Pierrepont focuses on its employees

Accountants see the benefits of good employee eye care

There are so many health and safety regulations covering our  workplace environments and eye care is no exception. Eye care at work is covered by the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations 1992 as amended by the Health. It also gets a mention in the Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2002 covering screen users. Corporate eyecare at Allegro Optical The screen users at Pierrepont have been provided with a company-funded eye examination, and glasses if required. As employers Pierrepont want to support their employees by providing them with a flexible, straightforward and cost-effective eye care package. It is for this reason that they turned to Allegro Optical to provide this service. Pierrepont staff have been able to visit one of our optician’s practices to receive a full eye examination free of charge and if required, they could choose a pair of single-vision glasses from our standard range for free. Alternatively, if they wished they could redeem the value of their free pair as a discount towards the total cost of glasses from our full collection.

What can we tell from an eye test?

There are so many conditions and disorders which can be detected through an eye examination. Our eye examinations are so much more than a simple vision check and can detect signs of a great number of ocular conditions. Retinal screening for the over-40s is particularly important and among other things, it is carried out with a specialised digital retinal camera allowing the optometrist to detect and monitor many eye conditions which are particularly prevalent when aged 40 and over. Our team of optometrists will screen all our clients for signs of diabetes, various heart conditions, eye cancers of the eye, brain tumours, high cholesterol, detached retina, hypertension and glaucoma. With over 2.8 million people in the UK diagnosed with diabetes, this screening is a vital part of health and well-being. Detecting such conditions through retinal screening is quick, painless and inexpensive but could save businesses millions in absenteeism and long-term sickness.

Who needs an eye test?

In addition to all DSE users don’t forget the number of employees who will require prescription safety eyewear. Also factor in all those who will be entitled to receive eye care because they drive for work, then the vast majority of employees will be entitled to company-funded eye care. Allegro Optical provides a number of ways to provide your employees with quality affordable eye care. Many employers invite us to visit their place of work to provide on-site corporate eye care, however, this isn’t always possible. Pierrepont opted to provide their team with a thorough eye examination at our Meltham practice as it is in close proximity to their offices. We can either invoice our corporate clients directly or provide employee vouchers in advance. In the case of Pierrepont, everything was provided by way of itemised invoices saving them time and money, while ensuring they remain completely compliant with all DSE and safety guidelines.

Pierrepont see the benefits clearly

Pierrepont managing director Jonathan Hill now has an employee eye care policy in place. By stating Allegro Optical as Pierreponts chosen provider, the level of care and the accepted process has resulted in a fair outcome for both the company and its employees. Jonathan Hill uses Allegro Optical corporate eyecare for his firm Pierrepont Accountants Jonathan said it is reassuring that the health of our employees’ eyes is in the capable hands of Allegro Optical who provide a professional invaluable service. Allegro Optical provide an affordable and flexible eye care solution for the workforce: ensuring your complete legislative compliance. Our unique service provides employers with peace of mind, protecting your business’s most valuable assets (your employees). We give professional advice to DSE users to help reduce eye strain and headaches, which can, in turn, lead to improved productivity. We also take part in wellbeing days at your premises alongside other participants, such as bespoke well-being specialists, audiologists providing hearing and noise assessments, and ergonomic workplace specialists. To find out more send us an email via our via our website or contact us directly on Tel; 0113 345 2272 or visit us in our Meltham practice near Huddersfield at 1-3 Station Street, Meltham, Holmfirth, W Yorkshire, HD9 5NX 01484 907090 For more information about Pierrepont Accountants and their services visit