Two generations and their guitars by Xanthe Doe


Do we take our interest, hobbies, loves and hates from our parents, or do we, in fact, make those decisions ourselves?

A shared interest

I recently came across a photograph of my mum and sister playing their guitars (they are two talented ladies don’t you know!). It wasn’t the guitar playing that struck me; they’ve been doing that for years.  It was the fact that Abigayle hates having her photo taken, while Mum whips her camera out at any occasion for a family picture. This got me thinking, two generations that have a shared love of music but an opposite love of getting their photo taken, so how and why do we love something our parents love, but hate some of their other loves?

A shared interest with a parent is probably what most parents wish for with their children and they may well get this wish, at least until the monster known as puberty inhabits their once idyllic happy child and replaces it with a grunting, texting, hormonal teenager.


What gets me thinking is how our parents may or may not shape our personalities and our interests/hobbies.  Obviously, we are all born with traits of our parents in us, but it’s the whole nature or nurture debate, how much of what is already genetically built into us, makes us who we are?  Is it our home environment that makes us who we are? Personally, I think it’s a little bit of both. I recently watched my nephew punch his dad in the tummy (which FYI his dad use to do to his little brother and sisters all the time…karmas a bitch hey) then promptly apologises and kiss his dads Ouchy better.  Now I think this shows that he has his dads want to punch people (nature) but has been taught to apologise (nurture) because it’s naughty.

I’ll come right out with it now, I don’t think I have a shared interest or hobbies with either of my parents, both have tried to get me into varies hobbies and interest they felt I’d enjoy, but none of them quite stuck. However somehow in this blur of hobbies and interest both my sister and younger brother picked up an interest in playing the guitar, which my mum also happens to have an interest in, as well as her cornet and a whole host of other instruments.

The younger generation

In more recent years my mum has begun to try to teach my nephew how to play the cornet, he’s just learnt that her cornet isn’t, in fact, a trumpet,  but a cornet,  which I still think he’s not a 100% convinced on. One thing that does baffle me though is neither I nor my big brother got the musical instrument bug like our siblings. Personally, I think that has more to do with the fact that we were both constantly up to no good as children and teenage and still are now as adults. (sorry Mum)

Every cloud has a silver lining

One great thing is that I think my mum and sister are quite unique in the fact that they have a shared interest, not just in a hobby but in a career. They’re both dispensing opticians, which can make conversations around the dinner table a little hard to understand.  I definitely didn’t get the academic brains in my family. (I was once referred to as the pretty one who swears like a trooper…I’m pretty sure he actually meant one of my brothers,  but neither are pretty so maybe they did mean me?!) One of the great things about having a mum and a sister as dispensing opticians is unlimited cleaning spray and wipes and it’s cool that if I happen to sit on my specs (that happens more than I care to admit) they seem to magically make them as good as new again!

So back to my original question do we take our interest, hobbies, love and hate for things from our parents or do we, in fact, make those decisions ourselves? I think the simple answer is we are all unique in whom we are and it is because of this that both my mum and my sister take their time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes. They will ask about your hobbies, interests and your lifestyle. They will find out what makes you tick so that they can provide you with your perfect glasses.

So if you want the best pair of specs, contact Allegro Optical, because they will focus on you.

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