Xanthe’s unwanted Scare before Halloween

It’s time to get spooky safely this Halloween!

It’s October and that means cosy fluffy socks, orange autumn leaves, Strictly Come Dancing and of course Halloween! Now I have to admit I don’t love everything Halloween, I’m not into the “super” scary parts of Halloween. (I’d like to point out that I’m not a wimp, I just don’t dig the “super” scary stuff like killer clowns and demon nuns). I do however enjoy seeing carved pumpkins appear on peoples doorsteps, the decorations, and of course the dressing up in spooky outfits. However, this year isn’t quite going to plan.

It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus

Every year I get excited about getting dressed up and either going to a fancy-dress party or going trick or treating. I love picking out my costume and deciding how I’ll do my face paint. Over the years I have been many things from a witch to a pumpkin (I’ll be honest being a pumpkin was my favourite) and this year I’d planned to dress up in a skull candy “Day of the Dead” costume. I’d watched millions of tutorials on how to do my face paint, picked out an outfit that was perfect and couldn’t wait! Little did I know what was in store for me.
Day of the dead Halloween mask - don't do it says Xanthe from Allegro Optical
The desired result
Day of the dead Halloween mask - don't do it says Xanthe from Allegro Optical
The Inspiration
Day of the dead Halloween mask - don't do it says Xanthe from Allegro Optical
The result

A night of horror!

So much so that I decided to do a test run of how everything would look. So, I started my face paint, got all my face lovely and white ready to do all the intricate designs and flares. But my face began to feel warm and sting slightly. Now I thought, maybe as I don’t put a lot of makeup and such, I thought perhaps my face just wasn’t use to being caked and so couldn’t “breath” or “air” in the way it should. I began my designs, however the warm slightly stinging sensation quickly changed to burning red hot! I ran into my bathroom and washed of the face paint off as quickly as I possibly could but even after I got it off, I still felt like my face was burning less so then before but it was still pretty uncomfortable. When I eventually looked in the mirror, I resembled what I can only describe as a very red strawberry with white spots all over my face. Clearly, I’d had a reaction to the face paint.

An unwanted fright

Now you’re probably wondering why I am telling you this burning red hot story and why it even matters? Well two reasons; one, I hope my stupidity stops you from making my mistake, and two, nobody wants to sit on their sofa on a Sunday night with a bag of peas stuck to their face for an hour. In my excitement to do my face paint I hadn’t read the back of the packet. The place where it said to do a patch test beforehand, to ensure that when you put it on your face you didn’t look like a strawberry! (well done Xanthe, great look you got going at the moment).

Happy Halloween

Now I’ve face painted my face hundreds of time and never did I have a problem or any sort of reaction until now. I’m not saying that me doing this is in anyway life altering, but do it with something else, like your eyes and it could be. Many of us wear contact lenses; we go see our optician and they provide us with the best contact lenses for our needs. Now I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else for my contact lenses, yet every year around Halloween, some people go into accessory shops or market stalls and buy funky colourful cosmetic contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lens uslce The effect these lenses can have on our eyes can be life altering, in some cases leading to serious infections, ulcers and even blindness. So if you’re thinking of trying coloured contacts this year, then PLEASE visit your optician and have the contact lenses professionally fitted. Your optician will find the right contact lenses for you and teach you how to put them in and take them out safely. They’ll have you looking funky and spooky safely, with any unwanted Halloween horrors. So take a tip from Xanthe’s book and visit your optician if you want to change your eye colour

The frightening truth about Halloween contact lenses

Why Halloween contact lenses frighten us at Allegro Optical Opticians

Cat’s eyes, Zombi eyes, Cyber eyes, no eyes there’s a Halloween contact lens out there for sale on the internet. The choice is endless and very cheap, with lenses cost from as little as £2.99. Or is it? What you should know before buying We have been doing a little research into these Halloween contact lenses. A simple internet search found lenses from as little as £2.99 for a pair of 90-day contact lenses. Advertised as all the contact lenses sold as having received Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. This is very misleading, as both standards quoted refer to the management system and not a measure of the contact lens quality themselves.   Halloween contact lenses incorrect withdrawn ISO numbers So how can you be sure of the quality and safety of the lenses themselves? The simple answer is you will have to do a lot of research. You can research all the ISO numbers relating to contact lenses themselves. You need to know what size contact lenses you need, What diameter. What base curve, what material, what solution, what wear times…… Alternatively, you can visit a qualified optometrist or contact lens optician for a professional consultation. The will measure your cornea using a  keratometer to find the base curve and diameter required. A badly fitting contact lens can lead to long-term problems which can become sight threatening.

So why risk buying contact lenses online?

So £2.99 seems pretty cheap, or is it? We have been considering the real cost of buying contact lenses online. Many opticians and optometrists across the country worry about the real costs of buying “fun” contact lenses online. From the first of November, we see often see clients with many serious eye problems resulting from wearing badly fitting or poor quality contact lenses, or with lenses stuck in their eye. These cheap contact lenses are unregulated, many sites advertise they meet the ISo standards. But often not the correct ones, the advertising is misleading and can be dangerous. Buying “fun” lenses online can carry a high level of risk and little in the way of consumer protection. corneal-ulcer from Halloween contact lenses Wearing contact lenses which haven’t been professionally fitted can cause ulcers, infections, blindness and even the loss of the eye. Just one evening spent wearing these lenses can seriously affect the rest of your life causing serious damage to your vision and your eyes. And don’t just take our word for it, this photograph of a corneal ulcer is the result of wearing these unregulated lenses. A contact lens which is too tight can squeeze the cornea and restrict blood flow, which can be sight threatening. A poorly fitting contact lens can move around causing abrasions and painful ulcers like the one in the picture. Putting a contact lens into the eye with no training of how to do it or how to remove it carries risk. Many people can’t take it out once it is in, and we see people who have had the lens in for a couple of days. By that time infection has often set in and some serious damage has been done.

The risk of buying online

Risks to eye health include;
  • Painful scratches to your cornea
  • Infection
  • Reduced vision
  • Blindness
  • Loss of eye
Online contact lenses often come with no guarantees relating to the age of the lenses and their sterility. We tried to order some “fun” contact lenses online. At no point were we asked for a valid prescription from a qualified optometrist stating the base curve, diameter and materials recommended.  We were given no care or fitting instructions during the purchase, we had to look elsewhere on the website and found it under FAQs. We weren’t even asked for proof of age, so worryingly children could buy them. The whole process is a real gamble with your eye health.

Play it safe

If you really want contact lenses for Halloween our advice is to consult a qualified optical professional, (Free at Allegro Optical). An optometrist or contact lens optician will conduct a contact lens fitting, taking exact measurements to ensure the contact lenses fit well. They will then teach you how to insert and remove the lenses safely, and how to look after them. You will be given a trial pair of lenses to wear for a week, and then invited back for a follow-up appointment, when you will be issued with a contact lens prescription. Then you can safely buy your contact lenses, either from us or any other opticians. So don’t take a gamble with your eye health this Halloween. Play it safe and book your free contact lens trial today by calling 01484 907090  
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Read on if you dare this halloween…..

You’re in for a scare

In just a couple of weeks’ time, we will be plastering on the face paint and fake blood, putting on pointy hats and cobwebbed gowns. We’ll be carving pumpkins into something scary or possibly even cute smiley faces. I am of course talking about Halloween, where for one night, people knock on complete stranger’s door and ask for food. Halloween is celebrated each year on October 31. These days it’s filled with fun and games for little ones and scary and gory nights for big kids. But Halloween wasn’t always like this.

Hallo who?

So where did Halloween come from? Halloween has roots in age-old European traditions. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honour all saints. All Saints Day soon incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like trick-or-treating and carving jack-o-lanterns. Around the world, as days grow shorter and nights get colder, people continue to usher in the season with gatherings, costumes and sweet treats.

Ghostly colours.

Now I’m all up for carving a pumpkin and having a spooky time. Of course, I love to do is dress up and look as spooky as possible.  This dressing up has, in the past included changing my eyes to a wacky colour. I am of course talking about coloured contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses allow us to change our eye colour and create a look that’s subtle, bold or anywhere in between. Xanthe and Annalee at Halloween at Allegro Optical Opticians in Meltham Coloured contact lenses allow us to enhance our everyday look or rock a crazy design for Halloween and other special occasions. Colour contact lenses are available in both Prescription and Non-Prescription forms. Prescription colour contact lenses correct Myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness) or astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea), as well as enhancing or completely changing your eye colour. Non-Prescription coloured contact lenses can be worn purely for cosmetic purposes, to change our eye colour. These have no lens power for vision correction. However coloured contact lenses can be dangerous. It is very important to get the lenses from a registered, qualified optician. They will know what is best suited for our eyes. They will talk us through how to put them in, take them out and clean them. I’ve made the mistake of not seeing a professional for coloured contact lenses and paid the price. Halloween makeup at Allegro Optical opticians Meltham

A Spooky surprise for all the wrong reasons!

Now for story time, as it wouldn’t be a Xanthe blog if it didn’t have a story! I would, however, like to point out that before you read any further DO NOT repeat what I did. Please learn from my mistake! The first time I used coloured contact lenses was for Halloween, pure white spooky ones. But, I made all the wrong choices in these contact lenses. The biggest mistake was not getting them from an optician. Like an idiot, I got them from a market stall (BIG MISTAKE). Lord knows why as my Mum is an optician! Not only did the lenses only cost me £4, they also came floating in a bag.  Now some of you are thinking what did my Mum have to say about all this? Well truth be told, I didn’t tell her (ANOTHER BIG MISTAKE). So, I put in my spooky contact lenses (which took a few attempts) but finally they were in and for the first 5 minutes they looked awesome but from then on it was hell! They itched, they stung, and the caused my eyes to go red. They also made my eyes water (which made my mascara leak and everyone thought was part of the look). But when I tried to get them out they would not budge! Thankfully I was lucky enough to have two experienced and trained ladies who knew how to get them out. Thanks, Mum, Thanks, Abi.  The pain and problems lasted for weeks after, it really wasn’t worth it. So, if you don’t want an unwanted horror of a surprise, pop into Allegro Optical, at 1-3 Station Street, Meltham. It’s not far from Holmfirth or Huddersfield, and a member of the team will get you looking spectacularly spooky this Halloween.