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Frame of the month-August

Xanthe is being rather outspoken in this August’s Frame of the Month

Xanthe Allegro OpticalIt’s August (where has this year gone?!). A new month and that can only mean one thing, a new frame of the month! I am very excited about this months frame. Particularly as it’s a unisex frame so it’s brilliant for our ladies and our gents! This month’s frame of the month is our Outspoken OA1819 in Colour 4.

I was drawn to this frame by the unique combination of colours. The hues are so different but still work so well together. From the moment I saw it, I knew that this frame would need to be featured as our frame of the month. I just think it’s got such a different and unique style, while not being too over the top.

One reason for us using outspoken as a brand is that they do offer many different unique and wonderful frames, in lots of fabulous colour combinations, but before talking about them let’s talk about the frame OA1819 in Colour 4.

Layers of colour

The frames start with a layer of mixed purple and blue, flowing to a segment of orange with a running clear section flowing to a green segment then finishing with a beautiful orange layer.

It’s a colour combination I’ve never seen in a frame before and honestly, never would’ve thought would work, but there’s just something about this frame that stands out while still blending so well together.

I also love that the shape of the frame still has a very classic style and feel to it. While the colours are different the style of the frame is kept very simple, giving the wearer the option to wear it either as an everyday frame or for special occasions. Either way, this frame is bound to bring many compliments. 

Stand out from the crowd

Colourful, Idiosyncratic, and sometimes challenging. That is the identity of Outspoken to make you stand out when you wear their glasses! Founded in the Netherlands and established themselves in the global optical market distributing in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and the UK. Outspoken tries to emphasize the personality of the wearer.

Both men and women can show their individuality with the unique colour combinations offered by outspoken frames. The wearer of an outspoken frame can proudly and confidently say no other brand has the same colour combinations as outspoken has for their frames.

Different acetate plates are combined into unique colour combinations. The plates are then laminated in their own factory to create colour combination frames. The designers carefully select different materials from various resources to create a unique frame for the wearer. Not only do these frames have amble uniqueness and style but they also offer comfort and reliability.

Find your perfect pair

So if, like me, you love the look of this frame or the sound of this brand then don’t hesitate to come in and have a look at our range of Outspoken frames. Take the opportunity to add some unique colour to your style. We’re also now offering a style consultation service to help you find the perfect pair to suit your style. So please give us a call in either Greenfield 01457 353100 or Meltham 01484 907090 to find the perfect match. Also, follow us on Twitter @AllegroOptical. Or on Instagram @allegrooptical.