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Hurrah or Humbug, Merry Christmas from us all at Allegro Optical

Merry Christmas, be it Hurrah or Humbug

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Well actually it has been in my house for the last 30 days. The tree went up on the 24th of November, controversial I know! (Is November too early?) I’m Christmas mad, so I’m a little biased about when the Christmas decorations should go up. I love decorating the tree, baking Christmas cakes and putting up my Christmas lights in my windows. I love wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music of course! I absolutely love Christmas music and how it gets me in the mood for Christmas. It just makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and Christmassy! Nothing will ever beat the feeling of listening to that first Christmas song every year, I love it! Although after a conversation with Mummy dearest (Sheryl to all you though, don’t call her Mummy that’d be weird) anyway… I’ve come to realise recently that not everyone quite enjoys the Christmas music as I do.

Allegro Optical, the musicians' Optician Xanthe with her tree


Now my Mum and Dad aren’t HUGE Christmas lovers like me, but when I told Mummy dearest (again Sheryl to you, DON’T CALL HER MUMMY!) that I was feeling very festive after listening to Christmas music all day, her response was not one of festive nature. I have to say it puzzled me. Growing up we always had Christmas music playing throughout December, so I enquired why the un-festive nature she had towards Christmas music. I’ll be honest her response and Steve’s definitely made me feel a little less festive for them too.

I realise not everyone loves Christmas music on repeat 8 hours a day for 5 weeks straight (odd I know). But I suppose I never thought of all the people who have no choice but to endure Christmas music on repeat 8 hours a day for up to 12 weeks straight. So, spare a thought for the musicians! Because they not only have to listen to Christmas music constantly for up to 12 weeks, they have to play it too!!! I mean I love Christmas, but I guess hearing and playing jingle bells in a freezing cold train station every weekend on the lead up to Christmas can dampen anyone’s love of Christmas music. Not to mention endless private and corporate Christmas functions, where the band play a programme of festive cheer. Every week for up to 5 weeks before the big day. No wonder she says she’s rather have an early night than deck the halls!

Time for a well earned rest

Spare an extra thought for Sheryl (you know Mummy dearest) and the members of her band. They’ve been playing jingle bells since bloomin’ September in her wellies and strappy top, with their sun hats on in the sunshine. I’d like to point out they’re not barmy, they didn’t pull out their instruments to blast out some Christmas tunes in full sun. They were in fact playing a harvester song at the local allotments for the school Harvest Festival. The song is called Leaves Are Falling with the song being sung to the tune of jingle bells! Played in September!!!! 

As for Steve, well he’s been composing and arranging Christmas music since the end of the summer. He’s been busy putting Kippax Band through their paces and making sure their Christmas offering sounds  traditional, tuneful and toe tapping for all the right reasons. With their last on Sunday, just before Christmas it’s been almost a full time job in itself. 

The BIG DAY is here

So now that the big day is finally here, the Allegro Optical team are all either celebrating or putting their feet up. We will be back in store once again on Friday and Saturday should you have any urgent optical needs.

The team is going to be taking some well earned time off over the New Year period, so keep an eye (pardon the pun) on our website and social media for those all important opening times.

I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas full of joy and cheer. Don’t forget if any of you need help seeing or hearing the music this Christmas, just call “The Musician’s Optician”.

Just pop in  to our practices in either Greenfield or Meltham. Alternatively give the teams a call, you can chat to James, Claire or Sara in Greenfield by calling 01457 353100. If Meltham is closer for you call Amy, Gemma, Jill, Josie, or Sheryl on 01484 907090.