Sunglasses are not just for show

Now is the time to rock those shades The weather has been beautiful, and it’s going to keep getting better. We have been very lucky to have weather that is almost as warm as the Mediterranean. But many of our clients have told us that they’ve been having trouble with glare while driving during this […]

Do you struggle to see your computer screen in your varifocals?

Occupational lenses vs varifocals: Allegro Optical explain the difference? Occupational lenses, also known as “office glasses,” help computer users improve their vision and reduce eye strain. What exactly are occupational (progressive) lenses? People frequently use the terms “occupational” or “degressive” to refer to varifocal or “progressive” lenses designed especially for use in smaller spaces such […]

Glaucoma awareness month across the pond!

In the United States January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. A time to raise awareness of the main cause of permanent blindness. Allegro Optical takes Glaucoma extremely seriously since many of our employees play wind instruments. Ongoing research has indicated that musicians who play high-resistance wind instruments are more susceptible to developing glaucoma. This is due […]

Boggarts, Bonfires and Big Bangs

The leaves are falling, Autumn has arrived It’s getting close to that time of year again. Halloween and Bonfire Night approach with the rain, lower temperatures, and shorter days. It’s nearly time to get dressed up and let our hair down. While we are all for having a good time, like every year we just […]

Now Yanna can see the music

A talented pianist’s search for help to see the music In this blog, we look at how a talented and inspiring Pianist was helped by our specialist musicians’ glasses. Yanna is a fascinating woman, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with her. Her music history encompasses the traditions of her family’s heritage, (Asia […]

Guest blog by pianist Norma Wilson

Norma Wilson is a pianist and flautist from the West Country. She first visited Allegro Optical in 2020 and has since collaborated with us on several projects including The RSM & BAPAM, Sustaining A Career Into Old Age podcast.  In this blog, Norma talks about how Wet Macular Degeneration has impacted her career and how […]

It’s been a funny old year for this optician

As we look back on what can only be considered another strange year, we’re reviewing the past 12 months. We all started the year glad to see the back of 2020, because let’s face it who would want to go back there again!  2021 began in tiers, we started the year in tier 4 and […]