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Jill speculates on choosing her perfect specs

Jill Barrowclough Receptionist Allegro Optical finds her perfect specs Jill Barrowclough- Receptionist 

Jill talks through how she chose her perfect specs

Choosing new glasses can be a difficult decision. They are after all the only accessory most people wear every day and they are the first thing people see when looking at our face. When choosing your new glasses, do you take into consideration what colours you wear or are drawn to? Do you bear in mind the Jewellery you wear? Is it silver, gold or do you wear large bright statement pieces?

Colors must fit together like pieces in a puzzle!

Think about what colours go with your colouring? Are you a light or a cool? Deep or Warm? I am a light, so when I go choosing a new outfit, whether for a special occasion or something casual, I am  always mindful of my colour pallette. While out and about I see many people wearing spectacles in generic colours such as black or tortoise. I often wonder how many people take their natural colouring into account when choosing their glasses, rather than trying to find a safe neutral colour that will go with anything.

When I was advised I needed to wear glasses all the time, I thought about my wardrobe. I also thought about what colour frames would go with my natural colouring. I was due to have my hair recoloured, so I waited until this was done, to be sure the new glasses would be the perfect colour and shade.

A frame designed to enhance the proportions of the face

I looked at my face shape like I look at my body shape when choosing a piece of clothing. My new spectacles needed to fit both my head for comfort and my face for proportion. I have a heart shaped slightly round face and choosing the right frame was like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. I wanted them to fit well and make me feel good and confident.

Gianfranco Ferré GFF 1038 at Allegro Optical Optician Saddleworth and Meltham Gianfranco Ferré GFF 1038

Having taken into account my skin tone, eye and hair colour and now face shape, (just like when shopping) I asked for advice. Sheryl, Josie, Gemma, Jim and Steve all gave an opinion, which I valued. After trying on several frames in various materials such as Metal, Plastic and Hemp. Trying various shapes from Cats eye, through round and square, I settled on a modern version of a cats eye shape by Gianfranco Ferré. Fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré was known as the “architect of fashion.” Over his 25-year career, he developed a style that still hallmarks the brand. Often described as a combination of discipline and luxury, severity and ornamentation. I just like the bold simple styling.

Style is fundamental and my new frame delivers a geometric design, with simple embellishment and pays homage to Ferré‘s studies as an architect. I like its clean crisp style and elegant simplicity.

New to varifocals

For the first time I have opted for varifocal lenses. I have always worn occupational lenses and distance specs just for driving. I’m appreciating having everything in one lens already. Whilst walking to work, I noticed a van with writing on the side and found it so clear, crisp and sharp, I looked over my glasses and the writing was not as clear. I feel that I am going to see a whole new world which I am looking forward to. No more thinking “who was that waving at me” whilst I’m out and about.

Colour and style analysis from Allegro Optical Opticians in Saddleworth and Meltham Jilly and her new specs

All told, the advice and guidance of an experienced and fully qualified Dispensing Optician was invaluable. Having the various varifocal lens designs explained to me helped me to understand my options and gave me an idea of what to expect. Even though I work for Allegro Optical I was a little nervous about having to wear varifocals. Sheryl talked me through how to use them and reassured me. Now I’m loving my new glasses and even thinking about getting a second pair, but that’s going to be another story