Harp-y to help Joan see the music and more

Harpist Joan wears musicians glasses when playing her harp

Harpist Joan’s journey to see the music After twelve months of rising COVID–19 cases and over 100,000 COVID–19 deaths, many of us are hoping we are now seeing a return to some normality. It has been a strange year at Allegro Optical. Particularly as millions of people all over the country began working from home. […]

A bit of a coincidence, all strings considered.

Coincidences do happen Life is full of coincidences but can you imagine my surprise when I answered a phone call from a fellow cellist who shared not only a love of my favourite instrument but also my name and star sign. Following an internet search Cellist, Cheryl Hale contacted Allegro Optical in December 2019. She […]

Making music both sides of the Pennines

Kayleigh-and-James-Allegro Optical Award winning Musicians

A weekend of Music Making It’s been a busy weekend, with members of the Allegro Optical team making music. They have been taking part in events in both Blackpool and Huddersfield. Sunday was a big day in the Brass band calendar and our team has been hard at work. Clinical Support Technician James Brooks has […]

What does a Conductor actually do?

Stephen Tighe conductor

A Conductor actually does a lot more than wave a stick, says Stephen Tighe Over the years the number of times I’ve been asked “What does a Conductor actually do.”? Usually, by non-musicians it is always quite surprising. The elements of the Music Director/Conductors job are many and sometimes complex. As conductors, we are the […]

This Valentine’s Day we only have eyes for you

Puppy Dog eyes at allegro optical

Love is the air; Valentine’s Day is here! A day where we exchange flowers, chocolates, and gifts between our loved ones it hasn’t always been all about love. We believe that Valentine’s Day is named after a saint, but it has links to a barbaric ancient Roman ritual. However, it was the Victorian era that […]

Now Bart has perfect clarity when playing his clarinet

Bart-Naughton-buys his glasses at Allegro Optical the musicians optician

Bart Naughton is a very busy man, as a Clarinettist, music is a huge part of his life. He plays for the Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orchestra of Square Chapel in Halifax. Bart also teaches clarinet and piano, but he had been struggling to focus on his music on the music stand for some […]

The Musician’s Optician are a Diamond’s best friend

Diamond Dacs vision is now clear and sharp Derek Charnley, AKA Diamond Dac , has always had a real passion for music and performing. Growing up in the West Yorkshire Pennines, Derek listened to American roots music on an old crystal set radio. Derek later studied with the some of the old masters including John […]

Pets and their vision by Dispensing Optician Claire Atkinson

Dispensing Optician Claire Atkinson takes a closer look at our pets, their vision and how they see the world around them. Here at Allegro Optical, we are all animal lovers and between us have a variety of different pets, so I thought it would be quite interesting to do this blog to look closer at […]