Xanthe explains her love of Walter and Herbert eyewear

Walter and Herbert at Allegro OpticalMy love of Walter and Herbert

Here at Allegro Optical we believe it should always be quality, design and comfort over anything else. So that’s why we love Walter & Herbert. They are a UK  based company which started over 70 years ago, from very humble beginnings, a bit like ourselves. Walter & Herbert were originally based in surrey with just only six employees and now they are a worldwide company. The firm produce high quality, beautiful frames which suite even the most discerning client. Thanks to its two founding entrepreneurs, Walter Conway and Herbert Thorn, the company developed technology such as the PIMO machine. An innovation that would shape the way spectacles were manufactured worldwide!

Xanthe explains her love of Walter and Herbert eyewear so much

In September 1946, Conway and Thorn partnered to create Optoplast Manufacturing Company Limited. In their 40 years they enjoyed huge success developing the PIMO machine. They also launched the first range of optical frames for the NHS in 1948.

Another reason we love Walter & Herbert so much is because like us they too are family run business. Sons James Conway and Daniel Thorn are continuing their fathers legacy. Using their father’s knowledge and seven decades of industry experience. They have created a company that offers frames that not only look incredible, but feel wonderful to wear well.

 Attention to detail

Another thing we love about Walter & Herbert, is the attention to detail and design. Every frame they provide is of the highest quality from the best globally sourced acetates. Each frame also undergoes a design and development process. This process ensures that the customer gets the very best style and fit. The all start of as sketches crafted by their design team just outside London using classic techniques and modern technologies to take their ideas from sketch to finished frame. 

Handmade bespoke eyewear from Allegro Optical Opticians in Saddleworth and Holmfirth Greenfield Uppermill Meltham

Walter & Herbert’s’ whole design and manufacturing process is done right here in England. The frames are thoroughly tested at their very own UKAS accredited laboratory in Liverpool to ensure it retains the highest possible product quality and British safety standards.

Proud to be a made in England

Walter & Herbert are proud to be a made in England Company and nothing best shows this then their Made in England range which consists of over 80 sunglasses and frames, which like many of their frames have retro design with a modern finish. Although the design centre is taken from Walter and Herbert’s beginning in the 1940s through to the 60s. The Range is also very versatile due it mostly being unsex with a few ladies and gents’ frames too.

Walter and Herbert handmade British Eyewear now available at Allegro Optical Opticians Meltham

So if like us, you like to support an UK based company that offers quality, design and comfort over anything else, then next time it comes to choosing some frames with Allegro Optical  in either Meltham or Saddleworth, why not give Walter & Herbert a try? You’ll be so glad you did.

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