World Hearing Day and your local hearing care

World Hearing Day is an annual campaign organised by the World Health Organisation’s Office of Prevention of Blindness and Deafness. Activities take place all across the world, including an event conducted at the World Health Organisation on March 3. According to the World Health Organisation (2023), over 1.5 billion individuals have hearing loss, with about […]

Our secret to being thin and confident

Finding the ideal pair of glasses may be really difficult for those of us who need a high prescription. Even after spending more to have them thinned, most lenses sold by high street opticians remain unattractive and heavy making spectacles uncomfortable and unattractive. But what if we told you that there was a lens that […]

National Eye Health Week -September 18th to 24th

See and be seen in National Eye Health Week? During the period from September 18th to the 24th, Allegro Optical enthusiastically celebrates National Eye Health Week. As usual, compassion, devotion, and providing great customer service remain at the forefront of the event. Various organisations, companies, and eye health professionals are uniting with a shared objective […]

August is National Road Victim Month

Is your vision Road Worthy? August was named National Road Victim Month after Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, and to remember Bridget Driscoll, the first person killed by a motor vehicle in 1896. Since then, more than half a million people have died on Britain’s roads. Poor driver vision is thought to cause […]

Sunglasses are not just for show

Now is the time to rock those shades The weather has been beautiful, and it’s going to keep getting better. We have been very lucky to have weather that is almost as warm as the Mediterranean. But many of our clients have told us that they’ve been having trouble with glare while driving during this […]

Do you struggle to see your computer screen in your varifocals?

Occupational lenses vs varifocals: Allegro Optical explain the difference? Occupational lenses, also known as “office glasses,” help computer users improve their vision and reduce eye strain. What exactly are occupational (progressive) lenses? People frequently use the terms “occupational” or “degressive” to refer to varifocal or “progressive” lenses designed especially for use in smaller spaces such […]

Glaucoma awareness month across the pond!

In the United States January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. A time to raise awareness of the main cause of permanent blindness. Allegro Optical takes Glaucoma extremely seriously since many of our employees play wind instruments. Ongoing research has indicated that musicians who play high-resistance wind instruments are more susceptible to developing glaucoma. This is due […]

It’s National stress awareness day

National Stress Awareness Day is today, 2nd November Many of us are still feeling unusual levels of worry two and a half years after the COVID-19 shutdown as we negotiate the unique economic problems created by the pandemic, war in Europe, Brexit, and other factors. Stress has an impact on our food preferences, emotions, and […]