Talented Soprano Now Sings Allegro’s Praises

Sally is singing Meltham Opticians Praises

Opera singer, Sally Mitchell is both mesmerizing and very talented. An accomplished soprano, Sally is also a Director at The Maintenance Group, providing commercial and domestic building and maintenance services. Despite all her talent, amazing voice and business acumen, Sally was really struggling. She had been suffering from frequent migraines. Sally felt that her vision wasn’t all it should be for some time. On top of this, driving at night was a real issue and Sally began to avoid it as she didn’t feel confident or safe.

Darren, Sally’s partner, recommended that she should give Allegro Optical a try, as he had heard good things about us. Sally came in to see us and had a full sight test. At the beginning of the test, our team measured the prescription in her current glasses and compared them to the prescription her previous opticians had given her.  Sally didn’t buy her glasses from her optician, she ordered them over the internet from a well know online opticians. We were surprised, as not only was the lens prescription wrong. The optical centres were so far off they we inducing prism. No wonder Sally had been feeling so unwell and felt that her vision was so poor.

Now for the Geeky technical bit

Sally has an amblyopic prescription with unaided vision of RE 6/24 and LE 6/12 in her glasses. We measured her visual acuity as RE 6/24 LE 6/8. Following her sight test we gave sally with the following prescription, RE +3.50/-0.75X90  and LE -0.50/-0.50X85. Sally’s visual acuity was recorded as RE 6/19 LE 6/6+. We even measured her in the dark with the new prescription and recorded a binocular acuity of 6/8, well within the driving standard.

As Sally is amblyopic, we wanted to minimise the differential lens thickness so we recommended a full frame. We then dispensed a pair of high index digital single vision atoroidal inner surfaced lenses. This provides enhanced cosmetics, combining ergonomics and aesthetics for the very best optical correction.  Each lens is completely unique: Calculated for each wearer taking into account the prescription, the client’s pupil position and the 3D shape of the selected frame.

The new digital lenses are poles apart from the traditional convex aspheric lenses, which only correct in the major meridians. The surface of a digital atoroidal lens incorporates oblique aberration correction on a generic surface. As complex as that of a progressive lens. The result is a lens which will fit the user perfectly from the moment they put them on.

Now Sally can see the music in HD

Sally has been wearing her new glasses now for three months now when asked about her new glasses she said “Allegro Optical has been fantastic. They explained my vision problems in layman’s terms so that I could understand and my migraines have vastly reduced in frequency. I can’t thank you all enough.”


Digitally surfaced lenses are created by state-of-the-art machinery that allows greater flexibility in terms of producing customised lenses. The traditional method of lens curve generation creates a lens by first utilising a blank that is formed using a glass mold. An optical laboratory technician then uses a machine called a curve generator to produce a  prescription on the back of the blank lens. Once this is done the lens is polished and finished to produce the final lens.

Digital lenses, however, begin life with a computer program, into which the technician inputs a wearer’s exact prescription and various size and fitting requirements. The computer then sends this information to a digital form-free generator, which then custom-cuts the prescription. A digitally surfaced lens is not limited to one side, as it is with the conventional lens form method; digitally-surfaced lenses can be cut on both sides of the lens for greater accuracy.

If you need a surfaced single vision lens due to higher powers in sphere or cylinder our digital atoroidal lens should be your first choice. Contact Allegro Optical on 01484 907090 to book your appointment.

For the Maintenance Group, providing commercial and domestic building and maintenance services  call 0333 577 8755 or visit http://tmgonline.co.uk/

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