year old self.  Due to my health at the time, I had to attend my local Optometrists quite regularly. I began to pick their brains on the path of study, optometry. Asking about the real world and where my degree (should I study optometry) could take me. Within 4 weeks, I had carried out work experience and gained a part time job as an Optical Assistant; within 8 weeks I had applied to university to study Optometry. I continued this work at the weekends throughout university up until 3 year. By then I needed the extra time for study.

Where did you study?

The University of Manchester 

Why did you decide to apply for a job at Allegro Optical?

I started to play the flute when I was 6 years old. I was told originally my hands were too small. However, I was so determined that I didn’t want to play any other instrument, they let me try anyway. My grandpa gave me my own flute when I was 9. He played the recorder but he discovered that the skill to play the two instruments was not easily transferable.  Then I was given the redundant flute (which I still have). I decided to try my hand at the piano when I started secondary school. Also guitar when I started GCSE music, to give me a wider range of musical understanding.  However, the flute has and always will be my passion. I stopped playing when I was pregnant with my little girl who is now one. But I started to play bits and bats again about 5 months ago. About the same time I saw an advertisement for an Optometrist vacancy at Allegro. My two passions combined, and so close to home, it seemed like a sign (and too good to be true). I did my research, read up everything I could about Allegro. About the amazing, innovative work they do. I thought I just had to be a part of the team, luckily for me, they felt the same!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

As I’ve said already, I enjoy helping people and to me that means ensuring best patient care; that has taken me both into high street practice and more recently into the domiciliary sector. I enjoy the puzzle when a patient comes in with a problem. It’s my job to find a solution, or to see to it that plans are set in motion so that a solution may be found. The solution may be prescribing glasses, exercises or it may be an onward referral to an Orthoptist or to an Ophthalmologist. Whatever the outcome, I have to ensure my care is patient centred and their best interests are looked after. I also enjoy the wide variation my job brings. As the public make up the bulk of my day, no day is the same. I love meeting new people and finding out about their lives. I’ve met some truly fabulous people during my working hours.

What are your career plans for the future?

I am very interested in the clinical side of optometry. My main focus at the moment is to undertake my independent prescribing qualification. Optometry is changing all of the time, something I find extremely exciting. Another reason why I am so passionate about it. My main aim is to keep up with these clinical advancements to ensure I can always give the best care to my patients.

 What do you do in your spare time?

As I’ve mentioned above I have a one year old daughter, who keeps me very busy. When I don’t have my Optometrist hat on, that being said I do like to have some “ me time “. I like to play my flute, I am shocked at how much I seemed to have forgotten in the short time.  Currently I am re-teaching myself, with help from my sister-in-law, who is a grade 8 flute master and puts me on the right track when I need advice. I am a runner and I have a running blog (which I had to make as I was driving family and friends mad with run talk). I completed the Loch Ness marathon in October in memory of my Dad, and raised money for the AMMF cancer charity. I’ve a number of races booked for next year, including Loch Ness again (it was amazing for any runners out there), and try to get out as much as I can. I also try to squeeze a non running activity like swimming or climbing in as I love to be on the go. I love to cook, and spend hours looking through recipe books planning the weekly meals ahead. We are all massive “Foodies” in our household, so family meal time has become a huge thing. We also love eating out (who doesn’t), breakfast, lunch or tea, we aren’t fussy!

Family Values

At Allegro Optical we always put family first and are passionate about our Allegro family. Allegro Optical recently won the Yorkshire and Humber Family Business of the Year Award. If you and your family would like to experience award winning family eye care call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on 01484 907090 and book your appointment today.
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Ethical eyecare from Allegro Optical Opticians with Sea2See recycled ocean plastic eyewear

As ethical eyecare providers Allegro Optical opticians are proud to introduce Sea2See

We all know that plastics pollution has a direct and frequent deadly effect on wildlife. Thousands of seabirds and marine mammals are killed each year, sadly after ingesting plastic or getting entangled in it. Something needs to be done. Our supermarkets and other retail outlets are already addressing the situation.  Many are moving away from plastic carrier bags and packaging. 

Plastic choked beach - Sea2see recycled plastic spectacle frames from Allegro OPtical in Saddleworth and Holmfirth Huddersfield Optician

The accumulation of plastics in our oceans and on our beaches has become a global crisis. It’s now well known that billions of pounds of plastic can be found in the swirling convergences. This now  makes up as much as 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces. At the current rate of pollution plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050.


We are all surrounded by plastic and it is the single-use packaging we discard which is causing the global problems. During the first decade of this century, in fact, industry produced more plastic than all the plastic in history up to the year 2000. Every year  more and more plastic ends up in the world’s oceans. In fact, studies estimate that there are now 15–51 trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans. According to the Center for Biological Diversity there is not one square mile of surface ocean anywhere on earth which  is free of plastic pollution.

At Allegro Optical we worry about our environment and our planet. We know many of our clients are environmentally conscious and expect to find products made from ecologically friendly materials. Supporting the sustainable use of resources is something we are passionate about. We are always keen to reduce emissions and provide as many ethical products as we can. We try to source all our frames and lenses as locally and ethically as possible. Many of the frames and lenses we sell are manufactured in the UK, many from environmentally friendly material. Now we are also stocking frames made from recycled plastic.  Sea2see is a company that are making fashionable glasses and  sunglasses out of recycled plastics from the ocean. They call it “upcycling the ocean.”  They have been featured in Vogue, Wallpaper and The Independent to name but a few…

Plastic choked beach - Sea2see recycled plastic spectacle frames from Allegro OPtical in Saddleworth and Holmfirth Huddersfield Optician

How much plastic?

Every year eight billion k.g. of plastics are thrown into the sea. So Sea2see works in collaboration with many fishing communities to collect sea plastic and discarded fishing gear. Working with the fishing industry Sea2see collect ten tons of abandoned gear in Spain each month. They then separate it, wash it and develop it. They then turn it into glasses and sunglasses that are 100% made in Italy.

Saving the seas in Saddleworth and Holmfirth

Our regular readers will know all about our love of local producers and suppliers. Likewise they will also know that we like to protect our planet. From the low impact Hemp Eyewear, the hand made natural cotton-based acetate frames from David Green. Many of our frames are biodegradable. Even the award winning Bird eyewear are made with environmentally friendly wood frames.

By stocking our frame selection responsibly we are helping our planet and respecting our environment. Where possible we are reducing air miles by sourcing British made frames and in turn our carbon footprint. In doing this we are also supporting the British economy. Not a bad decision in what can be described as a particularly difficult and uncertain time for the UK. 

We care about your eyecare and eyewear

So when you visit Allegro Optical Opticians you can not only be sure that you will receive first-class eye care. We can guarantee it won’t cost you the Earth. If you would like to try ethical eyewear call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or Meltham on  01484 907090

Recycled plastic ethical eyewear glasses spectacles from Allegro Optical OPticians in Saddleworth and Meltham Holmfirth


Xanthe’s unwanted Scare before Halloween

It’s time to get spooky safely this Halloween!

It’s October and that means cosy fluffy socks, orange autumn leaves, Strictly Come Dancing and of course Halloween! Now I have to admit I don’t love everything Halloween, I’m not into the “super” scary parts of Halloween. (I’d like to point out that I’m not a wimp, I just don’t dig the “super” scary stuff like killer clowns and demon nuns). I do however enjoy seeing carved pumpkins appear on peoples doorsteps, the decorations, and of course the dressing up in spooky outfits. However, this year isn’t quite going to plan.

It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus

Every year I get excited about getting dressed up and either going to a fancy-dress party or going trick or treating. I love picking out my costume and deciding how I’ll do my face paint. Over the years I have been many things from a witch to a pumpkin (I’ll be honest being a pumpkin was my favourite) and this year I’d planned to dress up in a skull candy “Day of the Dead” costume. I’d watched millions of tutorials on how to do my face paint, picked out an outfit that was perfect and couldn’t wait! Little did I know what was in store for me.

Day of the dead Halloween mask - don't do it says Xanthe from Allegro Optical The desired resultDay of the dead Halloween mask - don't do it says Xanthe from Allegro Optical The Inspiration

Day of the dead Halloween mask - don't do it says Xanthe from Allegro Optical The result

A night of horror!

So much so that I decided to do a test run of how everything would look. So, I started my face paint, got all my face lovely and white ready to do all the intricate designs and flares. But my face began to feel warm and sting slightly.

Now I thought, maybe as I don’t put a lot of makeup and such, I thought perhaps my face just wasn’t use to being caked and so couldn’t “breath” or “air” in the way it should. I began my designs, however the warm slightly stinging sensation quickly changed to burning red hot!

I ran into my bathroom and washed of the face paint off as quickly as I possibly could but even after I got it off, I still felt like my face was burning less so then before but it was still pretty uncomfortable. When I eventually looked in the mirror, I resembled what I can only describe as a very red strawberry with white spots all over my face. Clearly, I’d had a reaction to the face paint.

An unwanted fright

Now you’re probably wondering why I am telling you this burning red hot story and why it even matters? Well two reasons; one, I hope my stupidity stops you from making my mistake, and two, nobody wants to sit on their sofa on a Sunday night with a bag of peas stuck to their face for an hour. In my excitement to do my face paint I hadn’t read the back of the packet. The place where it said to do a patch test beforehand, to ensure that when you put it on your face you didn’t look like a strawberry! (well done Xanthe, great look you got going at the moment).

Happy Halloween

Now I’ve face painted my face hundreds of time and never did I have a problem or any sort of reaction until now. I’m not saying that me doing this is in anyway life altering, but do it with something else, like your eyes and it could be. Many of us wear contact lenses; we go see our optician and they provide us with the best contact lenses for our needs. Now I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for my contact lenses, yet every year around Halloween, some people go into accessory shops or market stalls and buy funky colourful cosmetic contact lenses.

Cosmetic contact lens uslce

The effect these lenses can have on our eyes can be life altering, in some cases leading to serious infections, ulcers and even blindness. So if you’re thinking of trying coloured contacts this year, then PLEASE visit your optician and have the contact lenses professionally fitted. Your optician will find the right contact lenses for you and teach you how to put them in and take them out safely. They’ll have you looking funky and spooky safely, with any unwanted Halloween horrors.

So take a tip from Xanthe’s book and visit your optician if you want to change your eye colour

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Meet the team – Claire Atkinson FBDO – Saddleworth’s Dispensing Optician

Claire Atkinson FBDO – Dispensing Optician – Part of our “Meet The Team” series

Our “Meet the team” series of blogs gives you the opportunity to get to know our team members better. In this edition of “Meet the team”, we’re introducing you to Dispensing Optician Claire Atkinson FBDO.

Claire Atkinson - Dispensing Optician Musicians Optician Greenfield Uppermill Saddleworth

Claire is based in our Greenfield practice and being a local girl she has a good knowledge of the Saddleworth area. Claire graduated in 2004 and she has a vast knowledge of ophthalmic lenses. She also has a great deal of experience in the optical industry.

A relative newcomer to the team Claire joined us in May, but she has quickly made her mark. She has a fantastic eye for fashion and style. Here feel for shape and colour is uncanny and she is our “go to” woman for frame advice. With her encyclopedic knowledge of lens types, she is able to advise on all kinds of vision correction. 

Award winning eye care

As Greenfield’s resident Dispensing Optician Claire usually works with resident optometrist Sara Ackroyd and the pair make quite a team. With both ladies living locally they know many people and are quickly building up a firm fan base. As recent winners of the “Store of the week” award and the “Customer Service” Award. The Greenfield team always go above and beyond to deliver an award winning customer experience.

If you are wanting some new eyewear, but are unsure what you want Claire can help. With a good eye for colour and shape Claire will be able to help you select your perfect frame. Claire treats everyone as an individual, and likes to get to know her clients. She will never inflict her tastes on her clients, as a consultation at Allegro Optical is all about our client’s unique style and tastes.

Allegro Optical Greenfield Claire James and Sheryl

Saddleworth’s Musicians’ Optician

Many of our readers will know that Allegro Optical is also known as “The Musicians’ Optician” and Claire has local musical credentials. A lapsed flugelhorn player, Claire has a history in brass. In fact, Claire’s Dad has strong ties to Uppermill Brass Band and is quite a character on the local brass band scene. Claire also has two Children who are both learning to play brass instruments. They both played in this year’s Whit Friday Brass Band Contests an event Claire had no intention of missing.

While currently not playing, Claire still has a full understanding of a musicians visual needs. Performing can be very demanding on the visual system and musicians rely on their vision as much as any sportsman. Having played in a key role within a brass band Claire fully appreciates most musicians requirements. 

It’s not all about the music

In her spare time, Claire loves to watch tennis and she is also partial to a spot of stand up comedy. With an outgoing personality Claire finds it easy to put people at ease and is very popular with our clientele. 

At Allegro Optical we value our staff and look after them as a happy team member will always pay more attention to the needs of customers. Now that is something which is very important to us. 

We believe that innovation is the lifeblood of any business, and it is happy employees that are inspired enough to think outside the box. Claire often comes up with some creative solutions for our organisational needs. 

 If you and your family would like to meet Claire and experience award winning family eye care call Greenfield on 01457 353100 or for our clients over the hill call Meltham on 01484 907090 and book your appointment today.

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Forget Sloane Square Saddleworth and Holmfirth are the places to buy Oliver Goldsmith eyewear

Oliver Goldsmith eyewear comes to Saddleworth and Holmfirth

In 1926, Philip Oliver Goldsmith, a salesman for the large optical firm Raphaels Ltd, began hand-making spectacles in London and established Oliver Goldsmith to sell them. The brand became well known for its unique, pioneering frame designs. Oliver Goldsmith developed the very first flesh-coloured frame. The frame was named ‘Dawn’ because it was intended to usher in a new era in frame design.

Oliver_Goldsmith_eyewear comes to ALlegro OPtical opticiancs in Saddleworth and Holmfirth
In 1936 Goldsmith’s son, Charles Myer Goldsmith, joined the company. It was he who recognised the fashion potential of eyewear. After his father’s death in 1947 he adopted the name Oliver for himself.  The brand quickly became a pioneer of the 1950s trend. Producing ornamental frames that coordinated with clothing and featured jewels and metal inserts.
Oliver_Goldsmith_eyewear comes to ALlegro OPtical opticiancs in Saddleworth and Holmfirth
Here at Allegro Optical, we have adopted this vision and, we think, have perfected it. That is why there will always be a Dispensing Optician and styling expert on hand to help you choose the perfect frame that goes with your shape, colouring and features.
Oliver Goldsmith began to sell sunglasses to high-class shops, including London’s Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason.

The next generation

The third Goldsmith generation, Andrew Oliver Goldsmith, joined the business in 1960. He underwent three years’ training in QEC (quality, elegance and comfort) before he was allowed to design his own frames by his father, who then largely handed over the reins in 1966.
The 60s and 70s were a golden age for the brand. During this period such celebrities as the actors Diana Dors, Michael Caine and Peter Sellers wore Oliver Goldsmith frames. Andrew even designed a pair of metal granny glasses for John Lennon, which the star referred to affectionately as his ‘Olivers’.
Goldsmith won global fame from 1982 when Princess Diana commissioned pieces to match all of her dresses. The most memorable being the Berwick, a white semi-aviator frame that she wore on the front cover of Woman’s Own in 1986.
We have a wide selection of Oliver Goldsmith frames here at Allegro Optical, so why not call in and try some on? We’re sure you’ll love them!
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Make A Spectacle Of Yourself At Allegro Optical

Find your perfect spectacles at Allegro Optical

Glasses have long been at the forefront of fashion and it seems as if nothing will change, with transparent funky designs and retro spectacles being among the most popular. Frequently worn out of necessity, our number one accessory has seen a surge in popularity and many people now wear them out of choice.

It’s Personal

Everyone is an individual, and we like to get to know our clients. We never inflict our tastes on you, as a consultation at Allegro Optical is all about you. Our dispensing opticians get to know what you like, we ask about your hobbies and interests. We also ask about your lifestyle to find the very best glasses for you. 

You will be asked about what colours you like to wear and feel good in. We also ask where you like to shop, if you like tailoring or vintage fashion? If you do, you’ll probably be drawn to elegant understated or vintage fashion. Something like a round eye or classic cats eye design. If boho is more your thing we think you’ll adore our more daring styles in soft pastels or translucent colours. Whatever your style we will try to help you to see and look your best .

Colour is King

Glasses are the only item of clothing we wear every single day of our lives, so make a statement about yourself with them. Too often people try to choose glasses which will go with everything, making a compromise from the very start. 

We advise all our clients to choose frames which go with their colouring. We look at skin tones, hair and eye colour.  Choosing a frame colour that compliments your natural colours is a good way to make the best of your facial features. 

Colour and style analysis at Allegro Optical Saddleworth's and Holmfirth's only multi-award winning optician

Shaping Up

Many of us have a feature we aren’t so keen on. Maybe it’s a long nose or a round face, some of us feel we have fat cheeks or those of us hate our double chins or thin lips. We all have a feature we would rather hide. Believe it or not, this can often be done with the aid of a well chosen pair spectacle frame. 

If you have a long nose, choose a plastic frame with a thicker bridge, this will break up the line of the longer nose making it appear shorter. A thicker, denser frame style will call attention to itself and draw other peoples eyes away horizontally towards the ears. 

Go for a lower Bridge, a high-set bridge lowers the lenses in the frame, placing them beside the nose, therefore increasing the effect of size and mass in that area. So, a lower-set bridge will raise the lenses a bit, drawing them away from the nose area.

There are tricks in every trade and when it comes to making the most of your features we know which ones to use.


Ladies, how many pairs of shoes do you own? We are fairly certain it’s more than one. Would you wear  jeans and a t-shirt to a board meeting, or a meal at a fancy restaurant? Would you wear gym gear to a Wedding? Hopefully not. All of us  have different outfits for different occasions. Yet people so often have only one pair of glasses hoping that one pair will do for all things? 

Last year a study of 300 spectacle wearers looked at where glasses sat in peoples list of priorities against other items. The survey revealed that 38% owned only 1 pair of glasses and just 8% had 3 to 5 pairs  – this includes spares, prescription sunglasses, occupational lenses and so on. Just 1 in 12 of those surveyed had multiple pairs. However by comparison 5% of respondents had just 1 pair of shoes and 33% had 3 to 5 pairs. When asked about bags it  was very similar, just 6% had one bag whilst 20% had 3 to 5 bags.  

The survey also showed that those with the most resistant to having a spare pair of glasses are usually those who need them the most. People with very high prescriptions, who drive for a living and those who can’t legally drive without any glasses often don’t have a spare. Or if they do it’s with an old prescription.   

It’s not decadent, it makes sense

Often purchasing more than one pair of glasses is seen as outrageous or decadent, but is it really? We advise our clients to at least consider having more than one pair of spectacles for an alternative look, or for a different need altogether (sunglasses, hobbies etc…) Even as a back-up in case something goes wrong with their others. Or a pair to help with the hours spent in front of a computer screen? 

We’re not naïve; it’s true, good glasses are an investment, and we want our clients to have good glasses. However a second, third or even fourth pair of glasses does not have to be outrageously expensive. 

Cost per Wear

When you think about the cost per wear glasses are one of the most cost effective items in your wardrobe. The average pair of glasses costs less than 41 pence a day if worn everyday for a year. A £30 dress would have to be worn 85 time to achieve the same cost per wear. You’re worth more than that surely?

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